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How to Install an AFCI Outlet

Today you’ll learn how to install an AFCI outlet.

Do you have old electrical outlets?

If so, they’re a fire hazard.

This little device is way safer than a traditional outlet.

You’ll see why.

Getting Started

Explosions are exciting.

Especially when you’re about 4 feet away.

Bill’s gonna show you why AFCIs are way better than normal outlets.

It’s pretty intense to say the least.

It’s always cool to see how a professional contractor works.

Bill White is one of the best electricians here in Pittsburgh.

Bill helped with a GFCI tutorial a few weeks back.

Bill and Jeff

If you missed that tutorial you should check it out.

GFCIs are required by electrical code in bathrooms and kitchens.

AFCIs (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters) can be used anywhere but the Bathroom and Kitchen.

Bill talks about this more in the video tutorial.

The installation of an AFCI is very similar to a GFCI.

Here are the supplies you need for this project

After watching Bill in action you’ll be able to install an AFCI in 10 minutes.

Plus, your house will be much safer from fires.

How to Determine Line and Load Wires

To properly install an AFCI outlet you need to determine the line and load wires.

Line wires feed electricity to the outlet.

Load wires take the electricity to the next device.

Turn power off at breaker or fuse

First things first: turn the power off at your panel.

Do this either for the entire house or just for the circuit you’re working on.

The easiest way to get started with this is to plug your lamp into the outlet.

Then turn off the breaker that you think controls that outlet.

Turn power off at the breaker

Double check the outlet has no electricity running to it.

Use a voltage tester.

Double Check Power with Voltage Tester

Remove the old outlet from the electrical box.

Remove Old Outlet from Box

At this point you need to determine which set of wires supply electricity to the outlet.

These are called the Line wires.

Unscrew one set of wires from the outlet and cap them with wire nuts.

Push the outlet and wires back into the electrical box and turn the circuit on.

Cap One Set of Wires

NOTE: if you have one set of wires in box you don’t have to do this step.

Bill shows you how to do all this in the video 😀

Plug your lamp into the outlet.

If you have power then the outlet is connected to the Line wires.

If you don’t have power then the outlet is connected to the Load wires.

In our case the Line wires were connected to the outlet and the lamp lit up.

Test for Line and Load Wires

Yep, that’s a nice simple tip from Bill.

And it’s a safe way to figure out the Line and Load wires.

The next step is to install your Leviton Smartlock Pro AFCI outlet.

Bill will show you how to do this in 10 minutes.

How to Install a Leviton SmartlockPro AFCI in 10 Minutes (or Less)

Oops, almost forgot.

Add a piece of black electrical tape on the black Line wire.

That way you won’t mix it up with the Load wire.

Add Black Tape to Line Wire

The AFCI will come with a piece of yellow tape over the Load terminals.

So the Line terminals will be exposed.

Make sure you pay attention to the Line and Load terminals on the back of the AFCI.

Otherwise you could wire the AFCI incorrectly.

Always wire the ground wire first.

This is the bare copper wire and it goes with the green terminal screw.

Create a loop on the ground wire and ensure the loop encircles the green screw in a clockwise fashion.

As you tighten the screw you’ll ratchet down on the copper wire.

Add the Ground Wire First

New outlets have pressure plates for the brass and silver terminal screws.

This makes it quicker to wire an AFCI.

Strip about 3/4 of an inch of insulation off the black and white wires.

Black wires go with brass screws and white wires go with silver screws.

Don’t worry, Bill walks you through this in the video.

Watch the video…don’t miss the EXPLOSIONS at the end!!

What’s Next

Your home will be much safer if you install a Smartlock Pro AFCI.

You should also install a GFCI outlet in every bathroom and kitchen for added protection.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Thanks as always for reading, watching and making our Do-It-Yourself community the best.

I love reading your comments, see you below.



AFCI Outlet Installation