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The Dremel Multi Max MM45

If you’re looking for one tool that can cut drywall, metal, wood, and more then the multi tool is it.

Oscillating multi tools are one of my favorite tools because they do so many things.

Today we take a look at the Dremel Multi Max MM45. It boasts a new 5.0 Amp motor with QuickLock release.

But can it get the job done? We did tests so you can see for yourself.

Let’s dive in.


Testing the Dremel Multi Max MM45

What kind of projects can the Dremel Multi Max handle?

Cutting drywall for electrical outlets, cutting laminate flooring, cutting copper or PEX or PVC or ABS pipes, cutting door jambs, sanding, grout removal…the list goes on.

Like I said earlier, multi tools are awesome. They’re the Swiss Army knife of power tools.

Each project requires a different accessory. For example, the carbide grout blade is fantastic for grout removal.

And the Jab Saw accessory cuts drywall around electrical outlets.

I ran tests to see how the Dremel Multi Max would perform – watch our video to see it in action and what’s in the kit

What’s Next

Dremel has a ton of different tools beside the Multi Max. If you’re into wood projects – like building a rustic cooler – their tools are a big help.

Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community.

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Dremel Multi Max MM45