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The DeWALT Wet Tile Saw

DeWALT’s wet tile saw is one of the best on the market.

We recently got a new one from DeWALT and had an opportunity try it on a shower tile project.

Cheap tile saws might be affordable. But they also can chip tiles and create a ton of headaches for tile setters.

Plus, the DeWALT wet tile saw has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.


DeWALT Wet Tile Saw Specs

A few months back I asked my buddy Steve which wet tile saw he likes best. He’s been a tile setter for 18 years, and I was curious to hear his thoughts.

Steve told me the DeWALT saw was the most accurate and made the best cuts. He also said it wasn’t cheap but worth every penny.

DeWALT packed a 1.5 horsepower motor into the D24000. As a result, the RPMs hover around 4200 for the 10 inch diamond blade.

Wet Tile Saw
Large Format Tile

It’s cantilevering rail/cart system provides the ability to rip 24 inch tiles and cut 18 inch tiles on a diagonal.

This is very important if you’re setting large format tiles.

The stainless steel rail system is integrated right into the saw’s frame. On the surface, this seams like a trivial thing. But the construction provides accurate cuts without chipping tiles.

Stainless steel rails are super sweet on a wet saw because they won’t rust. The last thing you want is to lay down money for an expensive tool and then it rust out in a year or two.

Rails for Wet Tile Saw

On the flip side, the weight of the saw is 69lbs which makes it slightly hard to manhandle. That said, you can easily throw the saw into the back of a car or pickup truck.

The D24000S can make plunge cuts and miter cuts. This is pretty awesome if you have tiles on outside/inside corners or have to make cuts for electrical boxes.

Miter Cuts with DeWALT's Wet Tile Saw

Furthermore, the 10 inch carbide blade can cut 3 1/8 inch thick stone.

Cutting Stone

I plan on loaning this wet tile saw to my friends doing landscaping projects.

The Pros and Cons 

One thing is for sure, the D24000 has plenty of power.

It didn’t bog down when cutting 3/8″ solid porcelain tile. We still need to conduct tests with stone to see how it performs.

Having two adjustable nozzles helps minimize the saw’s overspray and keep the blade cool.

Dual Nozzles

Not every saw has two nozzles. This can lead to the blade overheating and ultimately wearing out.

The metal detachable edge guide is great for stabilizing tiles. We like that it’s not plastic and flips to quickly allow 45 degree cuts.

Tile Edge Guide

You’re suppose to place the pump in the 5-gallon tray.

Pump for Wet Tile Saw

Placing the pump in a bucket of clean water can help preserve the motor. One of our concerns is that sediment from cut material might damage the pump motor over time.


The only downside to this saw is the weight: it’s 69 lbs. Which isn’t terrible but a little awkward when picking it up.

We made this video review so that you could see the saw in action and get a sense of why we like it so darn much.

The DeWALT Wet Tile Saw

Final Thoughts

The D24000 is a fantastic wet tile saw for a contractor or homeowner.

This model will last a long time. It’ll provide accurate cuts, help you refine your tile setting, and get you the results you want.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.



DeWALT Wet Tile Saw