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Fluidmaster’s New PRO45H Fill Valve

Fluidmaster has the new PRO45H fill valve and it’s pretty darn cool.

It can be used for high efficiency toilets and toilets that use 3.5 gpf or more.

The PRO45H is ideal for professional contractors and plumbers.

Especially when the toilet being fixed is unknown.

Let’s dive in!

Fluidmaster PRO45H Fill Valve

Toilet tank water levels can be adjusted by any fill valve.

But the bowl water level is an entirely different story.

If the bowl water level is bad, then two things can happen.

First, low bowl water levels can lead to poor flush performance and…ahem…lead to skid marks.

Unfortunately the unintended consequence is to flush the toilet a second time and this leads to wasted water and high water bills.

Conversely, high bowl water levels can lead to water spilling over the toilet P-Trap. This in turn wastes water and can also cause high water bills.

Furthermore, the need for a universal fill valve is more important than ever before due to high efficiency toilets (1.28 gpf or less).

If these toilets don’t get the right fill valve then users might experience clogs, which are never pleasant.

Fluidmaster fixed this issue by making the PRO45H fill valve for plumbers and contractors.

Our video provides a high level overview of the PRO45H and why you should consider it

What’s Next

The PRO45H is now available in select distributors.

And it comes with a 7-year warranty.

If you’re fixing a running toilet the PRO45H could be super fast way to fix it.

Also, don’t forget the 555C Flush Valve repair kit, it’s fantastic for toilets leaking at the flush valve/flapper connection.



Fluidmaster PRO45H Fill Valve