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How to Stop Your Mirror From Fogging Up

It’s time to whip out the long johns!!!

Yesterday it was sunny and 68F in Pittsburgh.

Today it’s hovering around 30F and snowing.

Well, that’s Pittsburgh for you, haha.

I have to laugh a little because I’ve lived here since I was a young lad who watched the A-Team.

There’s nothing like a nice warm shower on a cold winter morning.

But this also causes our mirrors to fog up.

So today I’ll be tackling how to stop your mirror from fogging up.

This might be a great solution for you 😀

How to Stop a Fogged Mirror

This tutorial isn’t rocket science but I did want to try two different methods.

One has to do with shaving cream. Some people say to apply shaving cream to the mirror to prevent it from fogging up.

I don’t know if they meant to apply the cream, take a shower, then wipe the cream off the mirror.

So I applied the shaving cream to the mirror surface and took it off before showering to see if it would prevent the fog.

To see what happens in both experiments check out my video. Oh, and yes, I did actually take a shower to produce the fogging up effect.

And this is kinda why I look a bit haggard and unshaven!!! What can I say, I love making these videos at the cost of my own vanity, lol.

This was a SUPER short tutorial but totally effective.

And it’s doable on a shoe-string budget.

The Rain-X Anti-Fog costs about $4.74.

What’s Next

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Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community.



Stop Mirror Fogging