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How to Repair a Squeaky Door Hinge

I’m an early riser but the rest of my family needs their rest. It makes me feel terrible to know that I’m disturbing my wife’s sleep when I open our squeaky bedroom door at 5:00 am.

This weekend I decided enough was enough and I had to repair this issue. So I’m sharing my quick six step solution that anyone can do in under 10 minutes.  I’m also trying something new for those of you who like pictures.

In this post you can scroll through the images and use them as a guide to perform the repair. My goal moving forward is to allow those of you who have smartphones (iPhone or Android) or iPad like devices to zoom in on the pictures and be able to understand the tutorial.

So I hope that sounds like a good idea 🙂

Let me know how you like this format and if there’s anything I should change.

Let’s get started on eliminating those squeaky doors.

Tools You Need for This Repair

Not much:

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver (Flat Head)
  • Nail Set or thick nail/screw
  • Garage Door Lubricant (I’ll explain later)
  • Old Rag

Once you have these items collected the next step is too…

Find the Source of the Creakiness

Chances are you already know which door is creating noise when you open and close it. The culprits are the hinges that hold the door in place.

Swing the door back and forth to identify the squawking hinge (yes, I meant to write squawking).

Use the hammer and nail set (or screwdriver) to remove the hinge pin.

If the bottom hinge needs to be removed use the nail set or a small screw to accommodate the swinging of the hammer.

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Stubborn pins can be coaxed out of the hinge using a flat head screwdriver. Simply nudge the head of the screwdriver under the pin head and tap it with a hammer until it can be pulled out by hand.

Remove any dirt or grease buildup from the hinge pin with a clean rag or towels.

Spray Blaster Garage Door Lubricant on a towel or rag and wipe the hinge pin thoroughly. This Blaster product is silicone based and won’t cause dirt buildup between the hinge & pin. It’s also a good option for hinges in damp areas like bathrooms because it provides corrosion protection. Of course Blaster is also a great product for garage door maintenance (I discussed this in a prior post that was very popular).

You can also wipe additional grime off the hinge pin using Blaster. Get the pin as clean as possible then apply a generous amount of Blaster with a rag. I recommend spraying the rag so the silicone lubricant doesn’t get on adjacent surfaces.

With the door completely closed insert the pin into the door hinge. Tap down on it with a hammer until it’s entirely within the hinge.

Now open and close the door several times to get the lubricant on the hinge slots.

What’s Next

Once you fix one squeaky hinge it’s hard to stop finding and lubricating the others.

So here’s the 6 Step solution in summary:

  1. Find the creaky hinges
  2. Completely close the door
  3. Remove the hinge pin with a hammer & nail set (or screwdriver)
  4. Remove dirt from the pin with a rag
  5. Lubricate the pin with silicone Blaster garage door lubricant
  6. Place the pin back into the hinge and swing the door back & forth

I feel a lot better in the morning knowing that I won’t wake anyone else up because of an annoyingly noisy door.

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Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community.



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