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Delta Diverter Valve Tips

Delta shower valves are the best. Here’s the reason: they’re easy to install.

Plus, these shower valves come in different varieties.

For example, today’s tutorial shows how to use the Delta diverter valve with PEX A.

So if you want to make shower valve installations easier read on!

Delta Shower Valve Options

These days you can buy Delta shower valves that can accept copper, PEX B, and PEX A.

By that, I mean you can get the valves with the PEX B and PEX A adapters already installed at the manufacturer.

Not having to solder copper speeds up the installation time and reduces the likelihood of water leaks.

Here’s a picture of the Delta MultiChoice with PEX A adapters.

Very cool, right?

This valve was purchased from for around $50 USD – very reasonable.

I don’t recommend buying shower valves from home stores. The quality of the valves is better at plumbing supply stores.

So stick with plumbing supply houses either online, in-person or Delta’s Amazon store.

Delta Diverter Valve Tips

If you need to install a handheld shower wand, the Delta valve requires a diverter valve.

Here’s the Delta diverter valve, model number R11000.

Again, I bought this for around $64 USD from

The only downside to this valve is having to add female adapters.

I used 1/2″ x 1/2″ NPT female PEX A adapters from

Here’s the deal, both Teflon tape and pipe thread sealant can be used on the diverter valve fittings to prevent possible water leaks.

Apply 4 to 5 revolutions of Oatey FASTape or Megatape followed by pipe thread sealant, e.g. Megaloc.

From there you can use PEX A to connect the Delta MultiChoice valve to the Delta diverter valve.

But before you do that, always plan the ideal shower valve height for the user of the shower.

Here’s a super short but detailed tutorial that shows these tips in action

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