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How to Stop Your Mirror From Fogging Up

It’s time to whip out the long johns!!!

Yesterday it was sunny and 68F in Pittsburgh.

Today it’s hovering around 30F and snowing.

Well, that’s Pittsburgh for you, haha.

I have to laugh a little because I’ve lived here since I was a young lad who watched the A-Team.

There’s nothing like a nice warm shower on a cold winter morning.

But this also causes our mirrors to fog up.

So today I’ll be tackling how to stop your mirror from fogging up.

This might be a great solution for you 😀

How to Stop a Fogged Mirror

This tutorial isn’t rocket science but I did want to try two different methods.

One has to do with shaving cream. Some people say to apply shaving cream to the mirror to prevent it from fogging up.

I don’t know if they meant to apply the cream, take a shower, then wipe the cream off the mirror.

So I applied the shaving cream to the mirror surface and took it off before showering to see if it would prevent the fog.

To see what happens in both experiments check out my video. Oh, and yes, I did actually take a shower to produce the fogging up effect.

And this is kinda why I look a bit haggard and unshaven!!! What can I say, I love making these videos at the cost of my own vanity, lol.

This was a SUPER short tutorial but totally effective.

And it’s doable on a shoe-string budget.

The Rain-X Anti-Fog costs about $4.74.

What’s Next

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Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community.



Stop Mirror Fogging

  1. Pat D says:

    Zadro S Anti-fog spray works. Spray it on – do not wipe off even if you see drips! Comes in 4 oz bottles but lasts for a couple of weeks. $7.19 at Amazon.
    Hint for cleaning mirrors, windows etc.: Using even dollar store window cleaner and wipe with doubled over coffee filters. Does not leave fibers like paper towels, black from newsprint or streaks.

    1. Thanks Pat for the Zadro S recommendation. Sounds like you’ve had good results with it.

      So each application will last a few weeks. That’s cool 😀

  2. Char says:

    Immediately I wondered-now why not thought of earlier when suggested to use rain-x on the shower doors-came immediately to mind— Yet did not make that connection at the time.
    My old method has always been the saving cream and yes, wiping it , rubbing it all off before the shower. I found it would last about 2-3 weeks.
    That is, without a lot of toothpaste splatter during that time.
    This is definitely looking easier.
    Thank you again Jeff!

    1. Glad to help Char, what kind of shaving cream did you use?

      Have you found certain brands to be better than others?

  3. Celeste says:

    Shaving cream does work! You just applied it incorrectly. First off you used way to much. The amount you used in the video would do 15 mirrors. Haha. Second, don’t use a squeegee. Use a lint free rag and buff the mirror. I’ve been cleaning homes fo 30 years and making the mirror foggless is something I do for my clients. I leave my husband “love notes” on our bathroom mirror.
    I’ve heard vinegar also works.

    1. I though I might have done something wrong Celeste.

      So, do you apply a small amount on the mirror and leave it sit for a period of time? Then do you use a lint-free cloth to buff?

      Just want to make sure we get the steps laid out for other members 😀

  4. Suzette says:

    I wish I had seen this before I bought a $40+ fog less shower mirror (you have to fill it with hot water for it to work) for my husband.

    1. That sounds kinda neat Suzette. Does it work?

  5. Kelly Shirley says:

    I don’t worry about foggy mirrors. I can find my teeth with the toothbrush in the dark and I keep the toothpaste separate from anything else in a tube. (That would be a bad switch). I’m female so I don’t shave my face and I just swipe at my short hair with a brush. I’m putting on a stocking cap (beanie) in this weather and I wear a hardhat at work so my hair is going to get messed up anyway. I loved your video especially the up down up down to see what you were doing. My husband has a beard so he doesn’t shave his face either and his mirror in his bathroom is his responsibility. Yes I got tired of cleaning a room that I didn’t mess up so now he’s on his own. I’m going to try rubbing alcohol on my mirror tonight and see if that makes a difference in the morning. thanks again for injecting humor into a routine but boring event. I look forward to your fixes every week.

    1. Kiki says:

      lol Kelly! Himself has been delegated his own bathroom too, for the same reason! Guess whose we use if we have company?! ;-p

    2. Kiki says:

      Jeff, when making these videos is at the cost of your own *sanity*, THAT’S when you have to start worrying!! ;-p Thanks for this, great tip! And – like everyone else – I sure appreciate your friendliness and humor. 🙂

      1. Haha, no I have plenty of sanity left Kiki. Although it’s slowly eroding away since my daughter is almost a teenager!!!

        So if you see me look frazzled in next week’s video it’s probably due to pre-teen stuff 😀

    3. Thanks Kelly, I’m sure my wife would like me to use a separate bathroom too, haha.

      But she’s stuck with me. I remember when our mirrors were really foggy at our first apartment, which had steam heat (ironic). We would leave the window open but that stopped when we had our first bat experience.

      Yah, that should have been captured on video. Me chasing a bat around the apartment with a tennis racket! Fun time, lol.

  6. Squafdonoboles says:

    I cover the mirror with Saran Wrap. After my shower, I just peel it off.

    1. That’s a good idea, thanks so much for sharing 😀

      This is super useful on those really cold days!! Which are fast approaching here in Pittsburgh

  7. Linda in Louisville says:

    Foggy mirror? No problem. When my fan doesn’t keep up with my shower, I simply run my finger over the spout of my foaming hand soap container. No need to pump soap out, just the tiny residue on the spout, wiped over the foggy mirror instantly clears the fog due to it breaking the surface tension of the water droplets (or so my son tells me). He also convinced me to use half the amount of dishwasher detergent and laundry soap. I was amazed! I saw no difference in the cleanliness of dishes/clothes. According to him, hot water WILL clean better than cold, but extra soap (beyond a certain point) does not mean extra clean. I now use 1 Tblsp dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher and use 3 Tblsp Laundry detergent in my front loader machine. The type of water (hard or soft) will make a difference here, so your measurements may differ. Funny thing is, my son taught me all this when he was 14 yrs old & taking a homeschool chemistry course.

    1. Those chemistry students are pretty smart 😀

      Great advice on the soap for the dishwasher and laundry. I’ve read several times how we use too much soap. I’m probably a culprit 🙁

      Thanks for the soapy finger tip, too

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