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Soldering Tips (QUICK TIPS)

Soldering tips can make a BIG difference.

That could be…the difference between getting frustrated and having an easier time.

…the difference between burning your home down or NOT!!!

If you’ve watched our other tutorials you know WE LOVE PEX.

But sometimes you’ll have to solder in fittings.

So today’s quick soldering tips will hopefully help make this process smarter and better.

Soldering Supplies 

Here are the supplies you need

Let’s get started with the tips.

MAPP or Propane Gas

MAPP gas burns hotter than propane.

That’s good if you want to heat up copper pipes.

Bad if you’re trying to not burn down your house.

That said, if you want to spend less time heating up the pipes and exposing the surroundings to a flame, MAPP is the way to go.

Btw, it’s called MAPP but MAP-Pro is on the canister below.

1 - MAP Gas 600

Bernzomatic makes a great trigger starter for MAP-Pro canisters.

Automatic Start

We recommend getting one of these because it makes soldering safer.

The flame is easily controlled by simply pressing or depressing the starter button.

How should you prep copper pipe BEFORE soldering?

How to Prep Copper Pipe

Cutting copper pipe is easy.

Both the Ridgid No. 15 or AutoCut tool are great

Ridgid 15

The nice thing about the Ridgid No. 15 is it has a deburring tool.

This removes burs inside the pipe after cutting it.


Use either a wire brush or emery cloth to clean the inside and outside of the pipe.

Pipe Brush

This is emery cloth..super cheap and awesome.

Emery Cloth

Apply a thin layer of flux to the outside of the pipe.


And inside of the fitting.

Copper Fitting

You don’t need a ton of flux, just enough to cover the surface of the pipe and fitting.

Inspect the pipe and fitting to make sure none of the brush hairs are on them.

A single brush hair can ruin your soldering job…darn hairs!!!

How do you approach the actual soldering?

Soldering Tips…Let’s Make Life Easy

Soldering isn’t hard…after you practice.

Our biggest recommendation is to practice somewhere safe before trying to solder inside a wall or ceiling.

Buy 10 fittings and some copper pipe.

Setup a little practice station outside and have at it.

That way, you’ll get familiar with your torch and won’t risk burning down the house on the first try.

We like to heat up the pipe for a few seconds then apply heat behind the fitting.

That way, the solder will be drawn into the fitting/pipe connection.

Watch our video for the quick tips

What’s Next

If you’re interested in PEX pipe we have a great tutorial that shares a ton of tips.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.



Soldering Quick Tips