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Cutting Plywood and Breaking Down Sheet Goods

Cutting plywood and breaking down sheet goods is easy…

When you have the right tools.

Sure, you could politely ask the nice people at the home store to do it.

But c’mon, this is an excuse to whip out your circular saw and go to town.

A DIY friend showed me Kreg’s Rip-Cut tool with a circular saw and I fell in love.

Today I’ll show you how to use it to cut plywood into any dimension you want.

And yes, there’s a sweet giveaway my friend!!

My predicament: I needed to cut a 13 inch by 8 foot piece of plywood.

It was for the bathroom mockup project (I’m building a bathroom from scratch and documenting it!)

The subfloor is made of 3/4″ tongue and groove plywood.

Bathroom Mockup

You probably have the same subfloor in your home, well at least I hope you do 😀

Plywood is heavy stuff, it weighs like 2,000 pounds per sheet.

Just kidding, but a single person really has to manhandle the stuff to move it around.

Here’s the point, if you think you’re going to use a table saw by yourself to cut plywood…think again.

An easier way to make your cuts is to lay the plywood on 2 x 4s that rest on a flat surface.

Lay Plywood on 2 x 4s

Then use your circular saw to cut the plywood.

You could snap a chalkline on the wood and try to cut it free hand.

It’s likely the cut will look a bit wonky.

Not good if you need a nice straight cut.

You could also clamp a straight edge to the plywood and run the saw against it.

However, it’s hard to consistently apply pressure to the straight edge while concentrating on the saw blade that’s spinning at several 1000 RPM.

I like my fingers, you know what I mean, LOL.

This is where the Kreg Rip-Cut tool comes in handy.

Rip Cut in Action

You attach it to your circular saw and it’s edge guide allows you to cut plywood into perfectly straight sections.

In fact, you can cut a 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood in half without making any marks on it.

Plus, you can swap the edge guide to either side of the Rip-Cut which means if you’re lefty you can use, too.

And the Rip Cut is way cheaper than a table saw, $34 versus $300,

No contest.

Watch my video tutorial to get more plywood cutting tips and see the Rip-Cut in action

Cutting Plywood and Breaking Down Sheet Goods

What’s Next

If you’d like to buy the Rip-Cut click here to get it on Amazon.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community.



Cutting Plywood

  1. Deb Short says:

    We have lots of repairs to do after the tough winter we had in Massachusetts. The rip-cut would be help!

    1. It was indeed a rough winter in the Northeast Deb, whew!!

      What kind of projects are you working on?

      1. Carol Lorraine says:

        I need to make a few shelves for my sewing/craft room. This Rip-Cut would REALLY help me to finish so much faster!

  2. Pedro says:

    Summer project: FINALLY getting my garage organized. Having the Kreg Rip Cut will make cutting all that plywood MUCH easier.

    Good luck everyone!

    1. My garage is a disaster Pedro. I feel your pain.

      What kind of storage solutions are you looking at?

  3. Shad says:

    Great video!

    I would use it on a new bathroom install we are going to be doing this summer in our basement.

    1. That’s awesome Shad, are you doing a complete installation or remodel?

  4. Scott says:

    I have a very small workshop. This jig will help me rip down the plywood before I ever get it to my shop making it much easier to handle. I’m also in the process of installing French cleats throughout my garage for storage. This jig will make it MUCH easier to cut boards to size.

    1. French cleats are awesome, I think anyone who’s doing a garage project should check out these. Easy and open up a ton of different storage options.

      Take some pics Scott and post em on the HRT Facebook community forum. We’d love to see your talent at work 😀

  5. Rob Pivovarnick says:

    Installing new Hardwood floors and a new sub-floor in my entire house, the RipCut would be invaluable to my during that process.

  6. Brian says:

    Building my tools up and don’t want to dedicate space for a table saw. This looks like a great option for me!

  7. Ken says:

    I’m in Canada, so I can’t win, but I thought I would share my reason for wanting the Kreg Rip Cut Sled anyway. I’m working up the plans for, and will be building my nephew a train table for all his toy trains, and this would be perfect for cutting down the sheet goods since I don’t have a table saw.

  8. Adam Verheyen says:

    I’ve been looking into getting a table-saw so I could create more DIY projects around the house but they pretty pricey at my budget so having the Rip Cut would make the future transition to a table-saw much smoother and make DIY projects more fun!

  9. AJ Bemrose says:

    I’m constantly clamping an 8′ level to doors as a fence when trimming them to size. This thing would cut my time spent in half, not to mention the myriad other things I’m always ripping with an improvised fence.

  10. will rivera says:

    I would use this for all of my summer projects that I still have not done! I am planning on replacing the sub floor and laying down new tile. The Rip Cut would make life much easier when I have to cut the plywood and I wouldn’t have to ask to borrow a table saw.

  11. Helen says:

    I have had my eye on the Kreg Rip-Cut for a while. Right now I could use it to cut new risers for the staircase I’m working on. My next project is flooring which will need new plywood underlayment.

  12. Rafael Quinones says:

    Just moved in to our new house and wife is having me build all the projects see see online and mags. I need a easier way to cut the plywood and MDF.

  13. CHRIS MARKERT says:

    I work in a small garage with lots of stuff in it. The Kreg Rip-Cut jig would make ripping down plywood 100 times easier. No more clamping down my level and hoping i got the offset right so i don’t waist another piece of plywood. Not only a time saver, but money saver as well!

  14. Brad Goman says:

    First off would be to fix the floors in the bathroom and the kitchen that have water damage.

  15. Jeff Thurston says:

    Starting on a bench/locker for our laundry room and will be ripping quite a bit of plywood for the project. If this tool is a good as my Kreg Jig then it will be beneficial.

  16. Scott McNamara says:

    This is so COOL!
    I have a roof repair that will require a table saw. If I win the Kreg Rip-Cut, I won’t need to go rent one. AWESOME, thanks!

  17. David Nevins says:

    I plan on making garage cabinets and obviously this would make it easy to rip down all my sheet goods. Looks like a cool tool.

  18. Chuck Miles says:

    I have a small shop and think that this tool just may be the answer for breaking down sheet goods to the sizes that I need.

  19. Jeff W says:

    This is a tool I could really use. We have several projects around the house that would greatly benefit from me actually cutting straight lines (something I’m not very good at).

  20. Rico Bee says:

    I need to cut paneling for the basement I’m refinishing. This Kreg tool would work perfectly for me! Pick me! Pick me!!

  21. Lee Wells says:

    As I have said before, I have an old house, and your tutorials have helped me alot. ….well my house has canvas awnings on the front and WOOD awnings on the sides over all the windows have a total of 15 of them varied sizes, well guess what it time for me to replace them, some are rotting and need to be redone…This tool would be a HUGE help to me cutting the sheets to size…especially keeping them Straight.
    Hope I win!

  22. Julie says:

    I make cornice boards and headboards. Would love this tool to make straighter cuts.

  23. Misty Kissinger says:

    I am a single mom, and am disabled. No, I am not trying to get the “sympathy” vote, but the reason that I say those two facts are, I am on limited funds, and right now, the floors in my mobile home are buckling because of a leak (steam leak, due to a hot water line leak) that I was unaware of, for months. This project is going to be very expensive, time consuming, and taxing on, not just me, but all of my family that is helping me. So tools like this would be so helpful!! I have already been looking through so many tutorials, and have used many of them (and plan on using so many more after the floors are repaired) from you Jeff. You are always giving away things, but honestly, the best thing you give away, if your knowledge!!! So THANK YOU!!! You could allow me to win these things, or pass them on to someone else… That is NOT why I have said the things I have in this message… I said them because they are true! I have not entered in any other ‘contest’ before, and I will not enter in one after this, I just wanted to say thank you, and since we are doing the floors, I decided to enter this one… Although, I REALLY did almost enter the one you were giving away the Miss Muffets Revenge Hahaha Take care, and just know that what you do is appreciated!!!

  24. Adam says:

    I would use it to continue to improve my building skills. I just started getting into wood working and this is the perfect tool to start with some bigger projects I’ve had my eye on!

  25. Chip says:

    I would use it to build a shop table.

  26. Gwyne Bucher says:

    This would be a great help for my husband when doing repairs around the house.

  27. Mary says:

    We just bought a house and I am slowly finding ways to add little DIY touches to it. At the moment I am looking to make my own towel hook racks for our bathrooms (because I can’t bare to look at store bought towel racks for the rest of my life) and I need a way to make some straight cuts on the wood backing. This tool would be perfect!

  28. Mike Ruf says:

    I was just building a work bench and I was contemplating putting a table sweet either in it or a roll out combination from the bottom. I continue to build various projects that call for ripping the 8 foot lengths of plywood. I had to pull out the old school c-clamp 10 foot long guide. But it is easy to slide off the cut line and I have done it again just last night. So my 1 foot section I need is wavy. It is really a pain especially if you are use curled plywood. I would use this all the time. And I really wouldn’t need a table saw.

  29. Bob says:


    The Kreg Rip-Cut would be an awesome tool to have and use for cutting plywood however, for the sake of safety AND ease of use, might I suggest the use of two saw horses with three or four 2 x 4’s laid across them to support the plywood. There may be some DIYer’s who need the additional height to safely and comfortably use the Kreg Rip-Cut.


  30. Ingrid says:

    I would use it to trim down some door bottoms. Great tool which takes up little space.

  31. Jake Trierweiler says:

    I have a 120 year old home and have lots of projects that the Rip-Cut would make a lot of my projects much easier.


  32. Stephen Reade says:

    Looking to build a custom rolling closet for my 9yr daughter and all of her clothes… it would definitely come in handy.

  33. Debbie says:

    I desperately need more shelves in my garage. The Kreg Rip Cut tool would be an awesome way to cut those shelves down!

  34. Chris says:

    I’m 5ft so I struggle with my height and saw horses when doing cuts, add this with the weight of holding the circular saw at a higher height then feels comfortable with my short arms. I also have trouble handling the kick back when you reach the end of the cut and need to bring the saw down. I think this would be a good added safety feature. I might even be able to teach my son to use the saw and feel comfortable about it. lol

  35. Jesse says:

    Sadie is my service dog, and we do trick training to keep us both mentally/physically active. I would use the Kreg Rip-Cut with my circular saw to make the props that we need for trick training, wobble boards, pause boxes, etc. It’s the coolest saw accessory I’ve seen.

  36. Jeff Denton says:

    My shop is small, I could cut plywood in my garage instead of carrying to the shop.

  37. Steve Mitchell says:

    I have numerous projects involving sheet goods coming up, including a garage re-org/re-model using french cleats and a variety of shelves, hangers, etc. and also a coin-op type video game cabinet that my son and I are working on.

  38. Kyle says:

    This would be perfect for my summer project of residing my shed.

  39. John says:

    We bought a fixer upper and boy does it need fixing – top to bottom! Plus the existing utility shed needs a new floor, and I need to build a second shed so I can get the garage back! The Kreg Rip-Cut would be a big help in speeding up these projects!!

  40. Patty says:

    A tool to help me get that closet storage unit completed!

  41. Troy G says:

    Sweet…got a bunch of boards to cut for an under the deck storage area!

  42. James perry says:

    I WANT ONE!!!!! Though it shames me to admit, I can’t cut a straight line to save my life! I’m preparing to build a cabin in rural Alaska and this would be a lifesaver! Thanks for all the info and demos on cool tools!

  43. Judes Poppy says:

    I would love to use one of these for my projects I do. Believe it or not, I’ve cut a lot of plywood with a handsaw because that’s what my dad taught me on 50 years ago. I can still do it, but prefer a little more modern tools for speed.

  44. Joe says:

    Termites did a job on my sub floors. This tool will make it easier and save time. Yes, the house has been treated for termites.

  45. Martin Taylor says:

    Skil saw, no table saw. Need I say more.

  46. Lucas says:

    I don’t have a workshop, and I need to build a kitchen. Somehow! This jog would help a lot.

  47. Mike says:

    My family lives in a condo, so no space for a table saw at all, but we need to use every available inch of space. I’ve had building an “above the door” shelf/cabinet in our bedroom (has a small 3′ entry way “hall” after you walk in the door which is wasted space above) for over a year now, but have dreaded the whole “have them cut it there” at the local store. This would let me get the plywood and cut it how I need to to finally do this project!
    Thanks for the tutorial on using it, it looks awesome!

  48. William H says:

    I have been volunteering at a local battered women’s shelter and the Kreg Rip-Cut tool would sure come in handy for some of the projects slated for this summer. My eyes and steadiness with a circular saw is not what it used to be and I for sure always try to do my best work for this very worthy non-profit organization.

  49. Bill Brennan says:

    This is awesome and definitely could use this ASAP to make my games and home repairs

  50. Mary "Molly" Buck says:

    I am a 74 year old woman who does almost all of my own work. I have a 1300 square foot addition to finish that my husband started before he passed away. I have to install plywood on the floor before finishing the project. I can’t imagine a more useful tool than the Kreg Rip Tool. There is no way I can lift a sheet of plywood onto my table saw

  51. Michael Sklar says:

    A gadget like this would give new life to the circular saw. I’m not used to straight cuts on 2,000 LB plywood sheets.

  52. paul says:

    I love kreg tools buy them whenever I save up and need a great tool almost like having and instructor next too you when working with there tools
    thanks KREG

  53. Tom Puglisi says:

    I have always used my circular saw without any guides – I would immediately start using this product for my plywood cuts in order to get that perfect edge! I normally measure both ends of the plywood, then snap a chalk line at both points, THEN I use my circular saw manually across the chalk line. This would allow me to more efficiently cut plywood. This does indeed look like a great product!

  54. barbara Gilliam says:

    My goodness where was this product last saturday? I love to recycle things so my husband always tries to help me do just that. We removed our country looking front door and replaced it with an oval etched design in it. The door we had no use for it so he set it outside to take to dump because it had glass broken out. Otherwise we would have taken to habitat store. I was just daydreaming one afternoon looking down towards our barn and noticed that we had not replaced the shutters on one window. Then it hit me we could cut the bottom half of the door away from the glass part and then split the bottom again and it would make great shutters that I could even close with hinges if a bad storm comes up. This was the hardest task we have ever done. We used the table saw and it was a BEAR! Also very dangerous! It looks really good. Now if I had that tool it would have been safe and done in a snap!

  55. Nancy Clark says:

    I am a glass artist and I could use this with my stained glass cutting. I also have to do all my own home repairs and am terrible trying to cut things straight.

  56. Juan M. Diaz says:

    I have to do the floor in my attic and the Kreg Rip-Cut will be of lot of help to make perfect straight cuts. It will make it ease for me, especially that I’m working along.

  57. Mike Saviano says:

    owning an older home there are constant projects and repairs to be made.I love the Kreg tools that I already have and I would appreciate having and a rip guide in my arsenal.

  58. Mark says:

    Looks like a great tool for making large planter boxes using plywood sheeting.

  59. james taylor says:

    This would be awesome. I have never been able to cut a straight line. I used to blame it on my saws but I finally figure out it was me.

  60. Carol says:

    this tool seems to be the answer to my quandry! I want to cut MANY cuts of a good grade plywood to use it as a hardwood floor. I’ve seen this project on utube and other places and have been wanting to do it since. But… paying for that many cuts at the home improvement store (if they would even do that many) or fighting the weight of the boards on my table saw seems like a huge mountain to get started. This tool would be the answer! Manageable.

  61. Christopher says:

    We have many new remodeling projects on our new house, but we have to re-side and re-shingle first. Both complete tear offs. The Rip-Cut would be great, and help me from having to continually bother my father to use his table saw.

  62. Ed May says:

    I have a cabinet shop and I have been breaking down sheet goods on a table saw (oh my aching back). I can see how much easier, much safer, and my back would do double back flips with this tool.

  63. Dana says:

    What would I use it for? What wouldn’t I use it for! I’m going to make a cabinet to hold all my scrapbook paper and it would be so much easier with this tool. I’m planning on making bookcases and it will help with that. There’s so much I have to do and this tool would make my life so much easier. Thank you for the giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  64. Arturo says:

    Hello, Summer projects like building a fort for my kids, speaker boxes, and learning how to build cabinets would be a few things I would use this product. Thanks

  65. Tim R. says:

    We’ve got several projects coming up in our 1972 home we purchased just a few months ago. The first major project is building a shed, this tool would be very handy!

  66. Bill says:

    Finishing a basement off with shop, two offices, and half bath. Would lot easier to work with full sheets than freehand or table saw.

    1. Now that’s a Man Cave Bill.

      Are you documenting this build? If so, add the link here.

      We’d love to see it 😀

  67. Steve says:

    I’m currently stuck with trying to clamp a straight-edge to cut my plywood. One of these Kreg devices would be a HUGE help!

    1. I’ve done that, too Steve. It’s okay but not as quick or accurate as the Rip-Cut 😀

  68. Pam Kern says:

    As a constant DIYer and repurposer I am always having plywood cut at the big box stores but they are not terribly careful or accurate with cuts. I do not have the budget or space for a table saw so this would be brilliant! Great tool, great give away!

    1. Thanks Pam and your bring up a good point. The cuts from the home store are dependent on the talent of the cutter. And who knows what kind of person you’ll get!!!

      Guess that’s one reason I’m a DIYer, I tend to trust myself more so than others in certain instances 😀

      Stubborn Italian genes, haha

  69. Wanda says:

    I need garage storage and could really use this to construct shelving, work bench, etc. My son bought one about a year ago and loves it!

    1. Another happy Kreg customer, haha.

      What kind of garage storage are you gonna build Wanda?

  70. dan says:

    Kreg Rip-Cut will guide my older saw which tends to push out to the outside–for some reason I haven’t figured out. Rather than get a new saw, a nice hefty guide will solve the problem. I’ll let you know how it works.

    1. The $34 is cheaper than a new saw, so worth a shot Dan. Please let me know how it turns out, I bet a lot of people are in the same predicament 😀

  71. Lori Jones says:

    what a great tool!!
    i would use it (need it ) to cut bead board for the bathroom that i have been thinking of in mind mind for at least a year. cutting the bead board straight scares me just a wee bit. but with this i might just be able to cut a straight line!! hahaha

    1. No doubt Lori that this would cut the bead board nice and straight.

      I’d love to see your bathroom walls after you’re done, it’ll be gorgeous 😀

  72. Marylou J. says:

    WOW! This is a dream-come-to! I have two major projects coming up, and I was thinking I had to buy/rent/borrow a table saw to cut my boards to size. This Kreg tool will solve my problem! And the two projects? I have to replace the wooden walls on my current shed because the termites came to dinner, and I have to build another shed for my gardening tools. For me, those two projects are mind-blowing, and finding the tools to do the job properly is such a blessing! Thanks, Jeff, for bringing our attention to this time- and back-saving tool!

    1. My pleasure to help Marylou. Boy do you have your hands full with the shed projects. But sounds like you know what you want and that’s the first part of any project.

      Darn termites. Those buggers are such a pain.

      Please keep us posted on your build projects, I’d personally love to see some pics 😀

  73. dennis allen says:

    jeff, boy could i use one of those. cutting a straight line with a circular saw has always been a problem. i’ve tried attaching a guide board but this tool makes it look easy. i’m building a new workbench and this would sure come in handy.

    1. It’s been a problem for me too. But no more. This would totally help with your workbench Dennis 😀

  74. Hilde H says:

    we are currently building a new home. This would come in really handy.

    1. Wow, that’s fantastic Hilde. Please keep us posted on what you learn during the build process. I’m super excited for you 😀

  75. Gene says:

    I used to grab those 3/4″ X 48″ X 96″ sheets of plywood, throw them on my table saw, and rip them with impunity (but accurately). Now that I’m 72 years old, I don’t exactly “grab” them, nor do I “throw” them on the table saw. It’s more lean it against, and finesse it onto, the table saw these days. Moreover, my rips are not exact as they once were. Therefore, I could use the Kreg Rip-Cut to help restore my accuracy by moving my circular saw over the stock instead of moving the stock over my saw.

    1. Anyone who could manhandle a sheet of plywood like that is mighty impressive. I’m 37 and probably couldn’t come close to throwing a sheet around. Just sweating thinking about it!!!

      You bring up a good point Gene, this is a way lighter option, too. The Rip-Cut adds minimal weight to the circular saw 😀

  76. Joe Downey says:

    The rip guide would save me a lot of time and space that I don’t have.

    1. You’re the third Joe Downey I know, lol.

      Time and space, two odd companions to say the least 😀

  77. Carl says:

    I could use the Kreg Rip-Cut to make a bathroom vanity.

    1. Now that’s a project I’d love to see myself, way cool Carl 😀

  78. gordon morton says:

    I make small projects from wood; toys, curios, napkin holders, etc., and donate them to a local hunting club for their annual “SHOOT DOQN CANCER” benefit auction. This tool will definitely improve the quality and speed up the process.

    1. Cancer sucks! Sorry for the slight profanity but I really hate the disease.

      Thanks Gordon for what you do.

  79. Mary Lou says:

    Since my husband died, I’ve had to learn how to do repairs myself. Guess what? I found I like DIY projects! At 83, I know I’ll never be a pro, but I’m enjoying learning new “skills.” I’m planning to build some storage cabinets in the garage. I don’t have a table saw (or the room for one). Since the Kreg Rip Tool s used with a circular saw, it sounds like a godsend. Jeff, your videos have helped so much with my projects. I love the step-by-step tutorials. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    1. You’re so sweet Mary Lou.

      Thank you.

      Sorry to hear about your husband passing. He’d be proud of your projects, no doubt 😀

  80. Pam Levario says:

    I am converting my formerly (and faulty) gas fireplace to electric. The new electric inserts need to be framed out to properly fit the fireplace opening. I want to use a piece of plywood for the frame and merely tile it out to surround the gaps between the mantel and the new insert.

    1. That sounds like a great project Pam. I bet a lot of people would like to see your progress.

      You gotta post some pictures over on the HRT Facebook group. I know you’re talented 😀

  81. David Gilley says:

    We build handicap ramps as church projects for people in need. This product would help reduce cost and increase our safety.

    1. That’s amazing David. Thank you for being a kind soul.

      How many ramps do you build each year?

  82. I often need to rip plywood and do not have a table saw or the room for one. I’ve been using a straight edge to get straight lines .This tool would be much faster and as accurate.

    1. Much faster Steve. And that’s the name of the game these days with everyone being so busy!!

  83. Patricia says:

    I do a LOT of woodworking. I cut a LOT of plywood for that. Having the Rip cut tool would help me immensely as I too like my fingers. I mostly use a scroll saw, my table saw bit the dust a long time ago. It would be amazing to have perfectly straight cuts for some of my work. Love your tutorials by the way. I learn so much!

    1. Thanks so much Patricia. What kind of work do you do?

      Super stoked you like the tutorials. I like using a variety of saws, too. Hmmm, wonder if the Rip-Cut could somehow be used for a jigsaw?

  84. Terri Hughes says:

    My bathroom floor needs replacing and the Kreg Rip-Cut would be perfect for this job. Thanks for the how to video on how to use the Kreg Rip-Cut, you make it look simple!

    1. It is simple Terri, anyone could do it. I’m not talented, that’s for sure.

      Are you doing the entire bathroom?

      1. Terri Hughes says:

        Just the floor for now. It is getting in really bad shape. Have a great weekend!

  85. Linda Brown says:

    I’m a new homeowner and was recently laid off from work so we went from a 2 income family to a very tight 1 income family. There’s so much we want and need to do especially in the backyard. I’d really like to be able to make a family backyard hideaway but can no longer afford to buy the ready made outdoor furniture. I’ve been watching A LOT of tutorials online in my newly acquired spare time and this would really help with some of the projects I want to tackle!

    1. That stinks Linda, sorry to hear about your layoff. No fun, I’ve been there.

      You’ll be okay. You might really like the woodworking talents of Steve Ramsey, Ana White, and Jamison from Rogue Engineer. All talents in their own right.

      Join our HRT Facebook community Linda, they’ll help you 😀

      Glad you stopped over today

  86. Andrea D. says:

    Wow, this tool looks awesome. Kreg products are so high quality, that I’d love to add this to my small tool collection. I don’t have the space for a table saw. I plan on making some corn hole boards for my family this summer, and this would be so helpful. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

    1. Corn hole is awesome, so much fun. Especially for the summer holidays!!!

      Kreg is quite the tool maker. I’ve never been disappointed. The pocket hole sets are pretty stellar, too.

      What design would you put on the top of your corn hole set Andrea?

  87. Ken says:

    I would use this when there is no one to help tail off a full sheet of plywood on my table saw. In fact, this just may replace the table saw for this type of usage. That would save a lot of garage space!

    1. Best part is the Rip-Cut doesn’t talk back like a DIY partner might, lol. You’re right Ken, this would cut down on the table saw space 😀

  88. Melanie says:

    I’m still trying to put away stuff after moving in 3 years ago…what I need is storage, and this sounds like an awesome tool to create some great shelving units and finally move the junk…errr cherished belongings…out of the way 🙂

    1. Lol, we have a lot of “cherished belongings” Melanie.

      I like your idea of making shelving units, you have to keep us posted on your project 😀

  89. Diane Rank says:

    Well, this would be for my husband. He’s always working on something around here, so I’m sure it will come in handy for him. It would make a great Father’s Day gift. ;0)

    1. This would be a phenomenal Father’s Day gift, great idea Diane 😀

  90. James says:

    I have been eyeing the kreg stuff for a couple of months now. I have a long list on my wife’s honey-do list, the rip cut would help me get started.

    1. Nothing like a honey-do list to get us all started. But, and yes this is a silver lining, that honey-do list is a runway for tool purchases. LOL. Don’t tell your wife I said this James 😀

  91. Adam Conti says:

    I promised my 2 year old daughter a “castle”, she is so excited to have her very own playhouse. I would love to use this to rip down some T111 for siding.

    1. That’s one fancy playhouse Adam, haha. You gotta share your daughter’s “castle” build with our Home Repair Tutor Facebook group. People would love to see this. If you haven’t already joined check it out and post pics

  92. Jacki Gherardi says:

    My husband and I are always doing household repairs and upgrades, but the reason I would love to own one of these little babies is STORAGE space, or should I say lack thereof! Thanks Jeff, for all you do, I learn so much from your site.

    1. Awe, thanks Jacki. You’re always so sweet. I know what you mean, storage space is a minimum!!! Not having to large saws in the garage means one can park in the garage, haha.

  93. Jan says:

    This would be a welcome tool for my husband with his various projects. He has been using an antique table saw which was my grandfather’s or the trusty old hand saw. I worry about using such an old saw and this would be great for him. We plan on moving soon, so there will be lots of usage of this.

    1. His saw sounds really amazing Jan. Sometimes those old tools are priceless. I do agree that the Rip-Cut could help with your projects. Are you moving to a newer home or older one?

  94. Dan says:

    Thanks for the tip, plywood is my favorite material. How about any tips on circular saw and blades for cutting plywood.

    1. Plywood is awesome Dan, I like getting the circular saw up to full speed before cutting. And having a 60 tooth saw makes smooth cuts. Setting the depth to 1/4″ more than the thickness of the plywood also cuts down on blowout.

      What project are you working on?

  95. Susan Southwick says:

    Im in the midst of a major bathroom remodel…. this would help so much, since I’m dowing it on my own! 🙂

    1. Awesome Susan, congrats on starting your bathroom remodel. You can do it 😀

      Please feel free to joint the HRT community to post any questions. It’s a great group of people.

  96. Greg says:

    I just encountered this problem and solved it by clamping a strip of plywood to the board as a guide. But this tool would be must faster. I hope that I win and use it on my next garden bed project.

    1. Had to do that myself Greg, not altogether bad but not all that efficient. Oh well, at least we both have a solution 😀

      What do you grow in your garden beds?

  97. Sandra Lea says:

    Just bought a new house, there are so many projects to do. This would definitely come in handy. I also create mosaics and this would be helpful in building my substrates.

    1. Wow Sandra, I’d love to see your mosaics. What is the substrate that you use?

  98. Jeff Grant says:

    any sheets or long cuts that I need to make!!

    1. This and a circular, all you need buddy 😀

  99. Michael Grady says:

    Wow! What an awesome tool! The project I just finished would’ve gone a lot more smoothly with this Kreg rip-cut. I had to place my plywood on saw-horses, measure & mark, line up a 2×4 on the mark (subtracting the distance from saw’s blade to edge), clamp the 2×4 into place on each end, adjust the blade depth so as not to mutilate my saw-horses….then cut. WHEW!…and I had to do this about 6 times. I really need one of these!

    1. Holy Toledo, now that’s one heck of a process just to get a straight cut. Sorry I couldn’t have had this give away sooner so you would have know about it Michael. Glad you were ingenious and got the cuts you needed without losing any digits 😀

  100. Phyllis Sappenfield says:

    My husband of 44 years and 11.5 months passed away last June 6. I am now living with my daughter, son-in-law, and their 3 small children. “We” are going to convert their garage into a bedroom / bathroom for me. (Currently sharing a room with the 5 year old). This sounds like a great tool to help us. Thank you.

    1. Oh my gosh, sorry to hear about your husband Phyllis. Death is never easy.

      The conversion sounds like a great project. Hopefully it expands your space and gives your more privacy.

      You might want to think about heated floors if the garage is a slab. Ditra Heat might be a great option 😀

  101. michael says:

    I am not a professional or experienced wood cutter but, due to the needed replacement of our squeaky kitchen floor and our kids bathroom floor, I believe that the Kreg Rip-Cut tool would be a advantage to my success at completing these repairs in our home like a pro!

    1. Those darn squeaky floors. One tip I have Michael is to check for any loose subfloor sections that make noises and hammer them down into the joist using ring shank nails. I try to do this for any rooms that are getting new hardwood or carpet 😀

  102. Laura Z. says:

    My project (seemingly never ending , ha ha) is tearing off the vinyl siding, section by section, and repairing or replacing rotted wood, then adding insulation and covering with OSB (cheaper than plywood), then tar paper, metal lathe, a concrete scratch coat, and finally, manufactured brick. The OSB is too heavy, so I have the store cut the 4×8 sheets in half. Then I cut them down further at home with my circular saw. Which, BTW, I was quite lucky to get on Craigslist for $5. It’s a 1960s era Milwaukee, and It’s THE BEAST! It’s heavy, all metal parts, and RIPS through the OSB. But given its weight, it’s unwieldy to lift to cut my boards on saw horses, and I’ve never been able to manage a truly straight cut. Using it on the ground like Jeff demonstrated with the Kreg Rip-Cut would help me to “go straight.” LOL!

    1. Lol, like that BEAST reference Laura. And $5, what a steal.

      You have your hands full with the siding. Now that’s a project. You gotta keep us posted on your progress.

      Feel free to join the HRT Facebook group and post pics 😀

  103. Mark says:

    With no table saw, cutting perfectly is a challenge for me – even with a cutting guide. This Kreg rip-cut would sure would help in the renovation project I have this summer.

    1. What project are your working on Mark? Sounds like a good one 😀

  104. Ashish Kasturia says:

    Use it to cut the laminate floor boards to install in the basement.

    1. Awesome Ashish, I’d love to see pics of your project. Never thought of using it for this purpose. You could also use a circular saw with a rafter square 😀

  105. Lee Wever says:

    i cut lots of sheet goods making projects for the kids, grand kids, and the wife. I could make good use of the Kreg rip-cut. I love the new Kreg inavative tools.

  106. Bob marshall says:

    I’m going to be making a corn hole set, so I will need this cool tool!!!

  107. Paul Fisher says:

    Built in storage cabinets for the garage! Clean cuts on the plywood bodies!

  108. Tom Zero says:

    Flooring for a 12×10 storage shed. I’m lousy at cutting plywood! This should be a God-send for me.

  109. AL. RAMOS says:

    Well I’ve never won anything on your site or offers but I would use it to cut plywood for three residences for covering the windows during hurricane season. Thanks. AL

  110. Mark F says:

    I would love it to build shelves and counter tops in my garage! I have other Kreg Jigs, and they work awesome!

  111. Dave says:

    Going to completely redo our only bathroom…ugh! Floor to ceiling. We have older home, need running water during all of this. Plaster walls coming down and new dry wall, new sub floor & finish floor, new cabinets and appliances as well. Kreg rip-cut would make all cuts so much neater and easier. Good luck all who enter.

  112. patrick kidder says:

    I have two table saws that don’t work. and I have one circular saw that cant cut a straight line. The line looks a snake track in the sand.
    Ok It’s not the saw . It’s me.
    So I believe the Kreg Rip cut tool will be the answer

  113. fran says:

    don’t have any project in the works, but i bet i could conjure up a few (thousand) ideas that would benefit from the use of this kreg rip-cut!

  114. simplydab says:

    My boyfriend and I are remodeling, and we’re currently working on the stairs. This would be great to use to rip plywood for the risers.

    Plus I’m a lefty, which means I’ll be able to partake in the fun, too!!!!!!

  115. Benjamin Carrasquillo says:

    I LOVE doing diy projects just as much as my wife loves giving them to me. I also have an Etsy shop for custom woodworking and this tool would make life easier.

  116. Scott Giese says:

    We are hoping to build a storage shed for our back yard. Needless to say, there will be wood involved. Additionally needless to say, cutting of said wood will, also be needed, duh! My fiancee has been known to refer the cuts I’ve made in the past, useless and amateur. Now, of course, the truth is, as I’ve pointed out to her, so very many times, while driving to the lumber yard to purchase a replacement piece of wood, again, that I the correct adjective would be artistic. The staff at the lumber yard now greet us by name. Will this tool solve our problem? Hope remains eternal.

  117. Trent Theye says:

    Being a small construction business owner, I could find countless ways to utilize this tool!!!

  118. geneva ratliff says:

    my husband a builder,great father’s day gift

  119. John H says:

    We just moved last year. I’ve got organization to do!! Which translates to SHELVES!! I plan on building shelves with plywood in the basement and in the garage and in the attic and in the shed.
    The Kreg jig would certainly help and produce nice straight clean edges.
    Thank you!
    Great DIY stuff every week. Keep it comin’!!!

  120. Tommy Lemery says:

    I have a 4 page Honey Do List , not just from my wife, but my mother in law as well. This rip cut tool would be a great help and save me some cash.

  121. Paul C says:

    I have tried ripping plywood and either end up with crooked cut edges or the plywood falls off of the saw table due to it being hard to balance on the table or prop up on sawhorses. This device would help greatly, especially being a lefty!

  122. jemelia nash says:

    This is what I need, I’m constantly waiting for someone else to cut my material and my projects take forever for me to finish. It would be really nice to have this in my arsenal.

  123. Hank WolgastH says:

    I used to have a tool that was similar to the Kreg tool for ripping plywood. I loaned it to a friend that said it was stolen from his garage. It was not as nice as the Kreg tool and it wouldn’t rip a full sheet in half. The new Kreg tool would really come in handy for ripping the plywood into strips for the shelves that I am installing in the front of my garage. Thanks, your videos sure make a tough job easier. Keep up the good work that you share with us every day.

  124. Linda P says:

    I’m going to rebuild the sides on my mower bagger wagon and also some shelving for church. This tool would be awesome for making those plywood cuts straight!

  125. Liz Noetzel says:

    Sorry Canada? What about Sorry Hawaii? We are a state, in our country. Just sayin.

  126. Gina G says:

    I’m trying to move to a new town this summer. The house I have been eying online is labeled “handyman’s dream.” The agent says it is down to the studs with no interior walls. I see lots of sheet cutting in my future. This would be a HUGE help.

  127. I am a small farm operator who is always involved in building, or re- building something. As a person with “back problems”, this looks like a HUGE aid in NOT having to man handle heavy, bulky items items on a table saw. AND if I’m happy, my wife is happy. Thank you .

  128. Heather G says:

    You are awesome as ever. I’m usually the one holding the straight edge and sheet of plywood so hubby can try to cut a straight line. And, when it’s not straight…of course it’s my fault–I didn’t hold something right…well who would when you’re worried about the safety of your face and/or fingers, right 🙂 This would take me out of the equation and maybe prevent a few “discussions.” He’s going to put a floor in the attic for storage in the Fall and I was NOT looking forward to helping with THAT project. This sure would help.

  129. Adrianne Hurtig says:

    I’d love this tool! I’m going to make plywood cut out’s for my grandchildren’s outdoor plays (theater). My plan is to hang up a white sheet for movie showings afterwards, but make all of these incredibly awesome stand-up plywood props…encourage their imaginations and provide me with some free entertainment and wonderful memories! This saw would be very handy!!

  130. BJ says:

    Just bought a 1955 ranch home and am working to cost effectively make it accessible.

  131. Maria says:

    I plan to make a luan plywood tile floor in my dining room, his would really help the cuts look more professional.I’m a newby at this and can use all the help possible.

  132. Tim says:

    would like to build a king sized bed for my wife. She deserves it.

  133. pat cornell says:

    Hey Jeff,
    This tool is right up my alley, I’ve never seen a cooler tool than this. I’ve been wantin to build a shed in my back yard and this, would be the ideal tool to use.
    I have a radial saw but, can’t rip plywood very good on that. I hope u enjoy your week-end……………..Good-luck with your bathroom………………..Pat

  134. Rich says:

    I need to build an entertainment center for my basement “theatre”. I also need to build shelving for my garage.I have built guides in the past that it worked pretty well, but suffered from the problems listed above. This tool looks fantastic. Can’t wait till win mine.

  135. Genio Cinelli says:

    I plan to remodel our second bathroom soon. I needed to cut wood for a new sub-floor on the first bathroom last time and it was a nightmare. Funny, I did try the table saw by myself, like you stated and realized that it was not going to work out, so I did the clamp trick. I have a few other Kreg Jigs and this one would be a nice addition and help me out.

    Best Regards,

  136. Glen Gregory Jr. says:

    I’m planning to make a platform bed with drawers. The top will be plywood. The Kreg tool would be very helpful. I recently used the Kreg Jig to make screen frames for my deck. What a great tool. The make great tools!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  137. sheri says:

    We just bought a new house. I have several home projects we want turn build. These include making a stand for the washer and dryer, building shelves, an entertainment center, and some end tables. There is lots to build!

  138. Judi says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this for lefties!

  139. Mary O. says:

    Not only do I need to build some dog houses, I would also like to build a pump house. Thanks for the great information and giveaways.

  140. Beth Clothier says:

    We’re doing a rehab on a 200 year old house and have a lot of cutting to do! After the last inhabitants left leaving it unlivable, we’ve been doing a lot of work to bring this beauty back to life.

  141. Linda says:

    I have several out side buildings that need to be constructed. Using the Kreg rip cutting tool would make this a breeze! Thank you in advance.

  142. Adam says:

    Just bought our first house, time to fix it up for the new baby! This thing would help with a bunch of improvements we need to do from putting subfloor and storage into the attic to building a respectable shop space in the garage.

  143. Susan C. says:

    I am working on a small bathroom remodel which includes replacing the counter top. I also need to put shelves in the armoire that I recently purchased. So, the Kreg Rip Cut would definitely make cutting the plywood a piece of cake! P.S.

  144. Andy says:

    I do projects a few times a year and have to borrow or just do the best I can with the tools I have. This tool would help make it easier to do my dyi jobs and maybe take on other projects. I am always wandering if I can purchase the equipment that Is needed and if I have the equipment, where can I store it. This looks like a great tool at a reasonable cost and not create a major storage problem. (check your weight of a sheet of plywood)

  145. Kathleen says:

    We are doing built- ins in a mud room project, and my husband doesn’t feel like we can handle the large sheets of plywood. We got pre-made boxes instead. 🙁 I Need this! Thank you for the opportunity.

  146. Matt p says:

    Rehabbing a swing set that neighbors gave us for my girls. None of the pieces are standard sizes so I will be doing a lot of rip cuts.

  147. Myrna Ball says:

    Thanks for letting me enter this drawing. We could really use this “Kreg’s Rip-Cut” for our home DIY projects and our rental repairs.

  148. Victoria says:

    I like to do my own diy projects at home. My son and I are planning to build a bigger shed…and also a deck. The rip-cut seems like the perfect tool…and I am a tool girl.

  149. waykno says:

    My first use would be to rip plywood for under sink floor replacement. Pretty nifty.

  150. roginc says:

    I would use it to make bench seating for my dinning room. We had twins and now need the space for everyone to sit at the table to eat family meals. With the twins along I don’t have the money to go out and buy a table saw or even the Kreg rip cut tool

  151. Jeff,
    I’ve been using a long scrap piece of plywood clamped to the wood upon which I wish to cut a straight line. The Kreg Rip-Cut system would sure help me out as I endeavor to make many varied straight cuts in some shelving material I’m trying to put together in my garage. Thank you for the opportunity to try to win this handy tool !

  152. Tristan W says:

    Oh man. In dire need of some shelving solutions in my garage; zero space to walk around vehicles.

    This little time-saver would help a ton.

  153. Liliana Wells says:

    With one of these we could finally get to work on finishing our basement. Thanks

  154. Rebecca says:

    Would love to win the Kreg Rip-Cut for my son-in-law and daughter who are putting in new hardwood and sub flooring. It would be a GREAT Father’s Day surprise present! Love your tutorials!

  155. Jeff says:

    My son wants to build a ninja warrior course in our backyard – this would be invaluable!

  156. Wallace says:

    Hi, I have to replace the roof on my garage, however I find that not all the rafters are 16″ on center. With this tool I could cut the plywood to fit the space between the off center rafters. Hope I win. Thanks W. Sanford

  157. I would love to have one of these “thingamajigs” because I do need to cut 4′ X 8′ sheets of plywood on occasion.

  158. Debbe Harris says:

    That would be awesome! First off I am a woman that loves to build stuff, as do a lot of us. Trying to redo a mobile home floor for my daughter and it would really come in handy cause as you said plywood is heavy and we have to (wo)man handle it. Sure would be easier to cut with the Kreg Rip Cut attachment. Thanks for the chance to win it!!!

  159. Wade says:

    Finally going to start building my shed since were are outgrowing our house!

    This Kreg tool would really be nice to have on this project!


  160. David says:

    Would love to win this as I have no room for a table saw. Great tool.

  161. Brett P says:

    I would love to have the Rip Cut to use while building my 5 yr old twins a playhouse in the backyard!

  162. Marlene says:

    Need to redo my bathroom…new tub unit, need a sub floor base…

  163. Lani King says:

    This could help with so many projects! New deck, cabinets for the garage, too many to mention! Thanks for your tutorials, love them!

  164. Susan Tarsikes says:

    The Kreg rip cut would be put to use, starting with the roof of my house, shed and garage. Then we would move to the bathroom for a remodel. Then I’d move to the basement for it’s remodel. This house is over 120 years old and can always use a little more attention.

  165. Steven Day says:

    I have just got the kreg jig and for my first project i plan on making a filing cabinet/bench! All out of 3/4 ply. This would help me so much to make sure i can get the straight rips i need! I cant wait to get started and ill wait to see if this will help me on my way to building my first piece of furniture!

    Thanks for the chance to win i’m excited that this may grow my kreg tools to 2 🙂

  166. Craig Donnelly says:

    I bought a project house here in MA. Kitchen is done, big job, and I did have help.
    Now I’m just past gutting the upstairs bath, and with sub floor plumbing updates, I’m taking up the planks and starting with a fresh subfloor. So yeah, cutting 3/4 plywood on the garage floor on 2x4s is my method. And like Jeff, The Home Repair Tutor on Facebook, says these things weigh 2000 lbs apiece! Currently snapping a line. More projects on the horizon, Turning 1st floor bath into laundry room, Combining 2 first floor bedrooms into master with master bath and walk-in closet. So yeah, cutting straight line with a Kreg’s Rip-Cut jig like that would be cool, even if you do spell your name wrong 🙂 -Craig

  167. Marlene says:

    This would be a great tool helping me cut a straight line when cutting out all my pieces when I make my bee hive components.they usually are alittle crooked and my not fit well. Great for other outdoor projects that I make too. Thanks a lot for all you tips/videos.

  168. Joey Robinson says:

    My table saw is broken, I could really use this tool!

  169. Renee Pedersen says:

    Jeff – I really, really need this saw. The saw that I am currently using was a hand me down from my father when he bought a new one in the 70’s. That’s right – the thing is at least 40 years old! All I can say about it is that it works. I have boards that I need to rip for a bedroom project I am working on for my grandson. I think this saw would be wonderful – and a lot more safer!!!!

  170. Debbie Miracle says:

    Initially I could use it to customize the piece of beadboard I need for my bathroom ceiling – it looks very useful!

  171. Ron Hart says:

    I completely gutted my bathroom including much of the floor, and now need to start putting it back together. Looks like a useful guide.

  172. Danielle Clifton says:

    My next project will be a piece of furniture for my kids’ playroom that will serve as toy storage. Having the Kreg Rip Cut there on-hand would allow me to customize it as needed, instead of having all the wood cut at the big box store. I don’t own a table saw, so the Kreg Rip Cut sure would come in handy in making straight, even cuts.

  173. Greg says:

    Bought my “new” house 2 Yrs. ago, need I say more!!!
    built my 12 x 12 shed last year, still needs some shelves. =^)

  174. Walter Hanig says:

    Enclosure for pet tortoises

  175. Kimberly E. says:

    This would be perfect for my husbands next project which is to lay down plywood up in our attic so he can make space to store my boxes of “stuff” (aka clutter). Anything to make his life a little easier since I add so much for him to do. ;-P

  176. Matt Ownbey says:

    I have a rental and a vacation home that constantly have projects going on. Also I do work at my folks home. This is a great, portable solution for a portable DIYer!

  177. Suzanne Bethard says:

    I want to do a plank wall in my kitchen. This would really help me achieve that as I plan to get a new circular saw for hubby for Father’s Day.

  178. Huslhard says:

    My photos are crooked, my daughter’s art projects lean when I help her and I just can’t draw a straight line to save my life. I’m renovating my bathroom and this tool will hopefully help me cut my underlayment straight.

  179. Larry C says:

    I would only cut wood with my Kreg rip-cut. I swear to Norm Abram that I would not use it for evil purposes.

  180. BETTY LITHER says:

    I am a day late but wow I could use this alot I live in a mobile home with my husband and daughter and grand daughter as you would know ALL our floors are plywood and we had a really bad water leak and are now in the process of having to replace our floors and walls a little at a time in between doing my chemo at the VA hospital in dallas,tx and because of budget we are doing as much as we can with NONE OR AS FEW MISTAKES as we can we sure could use one of these.

  181. Matthew says:

    I would use it when I build my shed, garage, or next house.

    BTW, I saw this product at Lowe’s last week.

  182. Denny Stamps says:

    Wish I had found your videos sooner, you tips and products you have shown would have saved me time and money on my home projects and maybe saved the neighbors from listening to some colorful language with my screw ups 🙂

  183. Kimberly Garside says:

    The rip guide is EXACTLY what I need. My husband and I are renovating a 75 year old house. He does the tile, brick, etc. and I do the wood projects. I really struggle with our circular saw and I would love to be able to do the perfect cuts without asking him to help me!

    1. You’d like this tool Kim, it’s pretty easy to use. Plus it’s way cheaper than a table saw!! Let me know how you like it 😀

  184. Noel Morin says:

    The Kreg products have been amazing. I need to have one of these rip jigs to make building road cases for DJ and VJ gear accurately. Great for the novice DIYer.


    1. Glad you liked this tutorial Noel, Kreg does make great stuff 😉

      Makes projects faster and easier

  185. DAVID HUFF says:

    I’am a retired builder and all I do is handyman work this would would work great

  186. Scott Calvin says:

    I am planning to build shed in my backyard this summer

  187. Melissa M says:

    I am trying to renovate my kitchen by using plywood to turn my flat laminate cabinets into shaker cabinets, so this tool would come in extremely handy with my project. I also plan on renovating both of my bathrooms at some point in the future and it would be great for that as well.

  188. Angus Clark says:

    Love to have one to go with the go with the rest of my Kreg tools

  189. Michael D. Zimmerman says:

    I have built a couple of subwoofer cabinets from plans I obtained on the internet. I used my brother’s Craftsman table saw to build them. It worked very well but is not very easy to use if you do not have the space for feeding the plywood into and out of the saw.
    With the Kreg Rip Cut I’ll only need half as much space and still get the consistent repeatability of the table saw. Perfect parallel cuts are a very good thing!

  190. I hate to say it, but me and a circular saw don’t get along. No matter how fast or slow I go, my cut looks like a snake trail. I would love to build a closet unit and a full wall shelf unit for my granddaughter using both the Kreg rip cut and the pocket hole drill unit for the straightest and tightest joints possible. She is 3 years old and loves to climb and investigate everything that’s why I want it built to top quality standards. I would LOVE to win one of the Kreg Rip -Cut saw guides to get m started on a few projects that I can be proud of. Thanks Kreg!

  191. Darwin Thompson says:

    Looks like a tool I could really use for my projects.

    1. It’s pretty amazing Darwin. Great if you’re cutting plywood by yourself and need a square cut.

  192. Mark S says:

    I would use the Kreg Rip Cut to build custom wall cabinets for my wife in our living room.

  193. I’m finishing our basement and would use it to rip down sheet goods to make shelves and maybe build a sauna. I’ve been putting off getting a table saw because the basement remodel has been pricey enough.

  194. Timothy Green says:

    Just bought a smaller home as we are downsizing and recently had to retire…
    Would love winning an item like this to assist in my Reno…..

  195. Hello, I think your website migght be hving browser compatibility
    issues. Whhen I look at your website in Safari, it looks finee but
    when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give youu a quick heads up!

    Other then that, fantastic blog!

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