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How to Paint a Bathroom

What’s the best way to paint a bathroom? Today you’ll learn how to paint a bathroom fast and get professional results.

Chris ‘The Idaho Painter’ Berry is going to share his awesome painting tips. Chris and I have been wanting to do a collaboration for quite some time.

Today he shares 5 tips that you don’t want to miss.


Tip #1: Get Good Painting Tools

Get a paint brush and paint roller that will give you quality results.

Both Chris and I use Purdy brushes & rollers.

If you want straight cut-in lines use the Purdy Clearcut brush.

Purdy Clearcut Brush

Chris likes the 3 inch angled sash brush. This holds a lot paint, which helps you paint farther and faster. Plus it doesn’t leave roping on the walls, i.e. lines from the bristles.

Paint rollers are also super important. Chris uses a 3/8 inch nap roller for smooth to semi-smooth interior walls. He uses the Purdy WhiteDove woven rollers because they don’t leave lint on the walls.

Purdy White Dove

These rollers hold a lot paint and lay out the paint better on walls versus cheap rollers. Again, this leads to faster application.

Cheap rollers on the other hand leave lint on the wall…nobody likes paint boogers on the wall.

In addition, cheap rollers have a tendency to splatter. This leads to a mess on the floors and possible tracking of paint onto the carpet.

Tip #2: Get Good Quality Tape

Chris uses Frog Tape because it provides clean edges for baseboards, door jambs and window casings.

Frog Tape for Painting Bathrooms

Frog Tape prevents paint bleeds. There’s nothing worse than taping off the trim, painting and then finding paint bleeds you have to fix.

Chris also uses clear caulk along with the Frog Tape. This gives him laser straight lines. Sherwin Williams’ 950A caulk is great, check it out.

Tip #3: Time Management

Time management allows you to paint a bathroom in 2 hours or less.

Once you get all your tape in place apply the first coat of paint with a paint roller. You don’t want this to be heavy, like you’re trying to paint the walls with one coat.

Chris calls this first coat a skim coat. The skim coat is a light coating of paint that will dry in about 30 minutes.

Tip #4: Turn Up the Heat

Once the skim coat is on the walls turn up the heat in your home and turn on the bathroom fan. These two actions will speed up the drying time of the skim coat.

Turn UP Heat in Bathrooms

Chris recommends getting the interior heat up to 75F.

Once the skim coat is applied Chris does all the ceiling cut-ins.

He applies the cut-in between the ceiling and wall pretty heavy. Then he rolls paint over the cut-ins with a 4 inch roller.

It only takes Chris 15 minutes to do the cut-ins.

Tip #5: Trim Cut-Ins and Second Coat

Chris applies clear paintable caulking to all the 1 inch Frog Tape that’s been applied to the trim.

He then paints over the tape/caulk with his paint brush and rolls paint over these cut-ins just like he did for the ceiling.

Chris then applies the second coat of paint to the walls using his Purdy White Dove roller.

Immediately after the second coat of paint, Chris takes off the Frog Tape. You don’t want the caulk or paint to dry and that’s the purpose for removing the Frog Tape right after the second coating of paint.

Once the tape is removed and the paint has dried a bit, go back and look for bare spots on the wall. These will typically be where you did your cut-ins.

Watch our video below to see Chris explain his tips for how to paint a bathroom fast.

What’s Next

If you want more painting tips from Chris subscribe to his YouTube channel. His videos are awesome and you won’t be disappointed.

Also here’s a list of supplies Chris uses:

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.



Bathroom Painting Tips