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Self Leveling Bathroom Floor Tips

These self-leveling bathroom floor tips are invaluable.

Beginners, in particular, should understand these concepts before starting a similar project.

Fortunately, this tutorial is super easy to understand and do.

So let’s dive in!

Self-Leveling Bathroom Floor Supplies

Here are the essential supplies used for this project

  • Fein WSG7-115 Angle Grinder
  • Ridgid Double Row Diamond Cup Wheel
  • Ironclad Gloves
  • Silica Dust Respirator
  • Fein Dust Shroud
  • Ironclad Gloves
  • Ardex Feather Finish
  • Ardex P51 Primer
  • Great Stuff Expanding Foam
  • Silicone
  • Newborn GTD-930 Caulking Gun
  • Sill Seal
  • Stapler
  • Ardex K22F Self-Leveler
  • X01 Mixer (Collomix)
  • Dust Ex (Collowmix)
  • AQIX Water Dosing Device
  • Spiked Roller

Not all the supplies are necessary, but it’s good to know what was used to get great results.

How to Prep Wood Subfloors for Levelers

It’s imperative that wood subfloor be cleaned and prepped before adding self-levelers.

Often, tile removal leaves behind thin-set mortar residue.

The best way to remove thin-set from a wood subfloor is with an angle grinder and diamond cup wheel.

How to Use an Angle Grinder to Remove Thin-Set

Apply water to the subfloor and use a grinder with the diamond cup wheel to remove thin-set from the surface.

This can produce a lot of silica dust. So either use a silica dust respirator or dust shroud with the grinder.

Clean excess thin-set residue off the wood with a joint compound knife and sponge.

How to Use Feather Finish Over Wood Subfloors

Self leveler can find its way into rooms and that not good.

So the next step in this project is to apply Ardex Feather Finish over any seams and screws.

How to Apply Ardex Feather Finish over wood

Small batches of Feather Finish can be mixed using one part water with two parts powder.

Simply use a drill and small mixing paddle to whip up a small amount of Feather Finish.

Then apply it over the subfloor with a steel trowel. It should cure within 30 to 60 minutes.

Use Great Stuff to Seal Wood Subfloors

The next step is to use Great Stuff expanding foam.

Apply it to the intersection between the wood subfloor and bottom plate of stud walls.

How to Seal Wood Floors with Great Stuff

This ensures self leveler will be contained to the bathroom floor.

Also apply Great Stuff around any holes in the subfloor, e.g. holes for shower drains and toilet flanges.

How to Prime Wood Subfloors for Self Leveler

Always prime wood subfloors before applying self leveler.

And use the primer that’s made by the same company that makes the leveling product.

For example, Ardex 51 primer was used over this wood subfloor because Ardex self leveler was used.

How to Apply Ardex P51 Primer

Spread the primer with a stiff bristle brush and allow it to cure per the directions, e.g. 1-3 hours.

Final Prep for Self Leveler

Cut away the cured Great Stuff to make it flush with the bottom plate. Then apply silcone between the subfloor and foam.

Then, staple sill seal against the walls.

How to Seal Walls for Self Leveler

Sill seal provides the necessary 1/8″ expansion joint between the self leveler and walls.

It also helps provide another barrier to prevent the leveler from invading other spaces.

How to Mix and Pour Self Leveler

Admittedly, this is the funniest part of the project.

Add the appropriate amount of water to the bucket. e.g. 4.5 quarts for Ardex K22F.

Ardex K22F was chosen because it’s affordable, easy to use, and fiber-reinforced.

How to Use Ardex Self Leveler

K22F was added to the water and mixed with the Collomix X01. This mixer is awesome and will provide the necessary creamy consistency required for a self leveler.

Tons of tips for how to self leveling bathroom floors are in our step by step tutorial. It’s well worth the 6 minutes

What’s Next

Hopefully the tips in this tutorial help you level a bathroom floor. If your next step is installing the shower pan, you may want to check out our Schulter Shower Pan Installation Tips post before you start.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Hope you have an awesome day!



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