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Build a BIG Outdoor Storage Bench

I hate soggy seat cushions.

Lately we’ve been getting biblical rainfalls in Pittsburgh.

Yes, we’re fortunate but we’ve also had flooding.

So I decided to do something about it, not the flooding (I’m not Al Roker).

This past weekend I built an awesome outdoor storage bench.

It’s HUGE  and could serve as an Ark for several guinea pig families or two grade school kids.

Yes I’ve got some funny video clips so don’t miss out on this project because it’s not hard to build and a fantastic storage solution.

Getting Started with a Big Storage Bench

Even if you don’t have seat cushions this storage bench is incredible for toys, tools, and serves double duty as seating.

You don’t have to be a carpentry guru to build it either. I’m not!!

Plus, I’m offering a cool tool giveaway at the end of this post. Who doesn’t love tools?

Here’s the supply list for the storage bench

Yes, this is a bigger supply list than usual.

But you can definitely borrow a lot of the tools. Just be a nice friend and get a replacement saw blade if you use your compatriot’s circular saw.

I’m stoked to show you this storage bench.

There’s no doubt it’s hefty and kicks some major butt.

Simple Math and One Saw!

I don’t own a truck.

It looks funny hauling 1 x 4 x 8 pieces of wood in the back of a car.

But you can do it.

Maybe measure to make sure it’s physically possible, lol.

Since my storage bench is specifically for our seat cushions I measured the total height of all cushions.

Determine Bench Height

You should determine how high you want the bench to sit. Keep in mind that most outdoor chairs are 20-22 inches high, so it might be a good idea to keep the bench around this height.

The first step you need to take is to make a frame from the plywood and 1 x 4.

Lay the plywood flat and measure its length & width. Cut pieces of 1 x4 so that the front pieces overlap the side pieces (don’t worry I explain this in the video tutorial).

Apply a bead of Titebond III wood glue to the short sides of the plywood. Then drill two holes on both the left and right side. This prevents the 1 x4 from splitting.

Attach the 1 x 4 to the plywood using 2 inch outdoor wood screws.

Now you can do the same thing for the front pieces of 1 x 4 and your base frame is complete.

Build a frame

Since the storage bench is going to weigh a ton I decided to add four casters.

Turn the base frame upside down and measure 3 1/2 inches over from the left and right side.

Add a 2 x 4 to both the left and right side using 2 inch outdoor screws.

Add 2x4s to bottom

It should be the same width as the plywood because you’re going to add a skirt around the bottom of the base frame (again, this is all explained in the video :))

And you’ll use a sensational tool to accomplish this!!!

Use the Kreg Jig – Make Life Easy

Skirts hide legs.

But in our case the skirt hides casters, because unlike legs most people don’t like seeing casters.

Did you know George Clooney was voted sexiest legs in 2002? Just a side note.

You’re going to use a Kreg Jig to attach the skirt.

Kreg Jig

If you’re like me you might be a bit frightened by the word Jig. In my mind it implies some magical carpentry skill that I have no idea how to manage.

But don’t worry. By the end of this you’ll love the Kreg Jig. I promise.

Set the Kreg Jig and it’s drill bit to 3/4 inch depth because we’re working with 3/4 inch 1 x 4 lumber.

Cut four more pieces of 1 x 4 lumber that match the dimension of the base frame.

Measure 2 inches in from the edge of the short pieces of 1 x 4.

Clamp your Kreg Jig to the 1 x 4 and drill two pocket holes using your drill and the Kreg drill bit.

Clamp Jig to 1x4s

Attach the short pieces of 1 x 4 to the bottom of the frame using 1 1/2 inch coarse pocket screws.

Do the exact same thing to the front and back pieces of 1 x 4. And add two extra pocket holes in the middle for more support.

Drill Pocket Screws into 1x4s

Add two screws to the face of the long 1 x 4’s left and right side. These are the only face screws and they attach the long and short 1 x 4s.

Add Screws to Face of Long 1x4

Your skirt is done!!

The best part is the faces of the 1 x 4 look clean without a ton of screws showing. They’re all hidden because of the pocket holes.

Use the exact same method to build up the sides of your storage bench.

I needed 7 rows of 1 x 4. You might need less.

Either way it’s not hard to build. using the Kreg Jig. Yes, it takes some time but is truly simple.

Watch my video to see the entire step-by-step process.

My goober daughters make a few appearances and show you just how big the storage bench can be πŸ™‚

What’s Next

If you liked this project you’ll love seeing how we built a rustic cooler – it’s awesome!

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community.



Build Outdoor Storage Benches

  1. MARTIN BYATT says:

    I have too many project coming up that need a circular saw and thus I am in the market for one right now – but a FREE one would be even better. Projects include: Board & Batten, Dining Room table, Storage Benches (just like this one), various shelves around the house including linen closet, kitchen, clothes closet, bathroom vanity etc.

    1. Holy christmas nuts, you’re gonna be busy Martin.

      You do need a saw, haha.

      Which project is first?

      1. MARTIN BYATT says:

        Thanks Jeff, the Board and Batten is first on the list then we will see what strikes my fancy. Cheers.

  2. Erin Hicks says:

    I have begun the demo process on our powder room and will need to start by cutting out the floor then working my way up. I am excited to hopefully win the saw to help me in this process.

    1. You’d love this saw Erin. I did that exact project just two weeks ago with this saw and a diamond blade. It was AWESOME.

      Worked like a charm. Although a lot of dust everywhere. Tape the register for sure πŸ™‚

      Are you redoing the entire bathroom?

  3. Stephen Savarimuthu says:

    Hello Jeff! My wife Kelsea and I love your channel on YouTube and frequent it often.

    We have been married for just over a year and have been living in an apartment for all of that time. We are now buying our first home and are super excited for it! One of our first projects that we are wanting to tackle is building our own dining room table. This would be our first larger DIY project and are excited as we plan on it being a table that all of our future children create memories at and hopefully one day will be passed on to them. We have been looking at buying a circular saw just for this project and for many more projects to come at our new home.

    Thanks for all of your amazing tutorial videos and ideas!

    1. Congrats Stephen on your first house!!!

      So exciting to hear about your wedding and new home purchase. My wife and I were in the exact same situation about 12 years ago.

      Whew, time goes by quickly.

      I’d love to see your table. I told Sherri in an earlier comment that my buddy made a table like the one you want and it turned out great.

      Let me know what projects you’d like to tackle in your new house, maybe I can make a few videos for you and Kelsea πŸ˜€

  4. June Wies says:

    My project would be to make a 10′ x 10′ gazebo with a plant shelf on each inside corner for my yard. Also that I would like to have a way to hang screen curtains up. I already have the canvas topper, but the metal frames that you get are so flimzy and do not last. Hoping you can help in a tutorial for this.

    1. Your gazebo project sounds fantastic June. Love your design concept.

      Are you looking to do this some time soon?

  5. Mary says:

    Love your tutorials! I help a friend flip houses, doing all the “women’s work”. I paint (especially trim…my friend hates tedious jobs), small handyman jobs, give (unsolicited) advice on colors/decor and clean. Your drill brush and Super Clean for grease have been lifesavers!

    1. Thanks Mary, I love the Super Clean and drill brush too. Nothing like saving time on cleaning tasks.

      Sounds like you do more than just a little handywoman work. You’ve got some serious talent πŸ˜€

  6. Sunil Narayanan says:

    I have a laminate wood floor project that I will be doing in a week or two and for that I am looking to rent/ buy a circular saw.

    1. A Skil would be perfect for your project Sunil. Great price and you’d love the laser guide. It’s amazing how much the guide comes in handy.

      Make sure to take before and after pics of your floor. I’d love to see your talents in action.

  7. Marianne says:

    Wow, a great idea for storage! I desperately need to replace a very old storage tote that I am using now. I will have to make it on legs though as I do not have a very large deck or any concrete area to place it on. I love my Kreg, have only used it for one project so far, but it is well worth the $ to purchase one. I do have the large Kreg jig set on my Christmas gift list!! My circular saw has seen better days, it has held up to many projects and will always live in my shop, but a new replacement would be fantastic!!
    I am a single mom, well he’s 26 now, LOL, but I have had to learn to DIY as money has always been tight. I’ve learned to love working with wood patterns, my “shop” is set up in a space in the garage, my housemate is not always so happy that I am always wanting new tools, but she does appreciate that I can make repairs on her furniture.
    Thank you for this opportunity!! The saw sounds awesome!!

    1. Thanks Marianne. You’re right about the Kreg Jig. It’s a fantastic tool. I’m so excited to have one now.

      Sounds like we both share a love for tools. I always think about the craftsman and women who weren’t as lucky as us. Power tools make me look a lot more talented than I am, haha.

      My “shop” is also in the garage. Which explains the car parked on the driveway πŸ™‚

  8. Sondra says:

    I would love to put a new post on our mailbox. I have the post but need to cut it down a bit. This saw sure would do the trick. Also I think this storage chest would be great in the basement for safely storing Christmas decorations. I will definitely keep it in mind. Thanks!

    1. Glad you liked the post Sondra. I like your idea of storing Christmas stuff in it.

      Making a mailbox post would be a lot easier with a circular saw. You could do the whole project no problem.

  9. cindy says:

    I would love this!

    1. You totally would Cindy. It’s a great project and tool

  10. Eric R says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Love the blog and this article. The project I would likely use this on is something for my dog. My wife and I just got a black lab puppy and I’d like to come up with something to put it’s puppy chow and treats in. My father in law is a contractor and I’m far from it. But I’m creative and inclined and id love to make something to make my wife happy and my father in law proud!


    1. Creativity is so important Eric, without it the world would be a dull dull place.

      Don’t discount your skills. I bet you have a lot of talent that hasn’t show itself yet. Love your dog treat idea. That would be way cool πŸ˜€

  11. Sheila Hynes says:

    I am going to replace an old rickety banister in my kitchen with more cabinets. I would use the saw to cut the boardo I need to secure them to the floor.

    Love your website. I’m the girl who has to do it herself!

    1. That sounds like a great project Sheila. You’re the girl with talent πŸ˜€

      Thanks for all your support. Can’t wait to see your cabinet transformation. Promise me you’ll take before and after pics.

  12. Jean Whitaker says:

    I need to make this storage bench for myself.
    As I have no saw at all—-am sure hoping I can win.
    Thanks for the contest–

    1. If there’s one saw to rule them all I’d say it’s the circular saw Jean. I’ve used it for so many projects.

      The Skil saw I use has been through a lot and keeps on ticking. Solid purchase for anyone.

  13. jeff says:

    This is one that I’ve been waiting for! Deck boxes are expensive, and never the right size to store all your cushions.

    1. You’re right Jeff, the boxes are never the right size. I kinda lucked out on this one though. The cushions just fit inside, lol.

  14. Sherri Howell says:

    My next “dream” project is to build a pergola. I also want to build a farmhouse table!! This would be a great help/necessity. I love the storage bench tutorial also. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Sherri. My buddy built a farmhouse table from reclaimed wood and it turned out super well.

      I believe he just used a circular saw, too πŸ˜‰

  15. Kiki/mcgaelicgal says:

    A neighbor was tossing out a beautiful, 1920s solid wood door. I just couldn’t bear to see it trashed, so I asked him for it, even tho’ – at the time – I had no idea what to do with it. lol We’ve since rearranged the master bedroom, and I’m feeling the need for a headboard. Now all I need to do is find the plans for one! πŸ™‚ (Anyone have a link??) A good circular saw would no doubt be tremendous help, so thanks for the chance! This storage box may be the next project! πŸ˜‰ Keep these great tips & videos coming, Jeff! Hope you & yours have a great weekend!

    1. I love those doors too Kiki. They’re one of a kind. So beautiful.

      A headboard would look so awesome. Good foresight on your part πŸ˜€

      1. Kiki/mcgaelicgal says:

        In my next life I’m gonna be a “picker”! ;-p I’ve also salvaged a 2 sets of French doors (panes intact, but no handles), a 1920s wardrobe (lovely Deco curves, but missing part of its back), a 1940s hope chest (missing a leg) and 2 low-slung rattan chairs that needed re-webbing and cushions. These are the major “finds”, along with the odd vintage dining chair, shelving, end/side table, etc. The folks around here often don’t respect the history of these homes and their contents, so when someone moves or passes on, they just dump everything left behind. I’m hoping to eventually collect enough tools, time & energy to set up a shop in the basement and dive more deeply into this hobby. πŸ™‚ PS. Do you have a spot on here for your followers to post their results of your projects, or projects they’ve tackled on their own? If not, is it something you’d consider? This seems like a pretty friendly community. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d get a kick out of seeing others’ attempts at DIY! πŸ˜‰

        1. That’s a great idea Kiki. I’d love to add a page for fans’ projects.

          Maybe we could call it the Inspiration Page πŸ™‚

          Hmmm, I’ll keep you posted on this project

          1. Kiki/mcgaelicgal says:

            I think it would be very inspiring! πŸ˜‰

  16. When I moved from Kansas to California I had a yard sale and foolishly sold many tools including my circular saw, router and compound miter saw. I wish I had them all back now. I would use my circular saw to construct a cat tree for my new kitty so she could climb to the top and watch the birds and other wild life through the window and comfortably rest above the floor.

    1. Sorry to hear about your tool sale Patricia. That’s a great project, too. I’m sure your cat would thank you πŸ™‚

  17. Nick Conrad says:

    When I am building things for out-of-doors, I use Yellowood treated Southern Yellow Pine. If you let it air dry about 2 months after construction and then seal it with an oil-based clear sealer – no water clean up stuff – it will last like “a fortress”. I have pic-nic tables that I built in the mid 80s, never been covered and they are still as functional as the day I finished. In ” the day ” 16d hot dipped galvanized nails were common and I used these ( 3x dia. of deck nails ). Holes for nail were pre-drilled to prevent splitting. If you want and find it you can use pressure treated kiln dried. Costs 3x to 4x as the wet stuff but good.

    1. Whoa, now that’s what I like to hear Nick. What oil-based product do you like to use. I gotta know πŸ™‚

    2. Nick Conrad says:

      Cabot brand. Rugged stuff when applied properly ( do not forget to coat the ends if exposed ). If your wood soaks it up, let dry a few days and do another coat. Use to get it a Lowe’s. Not anymore, as it is sold by Ace Hardware.

      1. Thanks Nick, I’m always on the look out for great products. If it worked for you then I’d be up for using it πŸ˜€

  18. Patty Jensen says:

    I have a simple, for some, project that I need to do SOON. The three steps leading from my home outside are in major need of replacement. All I have to do is to replace the, I think their legit name is, “treads”. However, there is a fear of a saw. I know that I can go to a lumber yard and pay to have them cut…however, I really want to say that “I did this by myself”. Pride

    1. Pride is a good thing Patty.

      I’m proud of you for just saying that in your comment.

      A circular saw and rafter square are all you need to cut your tread or risers. I like to use two 2 x 12 pieces of lumber to support long boards (using my kneed and body weight to hold down the boards). Then I cut the wood with the saw in like 5 seconds.

      You can see in the video how I did this with the 1 x 4s πŸ™‚

  19. Will Goodson says:

    I’m new to DIY but have enjoyed learning from all of your posts. My personal favorite is the dirt buster 3000, which I have to say is the best thing I have in my house. It cleans everything from golf clubs to bathroom tile. The circular saw would be great for us. We have been in our new home for about a year, and our twins just turned a year old this month as well. And with twins, come all of the things that twins need. Toys, clothes, more toys, more clothes, and a million diapers! So our next project is to build shelves in an array of places in our house – under the stairs in the basement, in a closet we don’t use for anything, and then of course this outside storage bin that looks perfect for a variety of uses.

    1. Twins!!! You’ve got your hands full Will.

      Godbless you and your wife. Whew. Our daughters are 20 months apart and that was tough enough.

      You could store a lot of clothes and diapers in this bench. Although an accompanying Costco membership might be necessary.

  20. Linda Crandall says:

    Hubby and I will be building a new wall unit for our basement. I would love to win this saw. It’s awesome, looks like it handles well, and let’s face it – we need it to cut the wood πŸ™‚ Our plans are for a large center unit followed by two side units – one with a twin Murphy Bed on one end and a small desk use area on the other. This saw will help us complete the project in now time – getting our move room on tract and giving us a place for our guests to rest. Thanks you for the great post. I love building and am looking forward to our next project.

    1. Sounds like you and your husband are pretty handy Linda. Love your ideas for the basement.

      Make sure you send me some pictures, I’d love to see your progress.

  21. david nelson says:

    Hi Jeff,I showed your storage box to my son and he asked me if he could barrow my Kreg so he could build it next weekend.He wants it for all the kids pool toys. Thanks for all you do to help us DIY wannabes.

    1. Awesome David, I think your son will like this project. He’s free to ask me questions any time, either here or via email.

      I’d be happy to help. Yes, my wife is very patient and loving. I’m a very luck guy and typing this as she sits across from me doing a puzzle, hehe.

      1. David Nelson says:

        YES, we are both very lucky guys!
        Thanks again, David

  22. Dirk Smit says:

    Hi Jeff: Great project. Our kids have a plastic storage cabinet but, last time I looked, they could use another one, especially for sports equipment. So I’m going to pass this project on to my son-in-law for his implementation. Unless, of course, I win the saw, in which case I will offer to help him, just to give me a chance to use the saw, or at least lend him the saw.

    1. So you’re saying you’ll only help him if you win the saw Dirk, LOL.

      Just kidding. This storage bench would be great for toys. It’s certainly big enough. Could be a good excuse to buy more toys for the grandkids πŸ˜€

  23. Deb says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas and tutorials. I totally love the storage idea! We very much need one to store our cushions in, but that would need to be project #4.
    First on the list is to build new stairs for a small deck that we have under a pergola. Right now, they just aren’t wide enough. We had a deadline for a gathering, made them in a hurry, didn’t have enough material on hand, and they have been this way for three years. We are in the process of staining and re-sealing the wood and now would be the perfect time to correct the stair issue. Could really love and use a new circular saw to replace our antiquated one that most likely should be featured on an Episode of American Pickers.

    1. American Pickers is AWESOME. Frank is hilarious.

      You do have a lot of projects Deb. I just did a staining project today using Olympic Elite. First time I ever used it but the end product looks good. You should check it out because it’s oil based and may last longer. Plus, when it needs to be reapplied you don’t need to sand or strip it.

      Which I’m all about πŸ™‚

      Keep me posted on your projects.

  24. Sally says:

    Good morning, Jeff!

    GREAT tutorial as usual. I live in Florida, however, and could never make a box for anything without some type of air flow. Mold and mildew are the enemies of all things here. Would you recommend drilling holes on the sides and bottom or perhaps leaving some space between the slats? Thanks for your expertise! Sally

    1. I might actually do just that Sally. For air flow and for water drainage if for some reason rain gets inside.

      One thought I did have was to glue some small screening material over the holes so that bugs won’t get inside. You’d probably want to do this as well.

  25. Jeff! I’ve been totally looking for some good ideas for outdoor kid storage! I know you said not to (but I saw you wink). Do you recommend a Popsicle drip pan?

    Great storage idea. I’d not seen this stacked construction method. I’d have to find a way to protect the wood out here. The sun destroys wood pretty quickly.

    1. LOL, you always crack me up John.

      A popsicle drip drain is recommended. Especially in AZ.

      I just now applied a coat of spray on Helmsman spar urethane to protect the wood. I bet you might need something stronger.

      What do you use?

      1. I really hadn’t tried anything other than paint or stain yet. Both take a sun beating.

  26. Diane Finley says:

    Hi! I am new to your blog and new to using tools. Other than a hammer or a screwdriver, I am pretty much clueless when it comes to using tools and building things. In the past I’ve relied on my father to be my repairman, but he recently passed and now I’m on my own. Soooo, I need to get tooling and this saw would be awesome for me to use – my first project would be to expand the cat room on my porch!

  27. Jean Uher says:

    Deck repair badly needed. This saw would be fantastic!

  28. Karl Snowden says:

    We are going to be replacing all the flooring in the house. I am needing to build a work bench for my garage. I have a 14 year old son who I’m hoping to teach a thing or two about home improvement and DIY projects, so that he will be smarter than I in the future. Keep up the blog. Excellent work.

  29. jawed sidd says:


  30. LD says:

    Someday I will build the potting bench I need and want!!

  31. Oren Marcktell says:

    I’m converting a three car carport in to a garage/art studio. The circular saw would be helpful since a) I don’t have one and b) I need one.


    Thanks man, great site.

  32. Marjorie says:

    This is a great thing you’re doing, Jeff! I’d like a circular saw because it will help me to help my brother-in-law when he helps us to do projects. For example, I’d like to add on to the front of our lopped-off-at-the-back garage so that we can park our cars in it. (Previous owner turned that “lopped off” space into a beauty parlor. Now it’s our exercise room.)

    If I win it, I’ll be grateful and happy; if someone else wins it, I’ll be happy for her / him.

  33. fran says:

    could definitely use some tools to start LONG, overdue honey-do lists now that we have 1 less kid in the nest!

  34. Britt says:

    Great Jon on the storage bench. This would also make a very sturdy toy storage bench for kids toys indoors and outdoors too. Thanks for the article…I look forward to your projects every week!

  35. Andi Hurtig says:

    Hello Jeff,

    I also love your tutorials! I always have a project (or 2 or 3) going on, so narrowing down which one I’d use the saw on, but this post has me convinced that I need to build a storage bin for all of my gardening stuff…the half bags of fertilizer, compost, hoses! Then, another for the cushions. I like the stacked cushion method of measuring – brilliant!!

  36. Joyce T. says:

    Renovating a kitchen, I know I need to add some blocking so I can attach the drywall better than the last guy……. who somehow left it “dangling” at one side. πŸ™‚

  37. Liliana Wells says:

    I have tons of projects for my husband. He s the handy one. Who couldn’t use another circular saw? I love this project you showed us and all your posts are so informative. You could even paint or stain this storage chest to make it fancier or waterproof. Thanks.

  38. Renee Tousignant says:

    My boyfriend is remodeling my backroom (cold in winter-warm in summer!). Taking out an old door-going to be a wall. Taking out a large window & putting a new door there. Also extending out the roof so we don’t get splash on by the rain. Circular saw is getting overworked–since he uses it mostly and need to purchase another, so winning one would be awesome!!

  39. Karen Hand says:

    Love your DIY projects, and have used several of your tips. We recently got a puppy and need to build a fence for our back yard so that our puppy doesn’t get out, but still has plenty of room to run and play.

  40. Victoria Mays says:

    Hi Jeff! I ran upon your site when I was trying to learn how to replace an interior door frame. Afterwards, I felt excited that I could actually do it myself even though I’m carpentry-challenged!! My husband is thinking about extending our patio and building a deck. The circular saw would be a great help!


  41. Chris H. says:

    Wow, a circular saw for *FREE*! We are avid do it “your-selfers” & just love your blog! It’s so nice to get them in our email! We always have so many projects going on. Our next one that we could use this for is when we go to remodel our bathroom (thank you for the tidbit on covering up the vent when we go to do the floors). In the future I’m sure we can use it for when we make storage shelves for the bins that hang from the ceiling (fabulous idea of course, thanks to you Mr. Patterson) in our garage! Not to mention when we are FINALLY going to be finished with our basement (in the framing stage, do I need to say more?). Our lives are endured with nothing but projects…. it seems to come down to, what can we do next? Shall we give the backyard a face lift with ponds, a beautiful deck, & of course a putting green for our very own exclusive getaway? Then of course you got the deck going up front to bring more curb appeal? We have the hardwood floors we want to install to bring ambiance into the living room. So many projects, a circular saw will definitely be hired….& be used through many years of growing and improving & help make memories that will last forever!

  42. Andrea D. says:

    There are sooo many projects that need to be done around our house. Probably the first one that I’d tackle would be making a rustic coffee table for our bonus room. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  43. Mary Howe says:

    I would love to have this, the guy who was installing my skirting on my mobile home, his saw broke down so I loaned him mine! BIG MISTAKE! He cut the cord ,not in one place, but two places. Then he says he could get fired for using my tools ,so I couldn’t tell the company. Good Gosh some things you get into!

  44. Melanie says:

    I am been wanting to get a saw for along time. I love doing home repair (saving money and a sense of accomplishment). My first project is shaving my bathroom doors down, they both stick..they need about 1/8″ trim. I have a lot of barn wood I need to cut so I can work on Projects…all in my mind at this time.

  45. Garver Brown says:

    My next project will be a entertainment center with a base cabinet then 2 tall side cabinets with a top bridge assy. Made out of Cherry. I also plan to build a second one from black ash , and sell it.

  46. Joan Gazzard-Desrosiers says:

    We have decided that grass is too much work, so have dug up our whole front lawn.!!!!!! We have lots of ideas to make it into a beautiful garden, but we are a “Work in Progress” One thing we know we will do first, is to build a Patio, and we need to make a frame. Since we are neophytes our tool supply is very sparse, so a Circular saw would be wonderful to get us on our way. Want to say how easy your directions are to follow, and have a great day. Joan

  47. sarah says:

    Re doing my house need it for alot of things it would be grat to win

  48. Harold Albert says:

    Hi Jeff
    You just solved my cushion storage problem with the storage box. Thank you.
    I have a home built in 1920. Great condition except for the enclosed front porch. It has 1970’s paneling! I want to replace it. How do I do it? Thanks.
    Harry from Worcester

    1. Hi Harry, I bet your paneling is attached to the studs with nails. If you’re committed to replacing it then you could take off the paneling with a hammer and small crowbar.

      Then you could add standard drywall πŸ™‚

  49. Myron Lasch says:

    Hello Jeff. I actually have a circular saw, but I don’t use it because it is too heavy for me
    and it uses a fence guard- no good for plywood cutting and I am terrible free hand. A laser
    line would indeed help me out. If I won this Black & Decker Circular Saw I would donate mine to a worthy cause. For projects around the house I am allways doing something.

  50. Sharon says:

    What a great birthday present this would make for my husband….THEN he could make me MY birthday present!!!! Thanks for the offer!

  51. Jennifer Bergeson says:

    I have a difficult time getting my husband motivated to do at-home projects, but THIS would really motivate him!! πŸ˜‰

  52. Patty H says:

    Your tutorials are an inspiration.
    A new saw would be a definite plus when it comes to the project of replacing the ancient wood deck in our yard,

  53. Mary Kate Kern says:

    Hi Jeff, I don’t have a project in mind at the moment but the possibilities could be endless with the circular saw. The creative juices are starting to churn.

  54. Hi, Jeff! I could really use that circular saw to build my raised garden bed and cover! Have a great week!

  55. Vernon Kurt says:

    HI I am planning to redo the roof over my hot tub, originally was a fabric top that had deteriorated and will make one with mini corrugated galvanized panels supported by 2×4 hip rafters.

  56. Jean Leonard says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I care for my disabled ex-husband, and I’m finding that many things are NOT ADA friendly – like bathroom doors (they’re too small to allow his wheelchair to get through). That will be my next project – widen the bathroom door. There are many projects on the list, since he likes to help in the kitchen – the counters are too high for someone in a wheelchair to comfortably help slice n dice, so a table that he can slide in under would be awesome, preferably a butcher block table! This storage bench would be awesome for some of the things that are necessary for folks who are disabled and need to store ‘special’ items – I believe I will finish it and keep it inside! I love the simplicity of the design!

    Have a super Sunday, my friend! Thank you for all the tips and tricks, as well as detailed instructions!

  57. Helen Y says:

    Hi Jeff,
    What projects don’t we have is more likely the question!!!! We bought a fixer upper house 3 years ago and are still fixing up. But we are looking to building our own dining room table. Big endeavor and a new saw would probably help A LOT. Thanks. Oh and the chest for the outdoor cushions is looking great.

  58. ruben zuniga says:

    The Elks lodge of which I am a member believes that service to humanity is the best work in life. We have built wheel chair ramps for veterans, a Santa sleigh for our Christmas project, a doll house for our girl scouts, volunteer for Homes For Humanity etc. We have a small collection of tools at the lodge but we usually have to bring our tools from home. The saw would be a very welcome addition to our small tool collection.

  59. Mike says:

    Plans are to make extensive renovations to my cedar deck including stairs and railings.

  60. Bill says:

    Love this site, going to try to build a coffee table, new saw would come in handy!

  61. Terrie says:

    I have a huge list but the one at the top of the list is the deck. I need to replace a few deck boards and build a table to put my portable gas grill on. And I definitely need a new circular saw.

  62. Annette says:

    My husband and I started a veggie and herb garden but in containers. We are in the process of making some planting beds because we need more space. The saw will help tremendously!

  63. Elizabeth says:

    Jeff, you make it look so easy. I need a storage chest for my deck and I might try this one! Of course, I will need a saw!!

  64. Patti White says:

    We are in the process of moving into a new house. Though it is new construction and all the major work is done, I can’t wait to get settled in and start on all those projects I’ve been dreaming of while waiting completion. Shelves, benches, storage….still dreaming and can’t wait to start. Love your emails, keep up the good work.

  65. Kim says:

    With concrete blocks for a deck, (yech) I am going to replace it with a wooden deck. I have soooo many tools for a 61 year old woman, yet I do not have a circular saw. I am tired of sawing by hand! Help! If I can replace a roof and a seal around the toilet, why not tackle the back deck! Yes-sir-ree-bob!

  66. Pat says:

    Next project is laminate floor in entry from garage

  67. Sue PassΓ© says:

    I’ve been reading your site for quite a while. When I checked YouTube for the outside bench it said you had removed it. I would like to watch this, especially the way you built it. Oh, and my next project is a kitchen island. I’m planning on incorporating the dogs food and water bowls in there to get them off the floor. Thanks for your help and advice.

    1. Hi Sue, the video should be up and running. Here’s the direct link

      I love your idea of incorporating the dog’s food and water bowl into the island. Awesome.

  68. Dave Robinson says:

    Just put a new roof on bathroom. Too many leaks to patch or repair. Afraid I may gave pushed my luck and waited too long, trying to get a little more life out of it. Now we need to do the inside from floor to ceiling. Leaks caused a lot of interior damage. Ceiling, walls & floor all need work or replaced. A new saw sure would help. And not just with this project but future one’s as well. Outdoor storage is next before winter weather sets in along the Ohio river valley. Love your site, tips, tricks & ideas.

  69. David Hoffmann says:

    It seems like a couple times a month I come across or think of a great idea for my home (many involving cutting) so I just them away until till “Someday”. I want create small shelves for herb gardens in my kitchen windows, unique storage spaces for my art space and supplies, for the basement and laundry area. I’ve also wanted to use some wood in my art pieces, but don’t have means of cutting the wood I’ve accumulated.
    I also teach elementary art at an inner city school. There are projects I want to try with my students that require wood as bases, backings and as part of the art pieces but those ideas get tucked away until “someday” when it’s in the budget to get a saw or I win a free one! πŸ™‚

  70. Elena V says:

    I’d like a saw to finish up my shelves. I’ve had to borrow my husband’s friends’ saw. I don’t like to rent tools because they don’t come with intstruction manuals. So it’s hard trying to tackle projects when you have to borrow tools. I’d sure be nice to get win a new saw…:) I really loved the tutorial on the storage bench…I would like to tackle on a project like that. Keep up with the great tutorials Jeff!

  71. Teresa Impson says:

    I am a 63yo single parent/grandma with several unfinished projects and some home remodeling to finish. I can totally use this! Thanks!

  72. MJ SANTOS says:

    I have so many projects, I can’t even begin to tell you!

  73. John says:

    I need a circular saw to cut composite decking!

  74. Mike Ruf says:

    Thanks again for your plumbing advice. I never knew adding shut – offs has become so easy in plumbing these days. My days of sweating over sweating pipes is over.

  75. WillieB says:

    I passed up a wooden tool/storage box last weekend at a garage sale. I later saw a friend pick it up and I thought I shoulda gone ahead and got it. Seeing your tutorial is prompting me to follow your instructions and make the box. I’ve got tools strewn around in “my half” of the garage, sorta neatly, but the box would make it all nice and neater. And, it would slide easily under work bench. Thanks for the easy-to-follow instructions. It will save me from just throwing something together, that I’d later realize coulda been better planned!
    Again, thanks, for this one and others in the past that have made things easier…

  76. Jodiann says:

    I think your blog is inspiring, I haven’t been able to try anything out yet;I’m working on sewing projects at the moment and am not quite ready for this. On the other hand, my husband has hinted that if he had more tools HE could work on more projects, as we have to borrow tools from my father in law. This storage bench would be perfect because that is what I have been asking to put in our foyer but also, I would like him to teach my son the basics in tools as well so both of these things would be on my agenda…for him! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for your blog!

  77. Darlene says:

    I always have some project going on. I am in the process of remodeling the bathroom in my RV. I could use the circular saw for cutting the wood for the sink cabinetry. Thank you, you are awesome!

  78. Harry Albert says:

    I don’t own a circular saw and don’t know how to even use one. I can learn. Your instructions helped me with repairing concrete last week. Many thanks. The box is a great idea for all my patio cushions. I need to remodel my enclosed front porch. It currently has 1970’s paneling. Ugly. My home is a craftsman built in 1920. Can you help?
    Harry from Worcester

  79. Laurie Forbes says:

    Would LOVE to win this saw! πŸ˜€
    And thanks for all the fantastic tutorials Jeff!
    Honestly, most I see are either so complicated & in terms I don’t understand (I’m still a beginner at DIY), or they’re so vague & not specific enough. Your projects however are simplified enough that I can do (your videos help too), and useful.
    Keep up the GREAT work please!
    (from Ontario, Canada)

    1. Thanks so much Laurie, you’re too kind. I’m so thrilled you like the videos.

      Please let me know if you want a specific tutorial because I might be able to make it πŸ˜€

  80. Cathy says:

    I have never owned a circular saw, but it’s on my wish list! I would like to start building some simple wood projects.

  81. Kathy DeWispelare says:

    I bought my first house at 60 so I am just starting to do the DIY dance–and loving it. I would like to make some outdoor furniture with 2×4 lumber. It looks like an easy first project.

  82. Shay says:

    I am currently working on fixing caulking in a tile shower….which is taking me way to long, but I want to move on to flooring in the bedrooms and a build in nook. You inspire me, just wish I had more time and tools!

  83. susan king says:

    My husband is building a deck and this would help him so much !! Thank you for the chance to win it !!

  84. Marilyn C. says:

    We are getting ready to redo the risers and tread on the stairs in our house. This sure would come in handy.

    Thanks for a great blog and videos!

  85. Frank McGrath says:

    well like all men who have homes and wives, i have many projects. And they all seem to be happening at once. currently I’m in the process of finishing my basement which I’m now able to start framing since i completed the rewiring of the house. i also just bought some old movie theatre seats that i need to refurbish so i can use in my finished basement when its done. the funny thing is that i made the mistake of reading this post and watching the movie with my wife nearby and now she wants a patio storage bench so i guess ill be building one of those too lol. thanks for all the great videos.

  86. M. Macy says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Great storage bench! I need to get that Kreg jig! It looks like it makes the project so tidy. Anyway, I’m hoping to get my garage better organized with a work bench, shelving and a lot more storage to contain the stuff that has been slowly migrating to the interior entry side of the garage. It all seems to be constantly calling to me to get the space fixed up so it can move on out there. I have a jig saw and a handsaw, but that power saw would definitely make work a lot easier. My circular saw finally fizzled out a while back and I do so miss it. πŸ™

  87. Carol Breakell says:

    Hi Jeff
    My husband, Bob, and I want to add a small front porch to our house and this saw would come in handy. We have been married 53 years so some of his tools are pretty ancient and his circular saw is one of the older tools he has. Really enjoy your DIY tips.

    Carol B

  88. C. Smart says:

    Hi, Jeff, i really enjoy checking out the tutorials. They are so much fun! I am trying to take on some of these projects all by myself. My husband thinks its great, and, is happy for me!
    The project i am looking forward to building is, a potting bench for my plants.

  89. Jim says:

    Building a cedar fence, then a shed…could use a new circular saw.

  90. Laura says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I’m lining a closet with cedar planks, to (hopefully) make it moth-proof for wool coats and other garments. I have an old yard-sale circular saw with a rough blade that I used for cutting 2x4s on another project. Since the cedar panels are more delicate, I purchased a new Diablo 60 tooth blade. Problem is, I can’t remove the nut on the circular saw to get the old blade off. It’s frozen (rusted?) on there, and I tried W-D 40 to loosen it up, to no avail! In the meanwhile, I’m cutting the boards with a Dremel, but those little blades are awfully expensive! I was thinking of buying a jigsaw, but perhaps a circular saw is a better way to go. Any advice would surely be appreciated!!

  91. Kelly Shirley says:

    While I would love to have a laser guided saw, my husband would quickly appropriate, liberate or flat out steal it. I have approx. 60′ of old cedar fencing to make into something(s) other than firewood. One of the projects is to clad the bottom half of my husband’s old gas grill that is now my outdoor work/potting/painting bench. The other(s) are to make elevated vegetable beds. The ones that sell for >$200 each and are high enough you stand up to work in them. Oh yeah almost forgot, a couple of gates for the side fences. That should take me through next spring, most likely when they will get started anyway. I’m a true procrastinator and a DIYer. So many projects and so little time.

  92. Paula Beehler says:

    Nicely done yet again Jeff!!! I asked for Kreg jig for Mother’s Day but didn’t get it! Need about 10 of those storage boxes btw :). Circular saw would be fabulous too!!

  93. Kathy Debevc says:

    Jeff, I love getting your diy newsletters, they are great. I loved the storage trunk. I haven’t worked with my tools for over 10 years because my workshop has been taken over with stuff… lol But… that is my project for this fall to clean it out and see how many of my saws still work. I want to build this trunk! You inspire me!

  94. isaac says:

    hi, personally i have many diy projects and one of these is the build of a shelves for plants and pots for my garden and also remodel cabinets of my kitchen for this projects are cool have a Skil circular saw so i hope win or save money to bought one hahaha, greetings from mexico

  95. danielle says:

    good job jeff think i would build mine out of pallets because we got a lot around here but if i did that i would need just one right well that is what i think any way have a question for u i am think of making my hubby a place he can put all his games but have you seen the move overboard and if you have i was wondering how to make that shoe thing for games but if you have not she hires this carpenter to make a shoe rack for her and he builds this shoe rack that i would love to have

  96. dennis says:

    another great project jeff. don’t need one of these now. it’s amazing how you can come up with stuff every week. even I don’t have that many projects. keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Dennis, my project list seems to always be getting larger, haha.

  97. Julie Roddy says:

    Great project. If I didn’t live in a condo I would make a storage bench. (maybe in my basement…….) You have a great newsletter Jeff. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Julie, a basement would be a perfect place.

  98. Thomas Lee says:

    I like your weekly tips and demos on fxing or building projects. Great tips and great demos, really enjoy it.

    1. Thanks so much Thomas πŸ˜€

  99. Jaime says:

    Looks like an interesting project, but will have to wait for now. I already have four unfinished projects in my basement that I can think of! But thanks for the good project ideas, Jeff!

  100. Kiki/mcgaelicgal says:

    Did I miss the winner announcement? I’ve had my fingers crossed for a week! (Makes it very hard to type! ;-p) Hope you and yours have a terrific weekend! Ours is gonna be BUSY catching up on yard work. πŸ™‚

    SlΓ‘inte ~ Kiki

    1. Thanks Kiki, I haven’t announced the winner yet. But will send out a separate email and add the person’s name to the blog post πŸ™‚

  101. Matt says:

    You call this a bench, but I don’t see anyone sit on it. how much weight can it hold on top? is this actually seating you use?

    1. Tom says:

      Is there a reason that you did not use pocket holes for the butt ends instead of the 2” screws? Love the project. I am a beginner, first project in new shop.

  102. Jennie says:

    Do you have a link to print out with the whole set of directions.

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