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Get Rid of Spiders for 12 Months

My wife is deathly afraid of spiders.

Unfortunately we get little visitors every spring.

Last April I was sitting in the living room and suddenly heard my wife scream.

After running upstairs I found her pointing to a huge black spider on the ceiling.

Thank goodness arachnophobia doesn’t run in my blood line.

Today I’m going to share a new long lasting spider repellant I just tried out.

You might wanna keep reading if you don’t like furry 8 legged visitors…

I’m all for using natural bug or spider repellants.

But sometimes they don’t work all that great.

In the spring the temperature and humidity start to rise.

By the end of April our home usually has several spider webs in the garage and patio screen door.

My wife is particularly grossed out by spiders that chillax between the patio door and screen door.


Yah, she really hates them.

Just last week I discovered a new product called Miss Muffet’s Revenge.

The name is kinda funny, right?

It’s made by Wet & Forget, and I’ve had great success with their shower cleaning product.

I figured I’d give Miss Muffet a try.

It’s suppose to last for 12 months.

So I’m going to do a test and see what happens.

You can see where I’m using it and why our garage gets so many spiders…

What’s Next

If you want to get Miss Muffet’s Revenge it’s on (affiliate link).

Give it a shot and see how you like it.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community.



Spider Removal

  1. Eunice says:

    Not afraid of them, but it is a losing battle at the cottage. Would love to see if this keeps them from hanging around every window and door. Can’t imagine what it would be like to not dust and wipe cobwebs every time we go up. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m hoping for the same results Eunice. No more cobwebs would be nice πŸ˜€

  2. Jeff Grant says:

    I don’t like them, but I also have them. Have tired many things, would like to try this !!!

    1. Which products have you tried Jeff? Maybe that would help others save some cash.

  3. Tiffany O says:

    Im not afraid of spiders but the quantity we get drives me a little crazy. Plus I hate doing the spider shuffle everytime I walk out a door while I’m trying to get the spiderwebs off of me. πŸ˜›

    1. Spider shuffle, lol.

      I like that.

      The only thing that’s worse is getting spider webs in your hair, arghhhh.

  4. Karen says:

    Like your wife, my daughter is deathly afraid of spiders. So if she even sees a spider in her room, she won’t sleep in there for at least a week. She is absolutely terrified of them. This product would definitely help me get her off my couch! πŸ™‚

    1. My daughters are the same way Karen. Our youngest in particular. So we can relate to your predicament.

  5. Adam Verheyen says:

    Just like your wife, Jeff, my wife screams, yelps, and runs for the hills as soon as she sees any kind of spider or insect inside of our home.

    1. We need a support group, lol.

      Are you tasked with the hand-to-hand combat?

  6. Sarah says:

    I would love to try this! When I see spiders indoors, my response is typically “Well, time to burn the house down.”

    1. Lol, I don’t blame you for that response.

      Sometimes it’s a little much to keep dealing with spiders or other pests. No fun.

  7. MONICA TURPEN says:

    Like your wife, my son is deathly afraid of spiders. When he sees a small spider, in his mind, it is magnified 100 times…lol.

    1. Poor guy, hopefully he grows out of it Monica.

      Definitely don’t let him watch Arachnophobia!!

  8. Liz says:

    My daughter knows to yell, “DAAAADDDDDDD!!!” when a spider dares to show its legs. I feel badly but I cannot share my space with these critters, and some of them in Hawaii are dangerous. Would love a solution other than dad, who is not always home to save the day!

    1. I can only imagine what kind of spiders you’re dealing with Liz. Hawaii is a perfect environment for these little dudes.

      My daughters have the same”DAAADDDDDDD!!” – maybe it’s an inborn trait, lol.

  9. BRENDA says:


    1. If you have recluse spiders Brenda you’ll likely want to try something else. Unfortunately Miss Muffets Revenge doesn’t affect Brown Recluse or Black Widow spiders.

      One of our community members, Dan, recommended Ortho Home Defense. It’s worth checking out πŸ˜€

  10. Christine says:

    While I don’t mind Daddy Long Legs, anything else, and I want them gone! The worst part is watching the dogs try to catch and eat them, and since we have black widows in the area, I’m afraid one of them is going to try and make a meal out of one (not sure if the dog or the spider is gonna be eating during this battle!). I also get grossed out because they are all over the handles of the trash bins, and I refuse to touch the bins for any reason lol

    1. Certainly a bit freaky to have the spiders on the trash cans, this happens to me, too.

      Gives me the willies.

      If you have Black Widows you might want to try Ortho Home Defense. Unfortunately Miss Muffet’s Revenge doesn’t affect Black Widows or Brown Recluse spiders πŸ™

  11. Liz says:

    I hate spiders-they appear in the worst places!

    1. Couldn’t agree more Liz, I’ve made several goofy faces after encountering them.

  12. Carla Dixon says:

    Spiders are the only thing I’m afraid of, and have been since birth! I worked in the jungles of Columbia in the Peace Corp, spiders were my only fear. I studied up on them, hoping to appreciate the wonderous creatures…it only made me worse since I learned they can float through the air on web parachutes. Yuk!
    My husband was my spider killer but he passed away last October. I’m actually dreading spring because I won’t have anyone to kill these little monsters. I would love to try Miss Muffet’s Revenge. My house, basement and garage are eagerly waiting! Thanks

    1. Kathleen says:

      Sorry about your husband Carla, I hope you win this so you can kill all the spiders this spring/summer. I dread them as well. Absolutely terrified of them. I’ll kill them if I have to, when I have to, because well, I HAVE to, but if my husband is around, it’s on him!!!!

    2. Awe, sorry your husband passed Carla. Good for you to research spiders before totally wiping them off the “not-so-bad” column. Gotta say that web parachutes are a bit icky. And one can only imagine how big the spiders were in Columbia!!!

  13. Ed Welz says:

    My wife, like yours, can’t stand spiders especially in the shower. Like you the heroics fall on me the hoist myself up on the sick/counter/tubsides with my trusty wad of tp to slay the little bugger. A 12 month vacation from that exercise would be delightful.

    1. Maybe we’ll be on vacation at the same time, lol.

  14. Daniel says:

    Our garage is currently being used as a spider haven! We would like to use the garage for more productive things like a home gym and a workshop for me. I’ve tried store-bought items and paid a pest control company, but those spiders keep coming back. I would love to be rid of them so WE can actually use our garage!

  15. RL says:

    I am allergic to spider bites so it’s not only a great idea, it’s could be a life saving treatment for me….ok is that a little dramatic…well…yes, BUT while my throat my not close up and the lights don’t really start to dim, I do swell up like a doctor’s wallet and I’m fairly cranky so it could also be saving my marriage ;-).

  16. robb in detroit says:


    Great video! We bought a new house last summer and the yard was quite overgrown…..once I started cleaning up the overgrowth…. they creepy-crawlers came out and wanting to fight…. so I tried an ortho product….it worked to a certain extent but not all the way…they were not gone! I’m very open to a new product as I want to get a jump on the lil buggers!!!…. thanks for the awesome advice……and video! TIME TO SPRING CLEAN!!!!!

  17. Steve says:

    We had our basement remodeled and we get spiders down there once in awhile.
    Then there are days where we get 10 or 12 and my daughter will not go down there till I kill them all. So this product would be ideal since I have use other brands but spiders seem to come back 3 days later.

  18. Suzie says:

    I HATE SPIDERS and then I became a single parent to young girls, who of course HATE spiders as well. It is now my job to get rid of them, ewwwwwww, yuck!!! I hope this helps!!!

  19. jim says:

    Live in south Georgia and they are a problem year round. Especially in the wood shop.
    Would love to try it.

  20. Karin Bennett says:

    I have large, black, furry ones in my basement that like to jump out and scare you. I saw some really nasty ones making a nest in my siding and I do not want those in my house. The transparent ones like to live in the living spaces with us….yuck!!!!

  21. Deborah says:

    I am deathly afraid of spiders and have an allergic reaction to most bites. I think I have a sixth sense because when I dream about a spider it usually means there is one near by.

  22. LD says:

    I need this because I am not a fan of spiders either. I would love to try to use on my covered deck where they seem to make a mess in every corner.

  23. pat says:

    It isn’t just the spiders. Trying to get rid of the webs on light fixtures 10 feet above and in the 16 ft corners is almost impossible. Help me out!

  24. Linda says:

    A spider bite caused me three surgeries five years ago. I live in Ga and have black widows, brown recluse, trap door spiders in my garden. Not afraid of them but definitely don’t want them in my house!

  25. Steve Richards says:

    Good tutorial; it looks like you found a product that will finally keep these uninvited guests from socializing with us indoors. Thanks for that!

  26. Celene says:

    Black widow spiders in our moss rock wall, storage boxes, and garage! Okay, generally I am fine with dealing with spiders, but I’ve got two active boys under the age of 10 who like to hide their treasures in niches and play all along the wall in the backyard where the black widows hang out. The storage boxes are where their balls, army men, etc., are stored. The garage houses their bikes, skates, etc. Although my husband and I get rid of them, it seems we have the spiders back within days and I am terrified that one of the boys will be bitten (especially as some of the larger ones that come in from the nearby vineyards seem rather aggressive when disturbed). We’ve found product to kill the spiders, but not repel them. Please choose us to try one of the bottles; if it works, I’ll be sure to spread the good news around the neighborhood.

  27. Barbara Brannon says:

    I’m just like your wife – I HATE SPIDERS AND SCARED TO DEATH OF THEM!!! My husband is the spider killer in the house but thinks I’m silly, so sure hope I win a bottle of this “Miss Muffetts Revenge” – would sure make my life easier!
    Thanks for the giveaway –
    Barbara in TN

  28. Scott ten thumbs says:

    Here in the damper area of Puget Sound, we have plenty of spiders, year ’round. Every corner, in the middle of rooms hanging from the ceiling, on the curtains, hanging from my lip, (oops that’s not a spider’s web). We spray, we wipe, use the duster. We set them free outside. We have them here, we have them there. We have them just everywhere. They’re on the dogs, on the door, on the windows there are some more. I swear they wait and watch us wipe, then spin some more when we’re out of sight. We need some stuff that really works.

  29. Tere Lippert says:

    I absolutely hate spiders, and they absolutely love our garage! …And our backyard…and our home. I’ve had some pretty traumatic experiences with spiders; growing up, my sister would take advantage of every opportunity to make me scream. For example, she held the door shut to the teeny-tiny (cabin) bathroom that had a 1+” spider running all over–it looked HUGE to an 8-year-old, and there was no place for me to run! She also put a washcloth with a dead spider on it on my pillowcase right before I went to bed (age 10); and she put one of those 2″ fake spiders in my underwear drawer (age 11).

    The garage is used for storage, and is truly a spider jungle; it scares me to go out there! And that’s where the lawn mower, etc. is! I REALLY could use this product.

  30. Bones McCoy says:

    Can’t seem to escape the hoards of spiders crawling around our finshed basement. Would love to try this new product. Thanks Jeff!

  31. Trudy says:

    Here in South Africa we have quite a variety of spiders – 95% harmless. They have their place in nature. It’s just great walking out with the early morning sun catching the dew on the spider’s web – spider in the centre with an insect for breakfast.

  32. Debbie says:

    My son-in-law is deathly afraid of spiders and my daughter is allergic to them…so definitely going to forward this info on to them! Thanks Jeff.

  33. Sandy Wical says:

    Certain times of the year, we have a lot of granddaddies that manage to get in the door. Those we just carefully pick up and put back outside. But, having woods behind our house, we tend to attract wolf spiders in the basement. These spiders may be harmless (if you leave them alone), but they can get pretty darn big, and that kind scares me. Would love to see if Miss Muffet’s Revenge will work for my problem. Thanks for all your great suggestions, Jeff!

  34. Sherry says:

    One year I kept spraying and spraying my house and I could never get rid of the spiders. My neighbor told me to always look to make sure the pest control product will kill arachnids. I cant remember the chemical name that you should really make sure is in it. My neighbor said most of the pest control sprays will show a picture of a spider but that does not mean it has the ingredients in it to kill it. I actually did go to the store and look and he was right, there were pictures of spiders on the bottles but it would not kill arachnids, it did kill everything else though, but If I am going to spray, I want to spray for everything all at once. Any ideas on how to keep snakes away, something that really works. I know to declutter, etc – done that. I am terrified of them and have tried I think about everything but I will try anything. Thanks

    1. Jessica says:

      Repellant for snakes and mice is moth balls but will have to be put back out every time it rains or several days of dew on grass. But I WARN you, they are highly TOXIC to animals and children. If you have them or someone around you has them, please do not use. I use them in storage units, sheds, etc where there is easy way for someone/thing to ingest it.

      1. Sherry says:

        Thank you Jessica – I actually tried moth balls last year. I seen two baby snakes crawling around it while I was mowing. If I see one – I actually have bad dreams for weeks later. I know that sounds so stupid – but it is true.

  35. lisa says:


  36. Patricia Wilson says:

    Deathly afraid of them. Grossed out by them. You name it. We have a home that is over 100 years old and there are spiders everywhere. I just can’t seem to get rid of them all. I have woken up with spider bites. I have woken up feeling a spider on my arm. It is like fighting a losing battle. I would love to try this product and see what happens. Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention.

  37. Brenda in Missouri says:

    I would love to try this product all over our house, our daughter did not want to get close to a spider so she sprayed it with a bleach bathroom product instead of what she thought was 409 well the carpet was ruined. The basement is a spider hazard webs in your face in your hair, clothes…… must I go on. We NEED the Miss Muffet Revenge and would be happy to use it in every room. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

  38. Lindsey Wiebe says:

    It would be so great not to hear the shrieks coming from the laundry room! Please we need this to bring peace back to our home!!

  39. Craig Mingay says:

    Haha. I share your pain with a wife who is terrified of spiders. That gene has also been passed onto my kids. I have been battling a spider called the giant house spider here in the Pacific Northwest since moving to our new house. I am pretty sure it is called a house spider because they are as big as houses! If I were to find a product that worked to keep them out of the house I am sure that it would add years to my wife’s life! Keep up the good work and thanks for the post.

  40. Coreen VanDerWoude says:

    I’m pretty much like your wife! In fact, my husband claims I have wakened him out of a sound sleep in the middle of the night in our dark bedroom to frantically tell him there’s a spider on the ceiling! Since I tend to be awake often at night, just thinking and praying, (partly because I swear I can hear a fly sneeze during the night) that “story” could be totally based on fact! So I could really use this product to calm the night spider jitters!!!
    Thanks for all the good stuff you send to us!!

  41. marly z. says:

    Oh, yes. It is almost time for spiders again, isn’t it? We live in a damp place and it’s a war every spring. I’d love to win the war. Miss Muffet’s Revenge sounds like a great weapon.

  42. Pat says:

    I once stayed in the house because of the big spider I saw in the living room. I was too afraid to go through the living room to get to the door. I remember as a kid watching the 1955 black and white movie called “Tarantula” where a fast growth potent made one as big as a house. I had recurring nightmares after seeing that and I think my fear of these 8 legged creatures stemmed from that movie. I have gotten a little bit braver in the last couple of years because there is no longer a man around to scream for when I see one. I still spray them with something at a distance. Hairspray on the end of an old broom works fairly well but cannot get to sleep if I can’t get rid of one before bedtime somehow.

  43. Bob says:

    My wife and I have lived in our home for 29 years, raising 5 children, and accumulating what seems like tons of memories from each of the kids and some from each of our deceased parents – in other words, the house, and garage and basement are packed!

    Spiders? Yes, we have them. They are killed in the old fashioned way, squashed one way or another and sucked up in the vacuum. I’d be happy to give Ms Muffey’s Revenge a try. πŸ™‚

  44. Traci B says:

    When I moved into my condo, I made an agreement with the spiders. If they stay outside they live, if they come inside and I see them, they die. I know they serve a purpose BUT they give me the creeps! I’d just rather not have to kill them, so if I can “treat” the areas where they tend to congregate that would be great!

  45. Gina Jacobs says:

    I have always been extremely scared of spiders. They freak me out. My husband is usually the one who takes care of them, unfortunately he isn’t always here. I used to be able to get my son to help out until he figured out how scared I really am, now he thinks it’s funny to see me freak out. This would be wonderful to have!

  46. Bud says:

    I wish they had the product for stinkbugs as we don’t have issues with spiders. Always look forward to your Friday email. Thank you Jeff.

  47. celeste says:

    Because it harms bees I won’t be using it. I encourage bees to pollinate my garden. The spiders I get are black widows and brown recluse, lucky me, and Jeff said it is ineffective on them. So I guess I’m stuck with my “smack em with a shoe” method.

  48. Char says:

    So much growth around my home that I cannot give up causes a huge problem with spiders. Last year I hung a blanket to dry on the deck and woke next morning with 17 spider bites on my shoulder and back. That was it! Called an exterminator and turned out to be very upset as he also sprayed the trees—so bad for the birds, the beneficial insects. Besides costing $200.00!
    Being able to just treat the bad areas of entry is the perfect solution. Bring it on Jeff!
    I, the birds, and the good insects like ladybugs would surely benefit from this product.
    What a wonderful solution and so much safer than a complete and damaging yard spraying. Brilliant. Thank you,

  49. Kathleen says:

    Would love to try this so I can stop asking my dad to come down to my apartment and kill spiders for me!

  50. Nancy Leszczynski says:

    The name alone is enough to get me to try the product. I will definitely look this product up, whether I win or not. My house is surrounded by dirt gardens, would I spray this on the dirt or just up the house wall. Thanks for another great give away. You rock!

  51. Kathleen says:

    There are some really large, scary spiders out there!!! They all seem to know where I live. You would think they would stay away considering they all end up dead. It would be such a relief for my husband if we had a product that worked! Thanks for the opportunity.

  52. Tim Wallace says:

    Like your wife, my wife is completely terrified of spiders. Also, I am completely terrified of spiders too, so we are a house of scaredy cats! My cat is apathetic, and my dog wants to eat it, but if he misses on the first try, he always loses the darn thing and then runs around in a panic all night trying to find the spider. Having less of them running around the house is always welcome.

    I’ve used some chemical stuff in the past that seemed to work, but now that we have outdoor pets and a small child running around outside I’ve been hesitant to put anything down. Do you know if this stuff is safe to use around pets and children?

  53. Joyce T. says:

    I had to clean out my garage to have an in-ground storm shelter installed. I had NO IDEA I had so many spiders in the garage….living right next door to me! I need to try Miss Muffet.

  54. kim guzzardo says:

    Oh please please pick me!!! As your wife I’m terrified about spiders and really all critters. If it helps to here a sob story I can give u one. Lol. Live with my son, aka spider killer,and he is graduating from college in may. So that means I have to step into spider killing mode. Oh BTW I’m also on disability which means the spiders and other creepy crawlers will prob win. So please please pick me!!!!!!

  55. Andy Henley says:

    I currently have a pest control service that does spray for spiders but we still get some in the house. There is no love lost on these creatures.

  56. Joy says:

    My daughter has already been bit by a Black Widow and was in quite a bit of pain and missed a week of work! No fun! Now she won’t help clean the garage anymore! We REALLY need to win a bottle of this!!
    Thanks, Jeff, for all the ideas and how-tos you provide us with! Don’t know how we would get by without you.

  57. Cris Robes says:

    My daughter and I are freaked out by spiders and needless to say, we drive my husband crazy most of the year. This product would not only be a benefit to us, but my husband may actually derive some peace as well.

  58. Sandra Thompson says:

    I just moved to a home that’s over 80 years old.Lots of spiders and tree roaches in this home. I may not be afraid but I am tired of getting the dickens scared out of me when they show up unannounced.

  59. maria says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Well my elderly neighbor across the street ,mhas spider issues.,She is constantly hiring pest control companies at costs she cant afford. She showed me ” traps ” they placed in her garage. She tells me she has spiders in her house as well, and cant control it. I cant imagine why she has this problem because she is clean and very orderly person. She told me spiders only eat ” live” prey , therefore the webs. The spiders are huge…i have some outside the front door attracted by lights to build webs. I would like to help her out and would apply the product for my neighbor if you chose my email
    thank you

  60. Etselec says:

    Spiders are UGLY! I don’t mind them so much outside, it’s where they belong but inside…No, just NO!

  61. Kathy Evans says:

    I don’t really panic at the sight of spiders, but when one crawls across the floor, bed, chair, etc., it does cause a little fright for a second. The worst thing around here is their webs. My mom is usually the one who walks into them. She immediately starts itching and has to go take a head to toe bath. I would love to try Miss Muffet’s Revenge to see if it will keep spiders from making webs in doorways and other places in and around our home. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win this product.

  62. Kate Glover says:

    I don’t hate spiders in spider-appropriate places but when I find them in my bedroom, I freak. I admit that I snore when sleeping on my back and can’t get past the fear that one will drop down or climb into my open mouth while I’m zoning out. YIKES!! If I can spray Miss Muffet’s Revenge in my bedroom and sleep the sleep of the fearless again, I would be so thrilled.


  63. Robert Lowrey says:

    My wife also hates spiders. They are all big to her. I was out of town and she called to tell me about the HUGE spider in the bedroom. She had tried the humane towel method, but it was moving too much. The stomp on it method was next and flushing down the toilet did the trick.

  64. Debra Beach says:

    I don’t have a problem with spiders when they are outside, but I definitely freak out when they cross my path in the house, and get a little too up close and personal. To have a 12 months peace of mind that they would not be crossing my path indoors would be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to enter and possibly win this product. Love your posts! ~ Debra

  65. Linda Weeks says:

    Well, I thought I’d send a photo of a spider we found outside last year, but I couldn’t make it happen. He was big as my fist, I’d never seen one that size before! Afraid to say that I dispatched him with a broom that would never come back inside to live. But, man, how do these guys happen? I left his carcass outdoors without doing any inspection of his condition, but the next day his remains had disapeared….oooooooooh, spooky…. did he dust himself off and hobble away? We don’t know. But for indoors, I would mos’ def’ be trying that Ms. Muffet. fondly, Linda

  66. Melissa Roberts says:

    Spiders really freak me out. I have very limited vision and usually by the time I see them I’m on top of them or worse, they are on top of me. I’m pretty sure one day I won’t have to worry about them hurting me…I’m gonna hurt myself dancing around the top of the stairs or falling off the ladder after encountering one:)
    I would love to find a way to get them out of my old house…FOR GOOD!!!

  67. Karen Burks says:

    First of all there is nothing like getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and seeing one of many spiders in the floor by the toilet. My husband is tired of being woke up by the screams. I know it is not the only place they love to stay because of all the cobwebs in the windows but the bathroom is certainly one of their favorites. I also hate cleaning all the cobwebs!

  68. Diane Finley says:

    Your wife and I are kindred spirits – I HATE spiders and freak out if one is in the house. A bottle of Miss Muffet’s Revenge would be MOST appreciated and put to use IMMEDIATELY!!! πŸ™‚ I can’t even look at pictures of spiders without shivering!

  69. J puh-zizzle says:

    I am an operating room nurse…not too many things scare me. I love rodents and snakes, the things that scare most ladies. But spiders REALLY freak me out…even the ones my husband describes as “teeny”…and I live in an old house with a spider-infested basement, so I could really put this product to the test for you!!

  70. Linda Woody says:

    We get BLACK WIDOWS in the house and that really bothers me. Those bites can be very painful. Otherwise I don’t mind the spiders but I don’t like the cobwebs What a pain.

  71. Jeanie Moore says:

    If you dislike spiders, look them up on your computer and learn which ones could harm you and which ones could help you. I hate flies worse than spiders so I try to keep the good ones around. The rest of them I entice to stay away. You can get use to anything if you try!

  72. Ingrid says:

    I am going out to get some tomorrow as my two adult girls are deathly afraid of spiders. Whenever there’s a scream, there is a spider.

  73. Mary Howe says:

    I Hate, Hate, Hate spiders. If this works I need it bad, once I see one in the house. I cannot sleep, I’m afraid they will crawl on me during the night. I shutter at least the thought!!! Yuk!!

  74. Liisa K says:

    I take care of clients who have ALS, can’t move a muscle. The idea of spiders getting on them is like a horror movie. I need something that really works, promised to spray for them!

  75. I live in Central Florida…our spiders are REALLY BIG! So big, in fact, that if you threw a brick at them, they just throw them back. My “household” spiders are about three inches across…and I’m not sure about those outside. The other night, I was sitting in my easy chair, watching TV, minding my own business…when one of these huge spiders fell right on my head!!! Scared the beejeebers out of me!!! WOW! I hadn’t yet gotten around to thinking about spider spray, so I am glad to know that there is an excellent product out there to treat them. Thanks, Jeff, for all the great info you pass on!

  76. Jeff says:

    Wow, this product looks very promising for us. We live in Florida, and although you wouldn’t think Florida would have spiders, think again! They are referred to as ” the brown house spider” and they are huge! They’re brown & hairy, and are the size of a soft ball! They are also lightening fast! In fact, because they’re so fast, I seldom have any luck swatting them with newspapers, so I’ve resorted to using the air from my pellet rifle, or a can of hairspray and a lighter lol. Generally we spot them on the walls when entering a room and flipping on the lights. We’d love to give “Ms. Muffett ‘ s Revenge” a shot in hopes that we’d no longer need to live in fear while they continue to take over! Heck, I’d even be willing to post a review video on YouTube to promote the product if given the chance to test it out on our house.

  77. OC Koz says:

    Please, I really need a bottle of Miss Muffet’s Revenge since it isn’t available in California! Is it safe for use around dogs? I’m tired of seeing cobwebs in the powder room near the garage door.

  78. Joanne says:

    You & your Mom (“Charlie Soap”) have the most fantastic types of products. I can’t FIND them in Long Island, NY but am asking stores about them. I HATE arachnids! Stats show more people die throughout the USA from spider bites than any other insect. One article said “Daddy Long Legs” bites are poisonous enough to kill. The only reason they do not poison us is because their mouths are too small to bite humans. Any product that kills spiders is terrific! Thanks for the lead.

  79. Sue B. says:

    We just moved into a new house in October. I live in Texas and even the spiders here are big! We (my roommates and I ) have four household between the three of us. Two belong to one roommate (the owner of the house) and one for me and my boyfriend. With all the boxes we have in the garage (floor to ceiling, door to door) and boxes scattered all over the house. Living in a brand new house with new houses going up all around us, we will be dealing with those Texas sized spiders and other creepy crawlies for a long time. I would love to try Miss Muffet’s Revenge to keep those creepy crawlies critters outside where they belong.

    P.S. It would have to be dog/cat and rat safe as we have all of these pets.

  80. Winona says:

    I cannot stand spiders. I, too, make the Hubby kill anything larger than a dime. It’s even worse when he’s not around and one of the kids finds them and I have to “be a strong parent.” HATE HATE HATE spiders. I even try to point them out to the cats, and they just look at me like, “Really? I’m not eating that!”

  81. Mark D says:

    My wife hates spiders! No matter what I’m doing if she sees a spider she screams and needs me to come kill it that second. It would be nice not to have to deal with that for 12 months πŸ™‚

  82. Patti White says:

    I have my house on the market and the last thing I need is spider webs in the windows and spider poop in the corners! I’m not to fond of them crawling around either. Would like to give Miss Muffets a try.

  83. Lisa D'Amore says:

    Ok Jeff, I’ll admit it – I once moved out of an apartment because of a spider on the ceiling. It was between the fan blades and I just couldn’t bring myself to get close enough to it. I fell asleep staring at it and when I woke up it was gone, somewhere, in that apartment. I moved the next weekend. I’ve a decent family of spiders that love two sides of my house and my garage but I love my house and don’t want to move – PLEASE tell me if this product works!!!

  84. Linda S says:

    This is definitely something to try at my house and at our cabin. I don’t mind spiders, just not at MY house!

  85. Danette Doan says:

    I too have a problem with spiders at my house. I am going to give this product a try. Thanks for the great tips.

  86. Annie says:

    I abhor spiders! When I was single and I saw a spider in my house, I’d get the biggest, heaviest book I could find and toss it on top of the dreaded beast until I had someone come over who would scrape its little arachnoid guts off the book. When I got married, I had a man who would laugh his head off when a spider mosied across the back of my couch, I’d rip my clothes off on the spot and run upstairs to get in the shower so fast his head would spin. Then I had three little boys who I told that spiders had a bounty on their little heads, and I would give them a dime for each one they found in the house. Now I’m old and grey and have to deal with spiders on my own. I often sit in my house with a flyswatter in one hand and a can of Raid in the other because they just never give up! Please help me win this war with a can of Miss Muffet’s Revenge!

  87. Sue Atkinson says:

    Oh My Oh MY….Jeff, This ole lady is scared to death of these things!! YIKIES!! Yep, I have been known to call my neighbor very late at night to come over and help me get rid of the crawly thing…I’m afraid of heights (they are always WAY up on the walls after 10PM)…so I have my friend on speed dial and bless her heart she grabs her long PVC pipe piece and over she comes…it’s quite a site….two elderly ladies, trying to smash it, bang it, whatever it takes to rid my home of these pests!! Funny thing….it happened last night…..OH I could sure use this product!!

  88. Dirk Smit says:

    Hi Jeff:

    Neither my wife nor I are afraid of spiders, but we may sing a different tune if we had had encounters with Black Widows and their ilk. Spider webs plastered around our heads get a bit bothersome but they wipe away. I run into the webs every time I mow the lawn and have got used to slapping the webs away. I don’t expect you can get this stuff over the border but I’m going to have a look around for a Canadian version. Will let you know.
    Now if you want to talk fear and anger with me, talk to me about mice. Those I fear and hate with a passion.

  89. Deb says:

    I saw this product this past winter when I was reading about your shower cleaning. I didn’t buy it then b/c it was winter and no spider problem then. I’m glad you reminded me of this again as that creepy time is fast aproaching with our weather warming up. My husband thinks spiders are beneficial so that leaves me to get rid of them! I have been terrified of them dating back to a nest of them in a girl scout cabin I stayed at. Ohh don’t let me think of that again!! I have tried many products but am anxious to try the long lasting Miss Muffet.

  90. Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the “Miss Muffet’s Revenge” giveaway. I am wishing to be a recipient of this giveaway for three reasons.
    First, my husband received a promotion in November 2014. He was given the option to move or stay in Ohio. We opted to leave Ohio and move into what is now our new home that over looks the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade Mountains on beautiful Camano Island, Washington, which is north of Seattle. My husband and I, believe that the previous owner did not live in the house, but may have used it for a “vacation home.” Consequently, upon our arrival there were many spiders that had taken residency on our property. We have attempted to be “humane, like you, in our approach to eliminating them from our home; however, it does not seem to work as well as we would like. Consequently, we need an effective alternative, Miss Muffet’s Revenge.
    Second, although we are not arachnologists, from my past experience as a nurse, getting bitten by an arachnid can have grave consequences. Approximately, twenty-five years ago, I happen to care for a patient who was bitten on his Great toe by a spider. Although he was on several regimens of IV antibiotics, he ended up getting his left Great toe amputated. Before I was transferred to another floor in the hospital, the doctors spoke about amputating his entire foot due to the ineffectiveness of the antibiotics. I think that if Miss Muffet’s Revenge were available, at that time, he could have not had a hospital stay at all!
    Finally, my husband and I enjoy entertaining. We are anticipating several guests within the next six months. We know there are some people who are “deathly” afraid of spiders and we respect that. Therefore, we would not want any of our guests to feel uncomfortable in our home. Miss Muffet’s Revenge appears to be an effective solution to our “spider dilemma.”
    It is probably not said enough, “Many thanks to your wife.” Her input influenced your decision to obtain Miss Muffet’s Revenge and thus offer this tutorial to us. If we were to receive Miss Muffet’s Revenge, it would be utilized right away. We would feel more comfortable and we are certain that our guests would enjoy and love their stay in our beautiful home.
    Thank you once again in allowing us to participate in this wonderful giveaway.
    Kathryn S.

  91. Joe says:

    I guess spring is breeding time. My house is weather tight, so I doubt many spiders walk in from the outside. Besides, are there not more insects to eat outside than in my house? The spring clean up includes vacuuming where the walls meet the ceilings and all the corners. That includes the closets. Ever notice how your paint gets darkest where the wall meets the ceiling? Those are all the broken webs. Suck up grand daddy and the grandchildren and you will be spider free all season.

  92. joe says:

    I have a friend that has his house treated inside and out by professional bug people every month for years. It never dawned on him how ants walk in his house in winter.
    He cut open a wet spot in his bedroom ceiling wallboard and thousands of ants fell out and sprayed them. He still has the house treated, but he sees no ants.

  93. pamala glover says:

    My grandkids are terrified of spiders. If they see one they are out of there and not going back. Could I use this on my above ground pool to keep them away?

  94. Frann says:

    I hate spiders too. I’ve tried products but have never found anything that I can use myself to keep them away. I’ve never heard of Miss Muffets. I live in a wooded area and they always seem to find a way in. Right now I pay a pest company to spray around my house on the outside, in the garage, and in the crawl space under the house. It’s expensive but does help keep the spiders at bay. I really freak out when I see one, and usually one of the cats sees it first and plays with it but that just makes it run. I squish it if I can catch up with it. Gives me chills all over when a spider is in my house.

  95. Bill says:

    My girlfriend’s daughter lives about an 8 hour drive from us, so doesn’t get to visit that frequently, and when she & her husband do visit they stay in her guest room in the basement of her house (you gotta know where this is going). Yes, she has had an ongoing problem with spiders in her basement, but it is her son-in-law who has arachnophobia! So much so that he doesn’t want to come visit in summer & fall months (when the infestation is worse). Please give us a bottle of Miss Muffet’s Revenge so we don’t have to wait until next winter to see them again!

  96. Margie S says:

    My grandson (all 6′ 6″ and 240 lbs.) is deathly terrified of spiders. I don’t care for them either but since I love gardening, I put up with them. I would love to give this to him from you… if I don’t win I’ll probably buy it for him anyway. Keep sending all of your helpful information and videos, they are so helpful!

  97. Susan says:

    Spiders are actually good for our environment. I don’t kill them.

    1. I totally understand Susan. It’s just that sometimes there are an excessive amount in some people’s homes. So it’s nice to have options πŸ˜€

  98. Mary Taylor says:

    Hi Jeff!

    I can’t stand spiders!! We have them everywhere. If I don’t win this I am going to buy it! I hope I win. Also, is there a good way to get rid of ants? We have tiny little ants that come into the house from every place possible. I know about the 1 ant that comes in to find the crumbs then tells his little buddies. They drive me nuts!


  99. Jayne says:

    We have black rocks in beds around the front porch and they are full of spiders – little jumping spiders and brown, skinny spiders and a few that are 3 inches across if you count the length of their legs. I know spiders do some good things, but now they are coming into my house, making webs between the porch posts and sometimes crawling up my pants leg when I’m sitting on the porch. Not pleasant and I’m thinking this product just might do the trick of at least diminishing the number of these little critters.

  100. Tom says:

    It’s not that I’m afraid of spiders, it’s just that I get so many of them. On a daily basis I have to get up and take care of those little buggers. And not having to do that would be great!.
    I live in a basement apartment, so maybe that is why I get so many spiders.
    My land lady has two small dogs and I don’t want to put them in any danger by using some chemical-filled product.
    That’s why I need a bottle of Miss Muffet’s Revenge.

  101. Cathy King says:

    I’m constantly battling the little intruders. I’m not afraid of them, but have been paranoid since I caught my 18 month old granddaughter trying to catch one that was scurrying across the living room. Now I’m constantly spraying!!

    A product that last 12 months would be great peace of mind for me!!

  102. Mike says:

    Well first off who likes spiders, not my Sandy or me for that matter. Just so we don’t have to worry about them for a full year would be so mind easing. I did have a friend get spider biten and it became very serious very fast so this product would be great defense for sure.

  103. sweet says:

    I am afraid of spiders and I have been trying to find something that I can spray around my cameras because I have to constantly clean the lens. I also have to constantly spray the patio and and front porch. I sometime have the skinny leg ones in the bathroom. I would really like to try.

  104. Durell says:

    Thank you for the video. I would really like to try this. I don’t like spiders and I have always wondered what I could use for a guy on a budget. My exterminator sprayed for bugs but says they do not have anything for spiders which is weird to me because they are exterminators , Right? I need to find something since my grand kids will be visiting more often.

  105. Jeff Denton says:

    We have two homes, one in Kansas and one in Colorado. Spiders are plentiful in both places. I get tired of removing their webs from the ceilings, in and out of screens and doors, in the garages. I have to do this several times a year. Also other insects get cought in the webs. I would like to eliminate the spiders and the webs as it would save me several hours a year when I could be doing fun things.

  106. Emily says:

    Have repeat offenders that block our front door with their webs every morning from April through September! Help!

  107. Michelle says:

    Ortho Home Defense is by far the best. I wouldn’t trust or waste time & money on anything else. We have the dreadful nasty brown recluse & black widow spiders here. I use inside & outside for roaches as well and it works wonders. you won’t be disappointed! I do have pets & children so I take precautions spray accordingly. Only thing I can remember ever seeing or using since I was a kid. Even after it dries it works on roaches. Spider’s I’ve noticed working best with contact.. A little shower or mist. Get more for your money and sprayer is batt operated in case yours stops working replace batt and keep on defending your home! This the season Also wanted to say thank you for blogging great diy ideas simple solutions and your easy directions keep up the great job! Have a great day

  108. Kathy says:

    After my husband of 40+ years unexpectedly past there were many things about keeping a house that I had to learn. How to keep spiders out and once they’re in, get rid of them, is one of those things I’ve yet to figure out. I’ve tried a few things, but mostly, I just grab a broom or paper towel and squish them. It sure would be nice if I didn’t have to see the little buggers for awhile. Plus, my grand daughter, who now lives with me, is deathly afraid of them and it would be wonderful not hear her high pitched scream every time she see one.

  109. crystal says:


  110. Brenda says:

    Where can we buy miss muffet’s revenge?

  111. lamonica lee says:

    Im afraid of spiders and im constantly seeing them in my home

  112. Wallace Sheridan says:

    I was recently hospitalized for six days as the result of a spider bite. I really need an effective spider control. Maye Miss Muffet’s is the answer. I would like to give it a try.

  113. Samantha Camilleri says:

    I leave very early for work in the morning and it never seems to fail that a new spider takes residence in front of my door over night. It gets so bad some times that I have to go around and leave through the garage just to avoid the webs that have been built from one spice of my door. Last year, I opened my door to leave, and while I was checking for any possible webs, a huge spider dropped down just an inch from my face. I desperately need to try something that will keep them away from my door and out of my face!!!

  114. diane Papajohn says:

    How much do you need? How many square or lineal feet does it cover?

  115. Linda Triggs says:

    Just moved to the country and never thought about spiders…I was thinking of all the nice things (birds, deer, etc.) When I used the bathroom at 2 a.m. and turned on the light, my hand was inches away from a big (ok, little), black hairy spider. Nope, nope and NOPE.
    Told hubby I’m getting a professional outdoor/indoor exterminator, of course he said “Ok, honey.” (Good answer, thus our 30th anniversary coming up).
    Obviously, though, if I can try something myself first, I always try. This product looks fantastic. Ortho Max worked great at previous house for small ant issues (sprayed perimiter & indoors once every April, and stayed ant-free 17 yrs.) Lovin’ the quiet life here now with my trees & river, however, I am not a spider or bug person at all. My husband’s car is “webbed” every night & I’m actually afraid to ride with him anywhere. πŸ™

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