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How to Install a New Door Lock

Learning how to install a new door lock is important.

Especially if you value your home.

Here’s the deal though, keys get lost.

Whether it’s your kid, husband or tenants…keys ALWAYS get lost.

I recently fell in love with Kwikset’s Kevo smart lock.

You’ll see why in today’s tutorial.


Why Kwikset

I’ve been using Kwikset door locks for 14 years.

Our first house got one.

Plus I use Kwikset door locks for my rental homes, too.

They’re easy to install and have never let me down.

When Kwikset approached me to do a sponsored tutorial it was a no brainer.

They provided me with some dinero but all the grunt work and opinions are mine 🙂

(Btw, sponsored posts help keep the lights on if you get what I’m saying)

The Kevo smart lock is very similar to other deadbolts.

Kevo Smart Lock

But why is it better than a standard door lock?

It turns your smart phone into a key.

This is totally awesome.

Smart Phone and Kevo

No more worrying about keys.

Here’s how it works:

Have your smart phone in your pocket or purse then touch the Kevo.

The Kevo smart lock then opens.

Yah, that’s wicked cool.

Okay, before we dive into the tutorial you need these supplies

Let’s do this installation step-by-step.

Step 1: Remove Old Deadbolt

Often times the old deadbolt is painted.

Score it with a utility knife.

Score Old Deadbolt

That way, when you pull the old deadbolt it won’t ruin your door’s paint.

Which would stink big time.

Two bolts hold the old deadbolt together.

Remove these bolts with your drill, impact driver or screwdriver if you like taking your time.

Remove Bolts

Two screws hold the deadbolt mechanism to the door.

Unscrew them.

Remove Screws

Step 2: Get Familiar with Kevo

The Kevo works with Android or Apple devices.

Personally I’m an Apple guy, but only by a smidge.

I got my new phone right before this tutorial…waited about 3 years for that bad boy 🙂

Apple or Android

The Kevo smart lock is a blue tooth enabled door lock.

So it communicates via your smart phone’s blue tooth and the Kevo app.


One of the best features of the Kevo is you can share eKeys.


What the heck does this mean?

If your friend, family member or contractor needs inside your house you can send them an eKey.

As long as their smart phone is compatible they can use it as a key to unlock the Kevo.

The Kevo also accepts a traditional key if you’d prefer that route.

Or if you lose your smart phone, ouch!!

Traditional Keys

The Kevo comes with

  • two traditional keys
  • two eKeys
  • 4 batteries
  • a key fob (in case you don’t have a smart phone)
  • and the Kevo smart lock.
Inside the Box

Step 5: Install New Latch

Measure the deadbolt hole diameter.

In this case it was 2 1/8″.

Hole Diameter

Also grab the dimension from the center of the hole to the edge of the door.

My measurement was 2 3/8″.

Center to Edge

If your door has a mortise choose this latch

Mortised Latch

If your door doesn’t have a mortise choose this latch

No Mortise

Position the latch in the ‘Up’ position and adjust the length by twisting.

The length I needed was 2 3/8″.

It’s a standard practice to have to adjust the length of the door latch.

I always have trouble with this step because I’m mechanically challenged.

Slide the latch into the door.

Test it with a screwdriver to make sure it retracts and extends smoothly.

If you have trouble with this step let me know in the comments, I have a tip.

Screwdriver Test

Secure the latch to the door with screws.

Screw Latch

Step 6: Install Kevo Deadbolt

Measure the thickness of your door.

This determines the screws you need for the deadbolt.

Our door was 1 3/4″ thick.

Door Thickness

Use the gold screws for 1 3/4″ thick doors.

Use the silver screws for 1 3/8″ thick doors.

Position the orientation of the deadbolt stem so that it fits through the interior mechanism of the latch.

Stem Orientation

Slide the wires of the Kevo under the latch and press it flush with the door.

Position Kevo

Position the bracket on the back of the door.

And slide the wires from the Kevo through the bracket.

There are specific instructions on how to do this in the video 😉

Kevo Bracket

Feed the bolts through the bracket and start them by hand.

This is important because you don’t wanna strip the bolts.

Then use a screwdriver to completely tighten the bolts.

Tighten Kevo Bolts

The turn piece for the back of the Kevo should be in the vertical position.

Kevo Turnpiece

Remove the battery cover and battery pack.

It’s tempting but don’t put the batteries in yet.

Plug in the cables from the Kevo to the electrical components.

And tuck them into the housing per the directions.

My video has all the details on this step.

Kevo Cables


Don’t position the cables anywhere near the mounting holes.


Because the screws will pinch the wires and possibly ruin the electrical connection.

Kevo Bracket Holes

Position the back of the Kevo against the bracket and secure it with the tiny screws provided.

They are tiny little buggers.

Bracket Screws

Now you can install the batteries in the battery pack and slide it into the back of the Kevo.

Hold the program button while doing this.

The light indicator on the housing should turn green.

Kevo Button

At this point double check the operation of the deadbolt.

It should move back and forth relatively smoothly.

Close the door and test the operation of the deadbolt to ensure it works.

Test Kevo

Put the cover plate on the back and you’re done!

The Kevo comes with a re-keying tool.

Meaning you can use an existing key to open it the traditional way.

Hey, reusing keys saves money, which is always a good thing.

Kevo Re-Keying

Step 7: Program the Kevo

The Kevo comes with a key fob.

You can use this instead of your smart phone to lock or unlock it.

Touch the Kevo and then activate your key fob.

Kevo Fob

You can place the fob with your other keys.

When the fob is in your pocket you simply touch the Kevo and it will lock or unlock.

Upload the Kevo app to your smart phone and setup an account.

Kevo App

The setup is pretty darn easy.

When you’re done the smart phone will act as your key.

Have your smart phone in your purse or pocket and touch the Kevo smart lock.

The deadbolt will lock or unlock automatically…awesome sauce.

Kevo Magic

Step 8: Watch the Video (Sweet Giveaway!!)

I made a fun step-by-step video for you.

And guess what,

There’s a sweet giveaway.

Watch the video to find out how to enter…just for fun count the steps in the beginning, haha.

What’s Next

The Kevo smart lock solves a huge problem for me and that is lost keys.

Plus, if someone needs to get into the house I can send them an eKey.

Let us know if you have any questions about the Kevo.

Thanks for  reading, watching and being part of our awesome DIY community.



Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

  1. S Relic says:

    Great video; looks like a great lock. Just what we are looking for.

    1. Hope this helps narrow down your options 🙂

  2. Gerald Nederostek says:

    That lock is pretty neat. I really like it.

    1. Glad to help Gerald 😉

  3. Melanie F says:

    I find the video is quite thorough and easy to follow and would be happy to try an installation of this novel lock.

    1. If you can install a standard deadbolt then a smart lock isn’t much different Melanie 🙂

  4. Looks like a great product

    1. It’s pretty cool. There’s so much tech out there for homes Dave. Hard to stay ahead of the game!!

  5. Shawn says:

    I’m a longtime kwikset user too. If I get a smart lock, which I have been thinking about, the Kevo is likely to be the one I go for.

    1. Thanks Shawn, keep me posted and share which decision you make.

  6. Chris says:

    Jeff what’s up. I love your posts. And I’ve really wanted a lock like this. But then I looked at the reviews online and they’re pretty mediocre (at best). That was a total bummer because it made me wonder about your biases…help your fans understand the disconnect here. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock with Keyless Bluetooth Touch to Open Convenience in Satin Nickel

    1. Chris, I’ve read the bad reviews. And yes they’re startling but I’ve seriously used Kwikset for 14 years and haven’t had any issues. When installing devices like this it can be tricky. If someone doesn’t tuck the wires in the right place a malfunction could happen. I’m keeping a close eye on our Kevo and if anything happens will update this post. Thanks for asking this question because giving you and everyone else good tips is my priority. Every product is going to have bad reviews and I totally understand the trepidation when these products are expensive. So I promise to stay helpful and informative.

  7. mark says:

    Informative video about an interesting new product.
    Please share & compare more of these as other manufacturers release them.

  8. Sal B says:

    Love this lock. Makes re keying so much easier. I have a few rental properties and this would really help out. I won’t have to go there to let tenants in who forgot their keys. Great video and an easy installation.

    1. I’d love one for each rental, too. Those calls are the worst. Especially at midnight!!! Only happens once every 5 years but seriously a drag.

  9. Michael Ruf says:

    Great video as always. I went new door deadbolt/etc… shopping not long ago. Many of the big box hardware stores have a terrible selection. You have to go there with a model in mind! The one thing I don’t like about the keypad entry locks is that my 13 year old daughter usually has her friends with her. I personally don’t like to have all these kids knowing the entry code into my home. The smartphone app would be a great way to go because it would be on her iPhone or a FOB instead. She is smart enough to not give any temporary codes out via e-mail.

    1. You know Mike, you bring up a good point. Someone could steal the code and gain access. Thanks for bringing up that point. Hope you’re doing well buddy 🙂

  10. Steve says:

    Would love this for our home. Thank you for this Jeff.

    1. Hey Steve, good to see you over here. Hope all is well buddy 😉

  11. Mike Whaley says:

    Read your step by step instructions and then watched the video and its seems simple enough to install. I would love one of these for my home. BTW it’s your Pirates against my Reds this weekend. Baseball is back!!!! Thanks for continuing to provide us with your knowledge and tips Jeff.

    1. Lol, that’s right, it is baseball season Mike. Although it snowed yesterday!!! What’s up with that in April. Glad you liked the video and Kevo, it’s pretty darn cool

  12. Karen Woodard says:

    This was a great video. I love gadgets, especially, ones that make my life easier. I’ve been looking at these for a couple of years now. I’m sold.

    1. I’m a gadget person, too. I love checking them out and sharing when I can 🙂 Glad you liked this one Karen

  13. Sam says:

    Love the video. Especially the new technology.

    1. The techie stuff always gets me excited, haha

  14. Hought Wahl says:

    Great idea – – will definitely check it out!

    1. Let me know if you have any questions Hought 🙂

  15. Steve T says:

    I love the Kwikset locks. I will be moving in just over a week so, I will be looking to install some new Kwikset locks on the new house. Great video Jeff!!!

    1. Thanks Steve and congrats buddy on your move. Keep me posted on any projects you have coming up 😉

  16. Rick Stuart says:

    I have Kwikset locks and door handles throughout my home. They are very well made. The Kevo looks like it brings your home into the 21 st century as a smart home add on. Love it and would like to get the giveaway set.

    1. Me too Rick, I love Kwikset. Been using their locks since we became homeowners 14 years ago 😉

  17. Steve says:

    Hey Jeff, this is certainly my favorite e-lock. I don’t like the ones with keypads, and it’s great that it has fobs. The phone feature might be nice, but I typically don’t leave my bluetooth on, so it would be too much hassle to have to pull out the phone, turn on bluetooth, just to get into the door (a problem with most smart-phone controlled locks). So, the fob is a better solution, IMO. But, might be nice to let the pet-sitter or contractor in.

    When we remodeled, I really wanted to use these, but they didn’t have any way to connect them to any kind of home automation system. I think they’ve released a ‘hub’ type unit so that is now possible. So, I put in the traditional Kwik Set type locks. But, I’d love to have one of these now. 🙂 Thanks.

    1. Yah, if you don’t keep the bluetooth on then the fob is the way to go.

      It would be nice for all the new techie stuff to be home automated.

      That way if you have a Wink or SmartThings setup you’ll be good to go.

  18. Patty Jensen says:

    Amazing video!!! You make me feel like I can totally do this by myself….no contractor needed! Thanks!

  19. Dan says:

    Looks cool. Do you still have to pay for more “digital” keys or are they giving more than two away for free?

    1. Hmmm, that’s a good question Dan. I’m not sure, will have to research that. I know you can but more fobs

  20. Lisa G says:

    Wow, I would love to win one of these, it sure would make my life much easier! Thanks for the chance Jeff!

    1. Thanks Lisa, glad you liked it 🙂

  21. John Dee says:

    Nice….!! I’ve installed the electronic keypads, but this is one step better.

    1. Me too John, the one I installed was similar to the setup with the Kevo. I can understand the pros and cons of both 🙂

  22. ShyJuan Clemons says:

    This lock is really nice! I’m thinking about putting one on my front door.

    1. They come in different finishes, check them out and see which one you like best 🙂

  23. Chip says:

    Cool lock set Jeff. Thanks for the video!

    1. Thanks Chip, glad you liked it buddy

  24. Dan H says:

    Love the idea of the Kevo smart locks, especially when you can utilize your smart phone as a key!

    1. I’m carrying my smart phone all the time, my as well put it to use, haha

  25. Roger D says:

    Great tip. I’m not a real techie guy but this would beat carrying keys around.

  26. A M Binge says:

    Bluetooth entry takes the package-balancing at the door to the next no hassle step.

    1. For real, shouldn’t Amazon be promoting this, haha.

  27. Dianne Swanson says:

    Looks like a great lock. I’m tired of carrying a bunch of keys around- this is much better!

    1. Me too Dianne, my keys ruin the lining in my pants!! So no keys is the way to go.

  28. Rob Rindini says:

    great video as always. very informative. I need one of these for my house cause my boys are always leaving behind their keys but they always have their cell phones! Go figure LOL

    1. LOL, isn’t that the way it is. Cell phones…everyone takes those first then keys second. In the future we won’t even need a wallet 🙂

  29. Dick Cummins says:

    Very interesting lock set. Would love to see this technology wifi-enabled when you need to let someone in a remote (internet enabled) location.

    1. That would be cool Dick, you could also send them an eKey and that would be pretty instant 🙂

  30. Jim Brewer says:

    Great video. Haven’t installed one of these yet but look forward to it now. Thanks!

    1. Hey Jim, great to hear from you buddy. Knowing what’s out there is always a good thing.

  31. Marty says:

    Thanks for the demo

    1. Glad you liked it Marty, always nice to see something in action before buying.

  32. Hank says:

    Super cool!

    We don’t have smartphones, so the key fob is a great addition. Nice that you can share ekeys…such as when someone is housesitting, parents in town, etc.

    1. Good point Hank about the parents and grandparents. You can get extra key fobs if you need them 🙂

  33. Richard W Brown says:

    Freaking AWESOME! Thanks for showing us not only the sweet tech, but how simple it is to install and set it up!

    1. Haha, you’re welcome. Glad you liked it. The installation can be tricky with electronics but it worked out pretty well 😉

  34. Len says:

    very cool! I’m installing two of these.

    1. Awesome Len!! You’re always ahead of the game with this tech stuff. Hope all is well 🙂

  35. Dan says:

    Like the backlight. Those with vision problems, like with corneal cataract, would benefit too.

    1. Good point Dan, it also indicates the status of the Kevo

  36. torre says:

    well, now. I don’t how I could live without a Kevo. You already got me hooked on wink. lol

    1. Haha, the wink is pretty cool. Glad you’re loving it Torre.

  37. Tanya says:

    We just moved, and this would be an amazing thing to add to our new place! Looks a lot easier than fumbling with a key when my hands are full. 🙂

    1. You’d love it Tanya, no more keys just touch the Kevo and you’re in like flynn. I always fumble with my keys and grocery bags, haha

    2. Congrats on your move Tanya!!! Yes, free hands are a rarity with a move and hauling stuff in and out the house 🙂

  38. ROBERT W MORRIS says:

    LOVE ,LOVE this lock…I like all the options it has…Open/Close flashing light etc. Thumbs Up!!!

    1. Cool Robert, glad you liked the tutorial 🙂

  39. Oscar N. says:

    This was a great tutorial! I’ve been debating on whether to get a lock that was either wifi or Bluetooth and it’s good to see a quality video explaining the benefits of this one. Thanks Jeff!

    1. Hope the tutorial helps you narrow down your options Oscar, there are a lot of good ones out there.

  40. Chandy Krenn says:

    This is fantastic! How great that you can send someone a temporary key if you can’t be around to let them in. This can replace my current lock which only has one key that was given to me when I moved. Nice video.

    1. eKeys are a convenient way to get people into your house Chandy. Nice part is they can be taken back 🙂

  41. Bob Syristatides says:

    What a great product, and video. Would love this!

  42. Daniel says:

    Hey Jeff,
    The Kevo is one of the coolest things I’ve seen lately. That would come in real handy when trying to get in with my toddler and newborn…and groceries…and not have to struggle with keys.

    1. Been there Daniel, not exactly easy to juggle kids and groceries. Add keys to that equation and it can be a disaster.

  43. Brenda Cook says:

    WOW!! That is amazing! Just the other day I was locked out and having this on my door would certainly have been easier than climbing through the window. I would love to win this!!

    1. Glad you made it in your house safely Brenda. No fun climbing through windows.

  44. bill says:

    For my ongoing restoration of an 80 year old house, this lock set would be an awesome upgrade to modernity.

    1. Hey Bill, how you doing buddy?

      The house I put the Kevo on is about 70 years old.

      That door in the tutorial isn’t exactly new either, haha.

      So this would work on your home 🙂

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    Coincidentally, I was looking at these last week end. You sold me now.

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    It’s crazy awesome how things are changing with tech. We hardly carry cash anymore. Digital music and books are the norm. I haven’t used a payphone, the phone book, or a paper map for years. No keys for the car, now the house. What’s next?

    Cool product and great video Jeff.

  51. Jeff johnson says:

    I have a problem keeping up with keys. This product looks like it would be of great help. Also being able to allow temporary access is helpful.

  52. Donna Battle says:

    This would be great for our adult children who come by on occasion when we’re not home (and don’t want to keep up with keys to the house)

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  54. Prue Fit says:

    Installing a deadbolt is always a good idea when it comes to protecting your property, especially when someone tries to kick down your door. Good post thanks for sharing this!

    1. Glad you liked it, this lock is one of my favorites because of the smartphone capability…good to keep track of things while you’re away

  55. Chad Hawkins says:

    Bad a$$ lock! Great video. Keep up the good work!

  56. Robert says:

    I have a question.

    I just purchased a house with this lock.. How do I go about changing the key lock..I don’t want to leave the original key on the door?

  57. Angela says:

    Trying to install this right now. When doing the handing process, the deadbolt will not go all the way into the door. Part of it still sticks out and then proceeds with clicking sounds. Do you know what the error is? We have undone the entire process more than 5 times, and cannot figure out the problem. Wondering if the piece might be malfunctioning? Any assistance would be so helpful! This is frustrating!

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