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Fein’s MultiMaster

What’s the worst part of owning power tools?

Them dying while you’re in the middle of a project.

A few years back I had to remove the grout in our shower floor.

After 10 minutes my oscillating multi-tool kicked the bucket.

I was not a happy camper.

One hour later I spent an additional $260 and proceeded on with my grout removal.

Today I’m reviewing the Fein MultiMaster 350 multi tool.

If you want one tool that can do it all and will last the test of time, this could be it…

Plus, don’t miss our awesome giveaway 😀

Here’s a secret.

Tools you see on Home Repair Tutor are ones that I either use myself or WANT to use.

Fein makes some of the best tools in the world and the only U.S. office they have is in Pittsburgh.

Am I lucky or what?

Don’t worry, my luck is your luck as you’ll see at the end of this tutorial.

We roll like that in the Home Repair Tutor community.

Every contractor friend I know respects Fein like you respect your grandma.

Fein’s a German company that was born in 1867.

Wilhelm Fein

They made the first oscillating multi-tool in 1968 for cutting plaster casts.

I remember the doctor using one on my sister in 1983.

Here’s the deal with Fein tools: they last forever.

Primarily because they’re built to last.

In Germany, people line up outside stores to buy the MultiMaster.

It’s kinda like the Apple Store when a new iPhone comes out.

I reached out to Fein and asked if I could review some of their tools.

The first one on the docket is the MultiMaster 350Q.

Fein actually sent me the MultiMaster Top kit which is the BOMB.

Here’s what it can do

  • cut wood, drywall, cement board, copper, metal, PVC
  • remove grout
  • scrape adhesive or vinyl floors
  • sand paint off furniture or other surfaces
  • polish wheels

How’s that for versatility?

The first thing you see when you open up the MultiMaster 350Q is the hard case.

Fein Carrying Case

If you buy a nice tool you should protect it.

This case has plenty of storage for extra accessories.

It comes with two large black boxes that hold a variety of accessories.

Tons of Storage

The MultiMaster Top Kit comes with a dust extractor that hooks up to a vacuum or shop vac.

Dust Extractor

Super handy when you’re cutting drywall or cement board…or removing grout.

You also get a variety of sanding pads.

I didn’t mention this in the video but the MultiMaster kinda replaces power sanders.

Why would you spend extra money on a sander if you get a MultiMaster, right?

It comes with all the bells and whistles of a sander.

Changing accessories with the MultiMaster is easy.

It has a quick change lever.

Quick Change Lever

Pull this up and over 180 degrees to release the holding pin.

Pull the pin and install the accessory.

Replace the pin until you hear it snap then move the quick change lever back into it’s locked position.

Easy peasy.

How does the MultiMaster Perform?

Fein claims it’s quieter, has less vibration, and is more powerful than prior iterations.

So I did some tests in my video tutorial to see what would happen 😀

What’s Next

I didn’t cover all the different things you can do with the MultiMaster – the video would have been 3 hours!!

If you only have money to buy one tool you should consider the MultiMaster.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community.



Fein Multimaster

  1. I would us it my basement makeover project to cut drywall

    1. It would totally come in handy for a basement makeover William.

      Are you making your basement into a gameroom, extra bedroom, man cave?

  2. Aswad Bunsie says:

    This tool will be perfect for the difficult cuts I will have to make when installing hard wood floors.

    1. Hardwood floors…they’re awesome Aswad.

      Where are you installing them?

    2. Ruby says:

      Being a single mom, I would like a multi task tool like this for help with misc repairs and projects around my home. I own two tortoises that are outgrowing their indoor enclosure and would use this tool to build them an outdoor house

  3. Jacinda says:

    Well we just adopted a puppy from the SPCA all in all she’s a pretty good dog. We had been giving her the bathroom on the rare occasions she had to stay home. Yesterday I was gone 6 hours for surgery, I can home to a bathroom that now needs remodeling. So a multi tool would be just the thing to help with that.

    1. Awe man, sorry to hear that Jacinda.

      What all did she do to the bathroom?

      You’re right though, the MultiMaster could certainly come in handy!

  4. Daniel Berube says:

    As a landlord I have to do a lot of my own repairs and rebuilds. I would use this to take care of so many projects from demo to finish trim work. I’ve always wanted one. I know it would quickly become my best friend while in a job

    1. We’re in the same boat in terms of landlording Daniel. It’s amazing what kind of jobs one can get into with rental homes, haha.

      If there’s one tool to pack in your car, this is it 😀

  5. Alfredo Gonzalez says:

    I do maintenance work and every day is challenging i work with all kinds of material This tool could help me a lot.

    1. That’s one of the best things about multi tools Alfredo, it can handle a variety of different materials. I’d have this and an impact driver on all jobs 😀

  6. Brett P says:

    My kids want me to build them a playhouse in the backyard. I want to put a nice roof on it using rafters. This tool would come in handy for cutting the seat cut/birdsmouth on the 2×4.

    1. Now that’s gonna be a cool project Brett. You should share that with our community over on Facebook 😀

      Can’t wait to see what you build

  7. Pat Romano says:

    I have a kitchen lighting project calling my name. This multi tool would be perfect for installing oldwork highhats in drywall ceilings.

    1. Are you renovating the entire kitchen Pat?

  8. Colby Ruffing says:

    What wouldn’t I use this thing for!? Kidding aside it seems like a great product. It would be a tool that I would use for everything from cutting drywall to trim work and anything I just need a quick awkward cut that my other tools can’t help me out with.

    1. Certainly comes in handy for a lot of different situations, both weird and normal.

      But yes, there are too many projects to name that this tool would be the answer 😀

  9. Jeff G. says:

    Being a homeowner there is always something that needs to be done. The only thing that stops you is time and money!! Love your videos!!

    1. Thanks Jeff, and gotta agree with the time and money part.

      Lord knows I’m on that same boat. Wish I could take a week off and get all the things done around our house, haha 😀

  10. Millie Gambrell says:

    I’m the handyman around our house, hubby doesn’t pick up any tools that don’t relate to a computer. We recently moved into a 35 year old house that we have been renovating on a budget. I do a lot of the work myself. I’m sure there are a 100 ways I could use this tool, but right now I need it to replace a piece of drywall in the garage by the breaker that has a hole in it. I’ve looked at the Fein MultiMaster in the past, but wasn’t sure of the quality vs. the price. You have convinced me. Thanks for the review.

    1. Thanks Millie, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by the MultiMaster. The 350 can be had at Home Depot for $200 and I think that’s a steal. You can always get the accessories one at a time. But the tool itself is worth every penny 😀

  11. pablo says:

    I just got a lawn tractor and am planning on building a storage shed for it. Im certain this fein tool will make my project that much more fun.

    1. Power tools make every project fun Pablo, haha

      Congrats on your storage shed project. That’ll be a cool one to see.

      Make sure to post before and after pics over on the HRT Facebook Group

  12. Judi says:

    I would use this to install hard wood floors in my bathroom.

    1. The MultiMaster will certainly help with hard wood Judi.

      Any reason you’re not using tile, they’re more waterproof than wood.

  13. I would use the MultiMaster 350Q during my upcoming project to remodel our master bathroom. We plan on removing the wrap-around shower and half of one of the walls and install custom tile and glass. We will also be replacing or raising the double vanity and replacing the laminate counter top with granite.

    Thanks for all the tips!

    1. Glad to help any time Stewart and congrats on your beginning phase of the bathroom remodel. Sounds like you’re gonna have a great finished project when you’re done.

      The MultiMaster will certainly help with a lot of different areas of your project.

      You should share the before and after over on our HRT Facebook Group, we’d love to see your hard work in action

  14. Douglas Ferrer says:

    I would use it for my project where I’m putting decor stone on my TV wall in my media room. It’s going to be sweeeeeeeeet!!!!

    1. Hey Douglas, that would be awesome to see. One of our community members Robb did that and it turned out double sweeeeeet, haha.

      Make sure to share your pics on the HRT Facebook Group 😀

  15. patsend says:

    I would use it for all of my DIY projects (the ones my husband never wants to do)!

    1. Lol, if it makes you feel any better I’m sure my wife feels the same way 😀

  16. Mj J says:

    I have several quarter size broken floor tiles in my bathroom. This would be perfect to finally replace them then create a pattern to hide the new tiles…and finally get rid of that awkwardly placed rug…win, win.

    1. It is a double win MJ, the MultiMaster would be great at removing the grout and undercutting the door jambs if you need to do that 😀

  17. Cheryl Trahan says:

    I would use it to remove mastic adhesive from my floor – I am painting the cement in my kitchen for easy cleanup.

    1. It would be awesome at removing the old adhesive Cheryl, Fein has an accessory for everything. One of our community members over on Bathroom Repair Tutor removed his vinyl floor with a multi tool 😀

  18. Granny says:

    We have to replace tile in our shower so it will definitely be put to good use to remove the old grout and save much needed time. Lots of windows need recaulking so it will be put to good use there as well. On fixed income so whatever help we can get is appreciated so really hoping we can win this and solve our repair problems.

  19. gloria collins says:

    I am the home repair person in our home. I hung wallpaper for over 27 years and was around a lot of new construction and learned a lot from my fellow workers. Our home is an early 1970s home so there is always something that needs updating or repair. We also have an original log cabin lake house and boat house that always needs something fixed. This tool kit sounds like the answer to my prayers both in its ability to do so many projects and mainly the quality of it.

  20. Patty Jensen says:

    Oh wow……..I just “picked” up some new furniture from a curb and it is in desperate need of sanding. This would be perfect!

  21. Joe says:

    We just got new floors installed and my wife totally remodeled the powder room by herself (she works from home for a university and managed to do it between semester breaks) so she’s ready to tackle new projects (I think the laundry room is next). I’m very proud of her abilities and grateful for the opportunity for our daughter to learn from Mom that she can do anything she sets her mind to do. I would be happy to present it to my wife to further express my appreciation and offer encouragement to her new-found passion for home DIY. Plus, there’s an excellent chance I’d get to enjoy it too. Come Spring, the old walk-in playhouse in the back is going to be modified with a new doorway and “gingerbreading”.

  22. Lori says:

    I have a kitchen and bathroom makeover that I can see this coming in very handy.

  23. Jason Van says:

    After 6 years of complete remodeling my cabin burned down. It has been rebuilt but I need to finish the basement. This would make that project one heck of a lot easier.

  24. Martin says:

    This would be perfect for the buil-in bookcase – window seat I’m making in office. I’ve actually been researching multi-tools with view to purchase.

  25. Sandy H. says:

    Gosh, there are so many items that I could use this for around the house. Jobs such as fixing broken floor tiles, cutting flooring, fixing drywall, and many more. Thank you for the giveaway.

  26. robb c says:

    I have been looking into buying a tool like this for my up and coming bathroom remodel and also looking to update my bland garage with some drywall. this would have been the perfect tool to remove the mastic from my old backsplash Fein tools are awesome if u check out the reviews. We all know u get what you pay for when it comes to tools and equipment .

    thanks for an awesome video
    robb in detroit

  27. Troy G says:

    Umm yes please! So much stuff to do! I recently used and old dull crappy osc tool and ticked me off i about darn near spent a boatload of money on a new one…but got cheap and made do. So lets win one for next time!!!

  28. Wendy says:

    For my husband so he quits having to borrow his dads!

  29. Deb F says:

    I have used a multi-tool before but it was a cheap one and the blade kept coming out or breaking. I gave up. I would love to use this tool in some of the do-it-yourself furniture flips that I am doing. It would make the work go so much faster. And I’m wanting to put up sheetrock walls in my garage which this FEIN tool would really help with. Thanks for the tutorial.

  30. Vandi Clark says:

    Project? I’d use it for everything! I’ve got a closet to repair, shelves to build, and a multitude of small sending jobs to do. At 70, I want a tool that will outlast me!

  31. Janie B says:

    I would use it to remove grout from my shower so it could be regrouted. There will be total of 3 bathrooms that need work.
    I would also use it to redo the finish on my dining room table that got damaged during some reconstruction here.

  32. Rima says:

    I would love to win the Fein MutiMaster 350Q, I have several projects I need to start next month, the 1st being sanding my kitchen cabinets and adding moldings, to prepare for painting. Remove the grout in the bathroom as it has yellowed and looks so ugly. Once I am done with these 2 projects I will start on remodelling my bedroom.

  33. Michelle Frateschi says:

    I am a single woman homeowner who cannot afford to hire people for my home repairs. I am trying to tackle regrouting my bathroom and I have to borrow random tools from friends for my projects (because my toolbox isn’t too big). I had read a bunch of articles and turned to your website for instruction on my project, this tool would be such a great tool to add to my arsenal of weapons(hammer and screw driver) so I wouldn’t have to keep borrowing tools and be able to complete my project.

  34. Christine Murphy says:

    My husband and I have bought an old house and have lots of plans to update and remodel it, i.e., the bathroom, kitchen, floors, you name it. This is a project for a lifetime. I am the one who does the work because my husband had a stroke sometime back and helps where he can. I have some of my dad’s old electric tools, old as in well-used and in need of replacement. Good tools make all of the difference in the world to me. I would dearly love this Fein MultiMaster and would use it forever and take good care of it, as it would be my most prized tool. Thank you for considering my request. Christine

  35. Donna Kitti says:

    Since I have become widowed I am not left with many things to do from fixing drywall to having to repair my gate and fence. I am handy and can do things and I think this will be a big help

  36. Wayne says:

    I am also working a basement project, along with some interior kitchen remodel projects. this tool would help me tremendously in this process in removing old studs and extending a setback for my fridge. It would also help me in the removal of old tile which I will need to remove.

  37. Nancy says:

    I am a beginning DIYer and am collecting tools. The multitasker would help me in so many ways. Every time I request a new tool as a gift, my family thinks I am crazy! Receiving the multitasker will be a life saver!

  38. Nick Conrad says:

    Boat repairs for me. I have a 1989 Glastron V-6 that runs like a dream. It has never been in salt water so everything is pretty sound. I would use the Fein MultiMaster for the hard to reach spots to do hull repair. The outer hull is easy to work with. When you attempt repairs on the inside with all the nooks & crannies, the Fein will work them to a charm without having to rip out solid decking & the like. Best to all DYI.

  39. Mike Ruf says:

    I need to re-grout a backsplash in my kitchen because it started cracking about 1 year after the install. I know the humidity in my house is low, but low enough to Crack grout?? Probably my water to grout powder mixture was low! Nonetheless, this tool would be a life saver especially since it has a shop vac connection being in my kitchen and kicking up so much dust. I heard that the diamond blades on those cut through grout so easily! I cannot afford to buy one at this time. Backsplash grout repair on hold!

  40. Diane Richards says:

    I would love this….right now I need help removing grout in my bathroom.

  41. Linda says:

    We are always constructing, updating or repairing our home and outbuildings. So many uses ~ So many possibilities. Look forward to the possibilities!

  42. Andrew Norton says:

    I would use this to remove nails from a broken stair string board that leads from my basement to my kitchen. Tight, surgical work that requires a tool like this. Great find!

  43. Chuck says:

    I’m an 80 year old man living in a house built in 1959 in Bellevue, WA. I’m taking on a number of DIY tasks, including:
    replacing some boards on my outdoor wood lap siding
    removing and replacing old sealant in some vertical siding so I can repaint
    cleaning and replacing grout in two showers
    replacing floor covering in a bathroom and the kitchen
    replacing countertops in kitchen and two bathrooms
    I currently have a cheap multitool that I bought from Harbor Freight to try out and now I’m ready for a quality tool so it would be nice to win this one. Thanks for all your helpful diy information, Jeff.

  44. Adam Verheyen says:

    My wife and I are planning on doing a full master bath remodel in the near future so having one of these tools would greatly help, Jeff! =)

    You could always hand deliver this prize to me, too, and we can go to Fat Head’s Brewery to celebrate! haha

  45. Char says:

    Oh my! What wouldn’t I use this tool for? So much has been left undone around this old house and one huge reason is the tools are too heavy. Moved into this old house but before all completed my husband passed. Hiring someone for all the things needing to be done is not an option. Tore up carpeting years ago for the hardwood, yet still no moldings. No moldings in the addition as well. Drywall holes need patching, but cutting the area first with the least possible opening. Grout removal in kitchen circa 1956 where tile is in great shape but grout nasty. Since old application of tile on cement and chicken wire, the demolition would be costly and messy–with this tool I could remove the grout myself- I could manage this tool being lightweight and so exacting. Cutting the board for under tile on an outside cabinet–cutting the tile to fit. Some kitchen drawers do not slide smoothly and need a bit of sanding—with this tool the project would be so much easier.
    Finishing so many jobs let go for so long. List is far too long!
    If ever take a break using it, I would share it with my daughter who is doing a bathroom from scratch and can see all the uses she would have.
    The list is endless as I look around my old house. The weight, size, convenience, variety of uses would assure these things are tackled finally.
    Thank you for all your videos Jeff. Missed some while without computer, but anxious to catch up.
    Your patio is beautiful by the way–no staining required, no maintenance. Nice.

  46. Hummercat says:

    We are in the midst of a bathroom remodel and plan to produce and install a recessed medicine cabinet the entire depth of the wall. However, there is a wire coming through a hole in a 2×4, blocking part of the area. This tool would make easy work of opening up the hole to move the wire. And, no, it is not a load-bearing wall! I’m sure we will find many more uses as we progress on this big job!

  47. Craig Johnson says:

    I built a 10′ x 10′ barn from scratch last fall and there are a lot of areas that I think this tool could help to finish it up. Plus, it seems there are plenty of jobs inside the home that I could use it for.

  48. Leslie C. Mcclellan says:

    What…are you kidding? This is THE toy!

  49. Dan Hobbs says:

    I am remodeling our guest bathroom and then will tackle the master bath. I would definitely use the Fein MultiMaster 350Q Start Kit for cutting drywall, removing the old tile grout and caulking, plus I could use it for sanding where needed.

  50. Roger D. says:

    This would be perfect for my bathroom makeover project, and I’m sure I can find a lot more projects for it.

  51. Lillace Christianson says:

    When we moved into our current home the floors in the master and guest baths had been recently grouted. They were gorgeous–four inch white tile with white grout. We hadn’t been here two weeks before the grout began to crack. Those floors are no longer gorgeous and need to be completely regrouted. It’s going to be a huge job as bending and kneeling are not easy anymore. I’ll bet this tool would make the job of removing what’s left of the old grout go so much faster. Great article, Jeff, as always!

  52. Linda Lyon says:

    I would use it to remove the grout in my kitchen countertops where I need to replace it.

  53. DeAnne says:

    My apartment has short eaves and no gutters. I want to create faux adobe-style canales to catch and channel water to my beds, hanging planters and rain barrels. I spy a solution for carving and chiseling the seating for flashing and PVC. Awesome tool.

  54. Barb Tucker says:

    This is just what I need to replace some boards in my old pine floor and to trim some paneling that extends beyond a doorway and won’t allow me to put up trim.

  55. Jeanne Blodgett says:

    We have so much work in our house to get done but can’t afford contractors to come in. This tool would help us out a great deal!

  56. Christine Taylor says:

    I recently used a non-Fein multi-tool to cut a section out of my ceiling. The blade wasn’t on tight enough and went flying off into the room! I would like the Fein’s quick-change blade feature after that experience! Thanks! Christine.

  57. Suanough Zentell says:

    I’m a sort-of disabled, 73y/o, widow and I have so many little projects (repairs) around my house, and I’m now the one who gets to do them. I need a tool that’s easy to handle, reliable, and safe.

  58. Patti says:

    We will be moving soon and there are lots of projects to be done at both houses. Good tools save lots of time when doing any project. Nothing more frustrating than taking 2 hours to do something when you could’ve done it in 30 minutes with the right tool. I love tools, but I don’t have anything like this. Wow, what can’t you use it for?!?!

  59. Ike Duran says:

    I would love to have this tool. I have a home I just bought 1 year ago that was built in 1957. It needs complete updating and everything from cabinets, to electrical outlets to doors and doorways, routing piping, etc. needs work and could use a Fein MultiMaster. It looks tough enough to last through the entire home updating process. Thanks for all the advice you give on all your tutorials!

  60. Joi says:

    My husband and I are currently remodeling our home to put on the market. Once we have that project completed, we are going to purchase a fixer upper for us to retire in. This tool would be perfect! BTW, used your idea for cleaning shower doors. Worked great! Thanks!!

  61. Keith says:

    Detail sander around chair back rails should work great with the Fein.
    I am a furniture maker/restorer and have always wanted one of the Fein.

  62. Janice Rafuse-Crowe says:


    I’d love to use the Fein Multimaster 350Q to remove the grout around 2 bathtubs! I’m not looking forward to doing that job by hand. 🙂



  63. Bill Logue says:

    I could really use a fantastic tool like that. I am renovating a 3 story 80+ year old house that has been in my family for 3 generations. I have a long list of projects to accomplish and the Fein MultiMaster would make my work look more professional.

  64. Russell says:

    i live in a house that is 95 years old. There are lots of places this tool would be used. I’m currently 75% finished with a bathroom remodel and soon it will be time to start on the kitchen, then the utility room, and then….. you get the picture.

  65. Patricia Winner says:

    I would use it to remove the grout in my foyer. It is discolored and unsightly.

  66. Emily says:

    I would use it to make projects using leftover wood from pallets that I have.

  67. Louise says:

    My daughter and I are going to remodel an entire master bathroom. We use your site for a lot of tips and helpful hints. We really could use this tool to cut the drywall and remove the counter top.

  68. Allegra says:

    Sounds like an amazing tool! we are converting our garage into a cottage, so from your description it sounds like we’d use this for many parts of the project! I’m part German, so always love to hear about an amazing German product : )

  69. Tammara says:

    Oh..oh…many, many uses!! First would be to cut approx two inches off the bottom of 20 pine panels to have access to the gap that permits air, bugs and whatever to enter the house. I just discovered this problem after ripping down five pine panels. My house is 80 years old and I have lots of projects to complete, besides what I just mentioned, the bathroom needs to be re-grouted, cut the metal for a bi-fold door, cutting down screws for door handles. GOSH, I would go gaga over the multi-use tool!!

  70. Ashley Moser says:

    I have just bought a house and I am taking on the projects of remodeling it. I really could use MultiMaster 350Q. I am a fist time home owner and 26 years old. I have already learned not to buy cheap tool because I have to go back a buy the correct ones when the cheap ones don’t hold up. This tool would be great to use on my master bathroom remodel. I am going to try to strip it down and do it all myself. Wish me luck and the tool would be great to have. Thanks for all you great tips.

  71. Dawn says:

    We are going to be remodeling our bathroom – removing the tub/surround and tiling it. This would be GREAT!

  72. Terri says:

    My first project for the multimaster would be to sand the rust off my metal fence so it can be repainted. Whew! I could use the help!

  73. Dahlia Walsh says:

    I am 83 years young abd living in a manufactured that has seen better days. I have been remodeling and so far have finished the guest bath. There are so many projects yet to be done and I know that this Fein multimaster 350Q would help me accomplish them much easier. The first thing in remodelind my outdated kitchen would be removing dozens of spindles from my cupboards. Oh, Oh. I can think of so many things just too many to mention.

  74. Marilynn says:

    What a great tool. I have a bathroom remodel coming up and can think of several ways I’ll be using this tool — grout and tile removal, cutting trim at the floor level, and removing parts of the fiberglass tub surround.

  75. Terry W says:

    I’ve had the cheapest multi-vibrating tool one could buy from Harbor Freight Tools.
    It’s over 5 years old. I use it on everything. Still works great. I take very good care of my tools. Any kind of tool will do, if you take care of it properly. I tear them completely down to clean and inspect for possible trouble. You should have seen my wife’s face when I completely tore down her washing machine for a water value by pass leak. It was all over the back lawn. She couldn’t believe how much silt dirt was caked to it. Well, that multi- tool helped get it all all apart. Of course it’s back together and working.

  76. Connie Jackson says:

    What a beautiful and quiet tool. Would something like this help clean up old thin set from brick? I could use it for that and to re-do outlet cutouts in bead board. The ones I did with my jigsaw are a bit wobbly! I used my Harbor Freight multi-tool to remove grout in a shower, but the attachments kept loosening up and that felt dangerous to me. I would absolutely put this Fein (double meaning meant) tool to good use!

  77. Judy Jensen says:

    I have over 200 feet of wrought iron fencing that has some pickets that are rusting through and paint failure that will need lots of sanding before repainting. There is a putty that I can use to fill holes in some of the pickets that will have to be sanded and some pickets will have to be cut off and replaced.
    Also have a lot of caulking that has to be cut out and then there is the old linoleum floor that has to be taken out in the bathroom to check and see if there is a slab leak.
    I could go on and on. My poor Dremel can only handle so much!

  78. Ellen Knox says:

    My first project with the multi-tool would be to remove the bathroom grout.

  79. Susan says:

    I have used a Fein before and loved it then. However, I worked on a commercial wood boat and it belonged to the contractor who did our repair work. You could do anything with it! When it came time to buy my 1st house, that was at the top of my list for tools. I bought the house but not many tools yet. This would be an ideal win! You rock, Jeff!!

  80. R Lowrey says:

    The guest bathroom has been on the remodel list a couple of years. This tool would give me a reason to get ‘er done.

  81. Shawn says:

    I’m going to be finishing our basement. Adding a bed, bath, utility room and storage.

  82. Jayme Dinsmore says:

    I have failing grout around my master bathroom tub tile and my second bathroom floor. I have been hating looking at it but never have gotten serious about DIYing the fix….then, i saw this video and i can def say, I’m feeling pretty inspired to tackle this myself now. Thanks for sharing

  83. Donna Richey says:

    Being a 68 year old female DIYer this tool would definitely make everything so much easier for me. I can’t afford to go out and buy a new tool every time I want to do a project, so many of the projects don’t even get started. This tool would definitely help me make my home better.

  84. Andrea D. says:

    I’ve never heard of this company, so I’m so glad that you’re out there informing us. I love your blog and learn so much from your posts. Since I’m on a limited home improvement budget, I could use this tool for so many things. I’d probably start with wainscoting in my master bath. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a wonderful prize!

  85. Flint F. says:

    Jeff, thanks for the review and the chance to win the Fein tool. I have 4 young boys and one on the way in Dec… I am in mid project on a 1/2 bath to Full bath conversion. I could use this awesome tool on the pocket door I am installing. I have to cut studs and be careful not to disturb the drywall… the reciprocating saw just won’t do. Once that is all done, I will be using it extensively on the drywall install.

    One other way that I would use the tool: Teaching my 8,6,and 4 year olds (my 1 year old is too young) how to use this power tool. This kind of saw is safer than most other saws. I look forward to teaching them how to use it safely. Since it’s a Fein odds are they will inherit it in working order when I am gone. 😉

  86. Hey Jeff!
    Outstanding podcasts and videos! I am a new handywoman and started my new business last month and your shows are a lifesaver. I have viewed the majority of your videos to help me with some great tips that have improved my efficiency on the job. The Fein Multimaster looks like an awesome tool. I have a fence repair and some tile replacement in my future and the Fein would definitely be a huge save in my toolbox. No more buying tools from Harbor Freight…learned my lesson. Thanks for the shows and please keep them coming!!

  87. Bob Marsden says:

    Having to move from Missouri To Arkansas because of a severely sick relative, I had to sell all my tools since we were moving into a much smaller space. I am now able to get into some of my projects again and I need tools that can do a variety of things. The Fein MultiMaster looks like it is the tool for me. It will be a big help on ALL my projects.

  88. Justin W says:

    This crazy tool would come in real handy as I’m building up my folding trailer into the little towable wooden home to move us and our kayaks from WV to CA in two months time.

  89. Vince R says:

    Boy, what wouldn’t you use a tool like this on. Just moved into a 30 year old house and several doors aren’t quite aligned. I started with the worst one. Had to remove the whole casing and reshim it and make it plum. Had to trim a small amount off one side and this tool would have been heaven! Now only 18 more doors to go.

  90. Jesus says:

    Recently my garage was broken into and my tools were stolen, I’m in the middle of fixing my plumbing in my house and since I was left with no tools I have to use a chisel to rip through the wood to lay pipe. This tool can basically replace the majority of my tools needed to complete the project from cutting wood, pipe to cutting stucco me amking holes to fit in pipes. I don’t have an allotment to replace any of my tools and this tool will do wonders for me

  91. gloria silber says:

    I would give it to my husband to use on projects around the house. He doesn’t have a lot of tools. He doesn’t like to borrow tools from neighbors. So we have to pay someone else to do some projects that he could do, if he had the right tools.

  92. John Melton says:

    Oh, I’m totally ready to step up from my el-cheapo that heats up in my hands to this bad boy. I’d use the Fein MultiMaster 350Q initially on a closet remodel, including window framing and an in-wall shelf to hold our little girls treasures. Great post, great tool!

  93. Chris Balt says:

    Found a 250Q on Craigslist a few weeks ago for $100 with all the original “Top” kit attachments and the hard case. What a killer tool – even on bimetal! Not sure what all has changed from the 250Q to the 350Q, but I sure would love one!

  94. Patty says:

    The list is long for this tool. I just bought a foreclosed house that needs some tender loving care. Drywall in the basement. Shelving in the basement. Cleaning out those nooks and crannies of the tile in the bathroom. That’s
    Just a start

  95. Bud says:

    I have an older model and have found it to be a valuable tool. I would give it to my new son-in-law so that he could enjoy having a great tool at his disposal. As I get older, I am hoping he will take up the slack. Great Website and I look forward to receiving you e-mails on Friday.

  96. Peggy says:

    My husband is a handy man and we have 3 kids who have just bought new to them homes. All needing work.. This took would be amazing to present to him so he can help out the kids. Great tool!

  97. Walter says:

    Looks like an awesome tool! I could definitely use this while dividing my garage in order to build myself a Red Sox man cave. Plus, my birthday is on the 24th of August so it would be a nice birthday present! (LOL)

  98. Jaime McBrady says:

    My husband is not handy so I’ve been teaching myself from project to project around the house. I recently began collecting wood pallets to build an outdoor potting bench. That tool sounds like the Swiss Army knife I’m looking for. This could be the beginning of my very own collection.

  99. Dwight James says:

    I’ve been signed up for your site for quite some time now and this opportunity to win a FEIN comes right on time. I’m about to do the same thing you were doing when you discovered the FEIN; changing the cement grout in my shower. In addition, I am repairing tile around my soaker tub which has the same grout as my shower. I have been putting this job off for a while because the prospect of removing grout is tough. Some of the tiles around the tub have already come off and the prospect of breaking tiles is daunting. A FEIN tool would do wonders to help me with this project, so I hope I’m not too late for consideration. Thanks again for your help.

  100. Dwight James says:

    I’ve been signed up for your site for quite some time now and this opportunity to win a FEIN comes right on time. I’m about to do the same thing you were doing when you discovered the FEIN; changing the cement grout in my shower. In addition, I am repairing tile around my soaker tub which has the same grout as my shower. I have been putting this job off for a while because the prospect of removing grout is tough. Some of the tiles around the tub have already come off and the prospect of breaking tiles is daunting. A FEIN tool would do wonders to help me with this project, so I hope I’m not too late for consideration. Thanks again for your help.

  101. Sarah says:

    I am 75 years of age. I have some good but painted furniture that I need to remove the paint. I was dreading using liquid remover so this would be ideal for me.

  102. Tom Harber says:

    I had a leak in my finished basement. It looks as though I will have to remove sheetrock and studs to repair. I think the Fein multitool is the tool for me.

  103. Darryl Jackson says:

    Preparing for a bathroom renovation. It would come in handy to remove the old tile and move some light switches to more convenient locations.

  104. donna hunter says:

    i would use it on my bath renovation. The shower needs to be redone and this would be perfect to get the grout out and tiles up. I now can’t wait to get started with the right tool.

  105. roseann says:

    I’m a 71 year old widowed grandma and this looks like even I can do lots of stuff at home with this beautiful multitool.

  106. Dale McKillips says:

    It just so happens that I am remodeling our Master Bath at this time. It would be so nice to have that piece of equipment; and you never know when you need to cut off a plaster cast. Seriously, there so many projects that I can use this tool for.

  107. Scott says:

    First project? Regrout the master shower. After that? Maybe a new outlet to hide electric and cable wires behind the TV.

  108. Dennis says:

    i`ll use it for my garage project insulating the wall.we will see how this one works for different task

  109. dan says:

    I always have a water spray bottle when I cut thick nails in the walls so that I don’t burn anything. Sometimes the hot nail half drops down the wall where dust is and could ignite. I guess the MultiMaster 350Q makes quick work of a nail so you don’t have to worry about the pieces getting too hot.

  110. Hank Wolgast says:

    Jeff, what an awesome tool ! It would so help me out when I do my wood floor installation this fall. I would start now but I have some repairs that need to be made on the outside of my home before cold weather sets in. The Fein MultiMaster could probably make those repairs easier too. Thanks for an awesome video on the Fein MultiMaster tool. You made it seem like Christmas when you did the unpacking. Thanks for all you do for us DIY ers .I have learned so much already.

  111. Carole Brown says:

    The Fein MultiMaster would be great to use around our home since we have many projects that need tending to. Redoing the grout with two showers and tub. Sanding window sills so they can be refinished. We are 70 and 80 years old, this fantastic tool would make an older couple’s life easier, especially with arthritic hands and other tender joints.. To be able to complete tasks faster would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

  112. Terri Hughes says:

    I would use the Fein MultiMaster 350Q on my bathroom floor. It needs to be replaced. Great looking tool. Love the look on your face when you opened the box. Like a kid at Christmas, lol.

  113. Vicki Williams says:

    Hi Jeff,
    What an awesome tool the Fein is! I watched your video on re-grouting bathroom tile. I am a single female and have no choice but to tackle those DIY projects myself; the budget is tight! I have a bath with nice older marble tile that I cannot find to match, so the only option is removing all the dirty grout, plus caulk, plus epoxy?? that someone used at one time. I’ve tried using a Dremmel tool only to sometimes cut the marble and end up with debris flying everywhere! I also tried a friends cheap mult-itool where the blade kept popping off in the middle of the job because you just can’t tighten it enough with the tiny wrench provided. I love the design of the Fein! There’s no way the blade could come off in the middle of the job. It looks like the Fein’s grout blade is also bigger and stronger than the knock off. The cutting tool on the Fein would also solve many other problems for me, I like the fact that it would be much harder to cut yourself with this rather than using a reciprocal or rotary saw. I just cannot understand why my late father did not own one; he loved tools of all kinds and his passion has been passed down to me. It was also great to see some history on the vibrating tool here at your website; I wondered how long these had been around. I’d love to win the Fein; it would be truly the best tool in my kit.
    Thanks for all your videos and work, they really help when I’m trying to figure these things out!
    Your new biggest fan,

  114. chaojun huang says:

    I would use the Fein MultiMaster 350Q to sand furnitures that i needed a refinish and to cut down drywall for internal TV outlets 🙂

  115. Dana says:

    I’d use the Fein MultiMaster to remove the broken tiles around my fireplace. Then I’d move on to the bathroom to remove the tiles there simply because I don’t like them. The Fein MultiMaster sounds like it could be my new boyfriend. Shhhhh! Don’t tell my husband.

  116. Laura Z. says:

    I have a lot of cement board to cut and the manual tool that is made for that is not very effective. It requires a lot of pressure and repeated passes and worst of all, leaves a jagged crumbly line. And cutting cement board with a circular saw kicks up a sandstorm, haha. So I’m thinking the Fein MultiMaster would “master” the problem, giving me quick clean cuts. I’ve never used one, but have read about Fein tools and understand that they are the cat’s meow of the tool world.

  117. Ed Welz says:

    I have used a similar type tool successfully for what would have been almost impossible jobs. Cutting the old rusted toilet lugs @ floor level, precision cuts into drywall for electrical work, and getting into an area where no other tool would fit; to name a few.
    I would love to have this outfit. You do good work!
    Thanks, Ed

  118. Barry says:

    I recently retired. After a “relax” break, I’m tackling those “honey do” items. From rebuilding the vintage park bench from salvage parts to removing mortar to speed up the new tile installation, the FEIN Multimaster would be a “honey” tool to complete planned and unplanned projects and addition to my toolbox!

  119. Glen Gregory Jr. says:

    My parents are having a sun room addition put on their house in about 2 weeks. My dad and I are handling the inside part of the job that includes drywall and tongue and groove wood on the ceiling. The Multitool would make quick work of all the electrical boxes we will need to cut out. Thanks for the chance to win and the great review!

  120. Sandra Lea says:

    In addition to buying a new home within the past year where a lot of projects need completed, I also like to create mosaic art in my free time. This would be a great tool for cutting and finishing my own substrates.

  121. Mike Riddle says:

    This would be great on all the projects I am working on, currently I am doing handyman services on the side and I am helping remodel my sister and mother’s house by knocking out a wall to enlarge the bathroom and putting in a tankless hot water system, this would work wonders with the drywall, tile and plumbing!

  122. Mark Downey says:

    I am the building and grounds chair at my church. The Fein would really be helpful when I am completing various repairs about the church. I spend alot of time repairing tile in the church. Great review of the Fein, Jeff.

  123. Sal says:

    I need to remove the grout in my bathroom. This Fein tool would make the job much easier.

  124. Carol Cohn says:

    Recently moved into a house that was poorly maintained by previous owners. My first use would be re-grouting everything! Endless other projects after that…..

  125. Valorie says:

    I would use this to cut out drywall that I need to replace in three locations. A hole in the ceiling due to leaky grout in the shower above, a section on the stairs where someone was enthusiastically vacuuming and put a hole in the wall plus a tight corner where I tried to use a drywall saw and it was a HOT MESS. I would be inspired to actually complete these projects because I would be using an awesome tool, I am sure of it! I am sure I could find 1000 other places to use this!

  126. dennis allen says:

    that looks like a fantastic tool. I would use it to do some laminate flooring cuts around my fireplace. I also can use it to cut some tile when I redo my kitchen and bathrooms floors.

  127. I’m 80 and I would use it to get the red paint off a table made by my Father in 1912 when he was 13 years old. I would like to see the natural grain of the wood underneath.

  128. Joyce says:

    I’m a single, retired woman who shares a 100+ year old former farmhouse with my daughter. We are currently remodeling our den/office/craft room and will start on our mud room when this project is finished. We have many power tools, but this sounds like something that would be a lot easier for a senior citizen to hold and use. I’m currently tearing the ceiling tiles down because the ceiling was sagging to the point of falling down. Imagine my surprise when I saw that there was a old fashioned bead board ceiling. It’s painted a pretty ugly green, but after patching a few cracks and sanding, it will be painted a nice clean white. We have the same bead board on the walls and ceiling in our mudroom. We need to cut many new pieces of molding, framing strips, etc. and I think this tool is just what the doctor ordered. I’m sure my chiropractor would agree.

  129. waykno says:

    I would use it in multiple ways, e.g., cut drywall, clean grout, etc. NICE tool.

  130. Steve Tiveron says:

    If I was to win I would be using it next spring to help build my deck. Also, I really want to finish my basement and being able to cut out receptacle spaces etc would be really handy and save time.

  131. ray williams says:

    I would use it to repair ceiling damage due to a ice dam last winter.

  132. Irene says:

    I would use this tool to regroup a bathroom, to cut drywall to put a ceiling in my garage and as a sander to refinish cabinets!

  133. Janie Bruce says:

    I could use this tool in many ways; better than investing in multiple tools. I need to do some dry wall repair, sanding paint off patio chairs, etc.

  134. Sandy says:

    I would love to give this to my son who has just bought his first house and would have many uses for it. Plus, I might be able to borrow it!

  135. Roger says:

    I have recently purchased a fixer upper.This tool would come in handy for the drywall,flooring and trim that I am going to be installing in most of the house ! It would definitely come in handy when I remodel the bathrooms for the tile installation!

  136. Len says:

    I’ve used a different brand multi-tool to remove adhesive flooring, cut piping in cramped places, sanding the inside corners of cabinet doors, and removing broken tile to name a few. They are great tools and Fein has the reputation of being the best. The quick change lever looks awesome. I’d give the Fein to my son who is buying a fixer upper. Steve, thanks for all you do!

  137. Grant Oster says:

    I’d become a better man…

  138. Johnny O says:

    I’d use it to take up the ancient linoleum in my mothers kitchen, grind down some rough concrete on the walls of my basement, and make a whole lot of useless holes cutting through everything it can cut through just for fun!

  139. jessica says:

    I’ve been wanting to re-grout my shower, but have been afraid. I would give it a try with my new Fein MultiMaster tool. Please, pick me!

  140. Dorothea says:

    I’ve got plans to makeover/paint some large pieces of furniture (including my 20-year-old entertainment center!), so I’m sure this marvelous tool will come in handy when I have to sand everything!

  141. Jennifer says:

    I have so many projects this would be perfect for! For the yard and the house. Does it have an attachment for vacuuming while sanding?

  142. Lilly Z says:

    I have been looking for a tool like this to do different tasks around the house. My house is a fixer upper and I have slowly been buying tools that I need. This tool looks like it has what I need! Hey, if I don’t win it, where can I buy it?

  143. Lori Jones says:

    I would use it on my bathroom makeover!

  144. Steve says:

    Would love this tool to help with the re-wiring of our home. We have plaster walls and this would help to cut out the slightly bigger space we need for the newer outlet boxes. I can’t imagine trying to cut the 60+ year old plaster without some serious cracks, but I’ve been told this tool might be the best thing to try!

  145. I need to totally remodel 2bathrooms in our home, and this would be very, very useful

  146. Justin Morgan says:

    I have an unfinished corner cabinet that needs to be sanded and painted. How well would its sander do corners?

  147. Mark chapman says:

    I would use it for many projects I have in my home. Remodeling two bathrooms and the kitchen. Would love to have this tool. Would be a big help. Thanks mark

  148. Denny says:

    I have three large bathrooms that all need new grout. That would be the FIRST project… Then the sky is the limit… Thank You for a GREAT web site

  149. Ginny says:

    It looks like it would be helpful to me when I remove the old linoleum in my master bath, then resurface the cabinets. I like that it can attach to the shop-vac for less mess. I don’t know if it can cut tile, but I’ll need to do that as well especially around the toilet. I bought my hubby a roto-zip a few years back but he’s not using it, so I’m gearing up to do some projects myself. Would love to have this Fein tool! Great video!

  150. Rich says:

    Must have for my flooring bathroom grout removal…this hand tool is not cutting it!

  151. Tracie says:

    oh boy, oh boy oh boy! I am planning on taking out my master bath vanity and installing a made over sideboard for the vanity – I NEED this bad boy. Thank you! 🙂

  152. John says:

    I have to remodel a master bath, basement and garage. I sure it would make things go a lot easier.

  153. Kirk says:

    I will be redoing the instrument panel on my boat. This tool will be excellent for cutting holes for the speedometer and other gauges.

  154. David says:

    I need to remove the grout from the decorative tiles that cover my bathroom wall and then carefully remove the tiles for re-use. Nothing would be better than the Fein MultiMaster.

  155. Deb says:

    I would use it to remove the vinyl flooring from the bathroom floor in our 100 year old farmhouse.

  156. Barbara Curtis says:

    Getting ready for a full kitchen and bath remodel, including installing new wood floors and cabinets in kitchen and removing old tiles and moldy drywall in shower. Sure could use the Fein MultiMaster.

  157. doug says:

    it looks like I could use that to help in installing a laminate floor I’m putting in ..handy handy handy

  158. Linda says:

    Repairing outdoor deck area and remove water damaged sections of siding and trim. Previous owners saved a few bucks by skipping sections of gutters. The rain splash predictably has caused some rot.

  159. Rob B says:

    I’ve been repairing grout with an old Dremmel rotary tool, which does the trick for smaller jobs. I’d love to have something with more control for long floor lines, though – the Dremmel likes to veer off out of the grout lines if you relax your attention.

  160. Mark says:

    I’m remodeling my entire garage – putting new drywall, insulation, the works. This would help with that project and more!

  161. Jeff Correia says:

    I’m upgrading my wrap-around porch from hardwood to composite. The hard wood was just too hard to take care of! My challenge is that the composite is a lot thicker than the hardwood that’s already there so I need to do a few things that the Fein tool would be great for! The wall of the house is vinyl-sided, but there are some finish boards that come down in several places all the way to the current floor, around the windows and doors. I’d love to have a tool that could make easy work of trimming those boards on a nice straight line just a little bit to get the new composite underneath like the current flooring. After raising up the J-channel at the bottom of the siding, I’ll also need to give the vinyl itself a little trim, and I bet the tool would make quick and easy work of that too! Lastly are the columns that hold up the roof at the front of the porch … They’ll be needing a slight trim too to make up for the slight height difference of the new composite. It’s so easy to see how the Fein Multimaster 350Q tool will make quick work of that and all the rest of my installation challenges!

    Thanks Jeff, been an avid watcher of your tutorials since the first one.


  162. Jean Michel says:

    I have read your post. This is great post.I like this post. Many many thanks for this post.Really this post is so helpful for us. Informative and interesting which we share with you so i think so it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts. I am tiring the same best work from me in the future as well.

  163. Mhaskin says:

    Being recent first time home buyers, my wife and I would utilize the MultiMaster on projects like retiling our shower, moving doorways for closets, tearing up carpet and resurfacing the hardwood floors. We’d really use it while finishing a portion of our basement for our laundry room!

  164. Lide says:

    im in the middle of remodeling my bathroom. it had a leaking valve behind the shower walls for quite some time and rotted the subfloor under the cast iron tub(which was very difficult to move on my own), and under the tile that surrounded the tub. the room had 7/8 inch plaster walls which were Very messy to tear out not to mention the tile on top of the walls. im sure the fein multimaster would have made it much easier to cut the walls out in chunks instead of smashing them. i have just finished hanging drywall and taping the seams. now im about to start preparing the subfloor for new tile before i start putting up new baseboards and beadboard. this is my first renovation project and its awesome to see the progress i have made. i cant wait to be finished with it so i can think to myself “wow i did all of that by myself!”, and so i wont have to worry about the tiles falling off while i take a shower haha.

  165. Mary Anderson says:

    I would use this for SOOO many things in our house. I would definitely use it to help me remove the cracked grout I have all over! What a cool tool!

  166. Vicki Hildebrand says:

    I’m a female tool aficionado who LOVES working with tools. One of the best days of my life was when I bought my first Dremel tool. I would use the Feinstein MultiMaster to finish renovating my kitchen and laundry room my husband was working on when he had to leave to take care of his ill parents (who live in south Texas) 2-1/2 years ago. He’s able to come home once or twice a year so the “fine Fein” would make things so much easier for me to get this project finished.

  167. Jen says:

    I have wanted one for sooo long! My hubby doesn’t know how to fix anything so it all falls on me. this would be tremendous for installing shelves in my teenage daughters room. She would love the use this tool too – she’s taken woodshop at school and absolutely loves it!

  168. Liz says:

    My husband and I just bought our first house and will be remodeling the bathroom on our own. This would be great for all of the tile work!

  169. Lupe Nunez says:

    I need to redo the floors in my bathrooms including the subfloor. So I’d use it for the whole project. I haven’t done anything like it yet. I’m new to Diy major projects.

  170. Julie says:

    Would love to have this for basement remodel!

  171. Jeremiah S says:

    I just got myself a SuperCut, so I don’t need a MultiMaster.

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