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PEX Pipe Installation Tips

PEX pipe installation tips can speed up bathroom remodeling.

However, it’s important to know the basics to avoid water leaks.

This tutorial will make your project much easier and faster, so let’s dive in!

PEX Pipe Installation Supplies

Here are the supplies used in this project:

  • Delta MultiChoice shower valve for PEX B (R10000-PFS-PX)
  • PEX B Tubing
  • SharkBite Crimper
  • Ridgid PEX Cutter
  • Go/No-Go Gauge
  • PEX B Drop-Ear Elbow
  • PEX B Tee Fitting
  • Sioux Chief AA MiniResters for PEX B
  • Crimp Rings with Stops
  • 1/2″ Female Copper Sweat Adapter
  • Ridgid Deburring Tool
  • Emery Cloth
  • Copper Pipe Fitting Brush
  • Oatey H-20 Flux
  • SafeFlo Solder
  • Flame Protector Pad
  • Bernzomatic MAP Gas

You’ll see how to use all these tools and materials.

How to Convert Copper to PEX B

Converting copper to PEX B starts with female sweat adapters. Fortunately, these are available at most home stores.

The first step is to cut the copper pipe and deburr both the inside and outside using a deburring tool. Ridgid’s deburring tool is awesome because it’s small yet made from metal.

Ridgid Deburring Tool

Clean the copper with either emery cloth or nylon grit pads, the ones from Oatey are great.

Also, use a copper pipe fitting brush to clean the adapter. Then apply a small amount of Oatey H-20 flux to both the adapter and the pipe using an acid brush.

Here’s a great tip, clean all the excess flux off the fitting and pipe. This small step provides professionally soldered joints.

Apply heat to the first 1/2″ of the pipe then the fitting. Solder will flow toward the flame and up into the fitting cup via capillary action.

Soldering Copper PEX Adapters

Allow the fitting and pipe to cool before doing anything with PEX!

If you need more tips on soldering copper, check out this tutorial.

How to Add Wood Blocking for Delta Shower Valve

Delta shower valves need some type of wood blocking. This will set the valve at the right depth in relation to the finished wall.

Fortunately, Delta makes this process easy. Most stud walls are made from dimensional lumber, i.e. 2x4s.

Setting a 2×10 inside the stud wall and making it flush with the adjacent wall normally works for Delta valves.

Adding Wood for Delta Shower Valves

I screwed a piece of 2×10 to the studs and set it flush with the adjacent wall.

And this made the valve slightly sub flush with the finished wall, which is perfect according to the Delta instructions.

How to Use PEX B Copper Crimp Rings

PEX B requires the use of copper crimp rings, at least in this example.

I recommend getting crimp rings with red spacers. These set the ring at the necessary depth on PEX B and also keep the rings in place during installation.

PEX B Copper Crimp Rings

It’s a best practice to make square cuts on PEX so that the pipe fits evenly around fittings.

Add crimp rings to the PEX then slide the pipe/ring over fittings.

Yep, it’s that simple.

How to Connect PEX B to Delta Shower Valves

Delta shower valves now come in many varieties.

And the cool thing is they make valves specifically for PEX B.

Delta Shower Valve for PEX B

This valve has four ports, three of which have PEX B fittings. Delta caps the bottom port at the factory, which saves you some time and effort. This valve is available over on, search for model R10000-PFS-PX.

But I recommend getting this valve for PEX B over the traditional Delta valve that requires 1/2″ threaded female PEX fittings.

It used to be standard practice to use these fittings, but now it’s an outdated and unnecessary step that can cause leaks.

Watch this full tutorial to see all the steps for PEX pipe installation tips using PEX B and the Delta shower valve

What’s Next

Hopefully, the tips in this tutorial help you with your shower remodel. If your next step is to waterproof the shower, this Schluter tutorial might help out.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join our Platinum Membership – I guarantee it’ll make your project much easier.



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