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Black and Decker’s New Jigsaw with Curve Control

I’m a tool junky.

Anytime I can test something new and share it with you I’m all in.

A few years back I installed bamboo laminate in a living room for a rental home.

The only saw I used was a jigsaw with special laminate blade.

That was an eye opener.

If you have the ONE right tool you can totally do a huge project without spending gobs of money.

Today’s tutorial unboxes the new Black & Decker jigsaw, and YES, there’s a sweet surprise at the end 😀

I’ve had several friends tell me I should do unboxing videos.

Apparently people like seeing other people unpack stuff.

Kinda like on Christmas.

I did enjoy seeing my brother unwrap something I knew I’d play with, lol.

The tool we’ll be checking out today is Black & Decker’s  5 Amp Jigsaw with Curve Control.

It’s model number BDEJS600C.

BD Jigsaw Table

Amazon has 3 reviews at this time, so it’s not a reliable source for customer feedback yet.

The price they have is $43.99 with free shipping.

That’s an awesome price for what you get.

Why would you want a jigsaw?

If you’re doing any project that involves wood you need a jigsaw.

Remember my laminate floor installation, I seriously used my jigsaw to install 400 square feet of material.

Laminate floor

Jigsaws can cut through wood, metal and plastic with the right kind of blade.

When you open the box you get the saw, one saw blade, and the instructions.

Black & Decker provides a 2 year limited warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee.

BD Warranty

There’s a nice long power cord that supplies 5 Amps, meaning there’s plenty of power.

When you pull the jigsaw from the box you immediately feel it’s heft.

This is nice because it feels well constructed yet only weighs 4.7 lbs.

The shoe is constructed from heavy gauge metal and is adjustable.

You can make bevel cuts of 22.5 and 45 degrees both left and right.

BD Adjustable Shoe

It also has a nice open line of site so you can see the cut.

There are 4 speed settings that can be adjusted with the Curve Control dial.

BD Curve Control

Setting 1 is for non-orbital cuts and the least aggressive.

Settings 2 thru 4 are for orbital cuts, i.e. anything that’s not a straight cut.

The aggressiveness of the cut increases with the number.

In my video I forgot to change the Curve Control from 1 to 2 for a circular cut but the saw still did a great job!

Sometimes I wonder about my brain capacity or maybe I need an assistant director for my videos, haha.

No tools are needed to install the saw blades.

BD Toolless Blade Install

Always install jigsaw blades so that the teeth face away from the saw body.

I wish BD would include maybe 2 or 3 different blades.

Especially a speed blade and laminate blade.

But you can buy an entire set of jigsaw blades for around $10.

The cool part is this jigsaw accepts both T and U shank blades.

If you have some older blades you’ll probably be able to use them.

Wood dust can be dangerous.

And the exhaust port on the jigsaw helps eliminate this issue.

BD Exhaust Port

Vacuums or shop vacs can be hooked up to the jigsaw’s exhaust port with the right attachment.

I wish all my tools had this feature.

Most new models do these days which underscores the importance of safety when doing any project.

Check out my video to see the unboxing of this new jigsaw.

I also show you a few tips on how to use it and why the laminate blades are so awesome

Black and Decker’s New Jigsaw with Curve Control

What’s Next

You can’t beat the price of this jigsaw, it’s only $34 and will last a long time.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help. 

Thanks for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community of DIYers.



Black and Decker Jigsaw

  1. sheryl b. says:

    Im going to be replacing my bathroom floor and this would work wonderful for my circular cuts in the lauan, for the toilet and the sink.

    1. Totally agree Sheryl, cutting around any pipes will be so much easier. Are you doing a total renovation?

  2. Dan says:

    I have a wood fence to repair and this would be perfect for those planks!

    1. The straight cuts would be super easy. Use a speed square and this set on 1 and you’ll be golden Dan. Sounds like a great project 😀

  3. marina m says:

    going to take a stab at installing laminate flooring in my kitchen and dining room. hopefully a tool like this will make the job a little less daunting!

    1. You can use this with a laminate blade Marina. The laminae blade mades the cuts super sharp and you won’t have any blowout.

  4. Roxanne S says:

    I want Laminate floors and the hubby hates to cut angles. I feel this saw will give him the confidence and me the “stuff” I want!!! Win Win

    1. Yep, win win for sure Roxanne. I think for $43 you can’t miss. And if it doesn’t work how you expect you can return it. So another win win 😀

  5. Brett P says:

    I want to make some Adirondack chairs for our back yard. This would be perfect to cut the boards to length and get the great curve on the seat backs!

    1. I’d love to see your chairs Brett. Adirondacks look so cool and relaxing, plus you need a drink for each arm, lol.

  6. Chris Elliott says:

    I have a crafting shed going up and she is going to be needing some pretty laminate floors. This looks like it will do the job perfectly.

    1. Cutting laminate is very easy with this kind of saw. Pair it with a laminate blade and you’ll be done adding the floor to your shed in no time Chris!!

  7. paul sonier says:

    I am finishing my basmen my sigsaw just die on me lol.

    1. Darn it, hopefully that wasn’t a B & D Paul, haha.

      I’ve been there with tools breaking on the job and it’s a bummer.

      That’s where a 2-year warranty comes in handy 😀

  8. Linda says:

    We are working on finishing our bathroom and I have moulding for the doors, floorboards, and possibly ceiling that this tool would come in very handy for (this way I don’t have to ask the people at the big box store to cut it for me)…

    1. This or a compound miter saw would be great Linda. If you go the miter saw route get a 60 tooth saw blade for a nice clean cut. Did you renovate the entire bathroom yourself?

  9. Brian Z says:

    I am putting in a new kitchen floor, and this would be great to make cut outs for pipes in the plywood. Also the angle features would be great to make the edge for a transition between rooms. Love the vacuum feature, please tell black and decker to put that feature on all their tools! It is helpful they tell you which sizes blade work with it, it can be confusing when one is not sure…

    1. Yah Brian, I like the exhaust port feature and don’t see why it couldn’t be on all tools. Keeping dust exposure to a minium is safer for users and cuts down on cleanup. Having the ability to use T and U shanks blades is cool 😀

  10. Justin says:

    I would use it to make reclaimed wood projects out of pallet wood. I love using reclaimed wood and it saves it from being thrown away, I guess it’s a second chance lol

    1. Reclaimed wood is so awesome Justin. It’s character is unmatched in many cases. Thanks for upcycling 😀

  11. Dana M Huff says:

    I am going to be adding stairs to the back french doors as well as reworking the banister to our basement steps. This would definitely help out!

    1. You go Dana!!! Great job taking on these projects and I think you’ll love the final outcome. You gotta send me some pics 😀

      But make sure to take before and after pictures

  12. lara verrecchio says:

    Love your website and FB page!

    1. Thanks Lara, the community of DIYers that visit are what makes it the best 😀

  13. sagrario gonzalez says:

    Im trying to build a small table with division for my kids to put their video system and also want to biuild a small side table, but i dont have any tools and I dont know how to select the best one. Im laltely im trying to learn wood working. Because very time I’m shopping around for any furniture they cost to much.

    1. The cost is crazy at times Sagrario. Good for you for getting started in woodworking. It’s rewarding and serves a purpose 😀

  14. cindy says:

    I need to build a dining room table.

    1. How big Cindy? And will you use reclaimed wood?

  15. Kathy D'Amico says:

    Amazing little machine.. I plan on making Yard signs, so this will be perfect. I would love to win this. I’ve not, I might need to purchase one. Thank you

    1. What kind of yard signs Kathy? This could certainly be a great option for that?

  16. Marilyn C. says:

    We are getting ready to re-do our staircase in the house and this jigsaw sure would come in handy. Right now all we have is a hammer and nails! LOL!!! Wanna come and help us rip up carpet and redo our staircase?

    Marilyn C.

    1. Lol, I’ll pass on the carpet Marilyn. Not my favorite thing to do 😀

      But I think the jigsaw could help you with your staircase. What all is involved?

  17. Ray Stiefel says:

    I hope to be able to take this jigsaw with my group of high school student volunteers to New Orleans where we’ve been renovating houses damaged by Katrina. The students love to help, love learning how to use good tools, and love it when we finish a house and the former residents get to move back in.

    1. That’s awesome Ray, Katrina was devastating and it’s wonderful that you and your students are helping out.

  18. Bob Marsden says:

    We came to Arkansas to take care of my wife’s sister and had to give away all my tools since her house was so small. After 5 1/2 years of minimal repairs we have to start making repairs after her passing. This would be the perfect tool to do multiple projects.

    1. Sorry to hear about your sister-in-law Bob. Nobody really dies because they live on in our memories.

  19. danny says:

    Doing plywood exterior bath wall for shower bars where mother decides. Cuts for going around window. Then cement board on top. Then tile.

    1. You’ve got a good project on your hands Danny. Are you renovating your entire bathroom?

  20. Rosa Jean Burt says:

    I am going to be putting in a door in the back of my garage which will give me access to the yard, this will be a blessing.

    1. That sounds great Rosa, do you currently have a door or are you blowing out a wall and then putting in the new door?

  21. Nancy Leszczynski says:

    This would be a great tool to have when I’m putting in the crown moulding in some rooms. It would make coping a breeze!!!!

    1. I still stick to my handheld coping saw Nancy. Guess I’m still kinda old fashioned that way 😀

  22. Alberto Riefkohl says:

    So many projects. Wish one to do first. Great videos!

    1. Feel the same way Alberto. I find that just picking one and finishing it works as a strategy 😀

  23. KDebevc says:

    I have been drawing out plans to put shelves, drawers and rods in the master bedroom to make it more accessible and organized. This jigsaw would make my life much easier then running next door for every cut I need to make.

    1. Great project, nothing like making a room more efficient 😀

  24. Debbie Miracle says:

    With old wood fencing, I intend to cover my garage/laundry center walls with the salvaged wood – maybe follow it up by whitewashing the surface. Currently it is old sheet rock that looks like it has been splattered with something which it probably has since the house was built in 1939! Would like to break in a new tool while diying!

    1. Debbie, I’d like to do a similar project with our garage. It’s all cinderblock but I think it would look great with wood on some of the walls 😀

  25. JSalazar says:

    I’m planning to help my brother-in-law redo a porch. I’d love to see his reaction to my showing up with this baby!

    1. Lol, it would be a good reaction. He’d certainly expect you to share, haha.

  26. George Sullivan says:

    I never owned one and would like to win this jigsaw and try my hand as a DIY. I receive all your articles and find them very interesting and now i’m trying to do things I never attempted before. Being on a fixed income it’s too expensive to hire people and would like to do myself now with your video’s and insightfl articles. Thanks, hope i win.

    1. Thanks George for being a great community member. Good job stretching your DIY skills and trying things you’d normally not try. I bet your skills are getting better every week 😀

  27. Josh says:

    I’m going to be finishing my basement. This would definitely help.

    1. Nothing like a great basement Josh. Will it be a Man Cave 😀

  28. Ingrid says:

    I’ll be replacing not so attractive marble sills on my still good windows with wooden sills and this would make the job of cutting the wood pieces easier. Great video, as usual.

    1. Thanks Ingrid, can’t wait to see your before and after pics. Please keep me posted on your progress 😀

  29. Walter gonzalez says:

    I am trying to make an end table for my sons room. I will be trying to make make the Boston Red Sox logo (the actual socks) and make the legs out of baseball bats. This jigsaw would work perfectly.

    1. Holy mackerel, that sounds wicked awesome Walter!!! You gotta post your project over on the HRT private Facebook group!!!

      1. Walter Gonzalez says:

        I’d like to but I might be the only person in the world who doesn’t have Facebook.

  30. Terri Hughes says:

    We are going to redo the bathroom, which is in bad shape. Great looking little jigsaw. Thanks!

    1. I agree Terri, this and a few other tools would come in handy for a bathroom remodel. Are you in the planning phase right now?

  31. Celene says:

    Wow! My husband would love one of these for the years of Cub Scouts ahead of him. He used a manual jigsaw to cut out our older son’s pine wood derby car this year and it literally took him hours to shape it to our Tiger Scout’s design. He still has cars to make for the Wolf, Bear, and Webelos years and then do it all again for our youngest son. There are other projects too, but Mike would weep for joy to have such a tool for the PWD build.

  32. Paul d says:

    Like it. Especially that the saw accepts multiple blade types and no tools necessary to change the blade.

  33. Diana Wade says:

    I have got a lot of work to be done on my house. This saw will help make all the jobs to get done quicker!!!!

  34. Darrell T says:

    I will be installing laminate flooring soon. This jigsaw would be a great help.

  35. edwelz says:

    I am currently planning on building a decorative push cart for flowers. The 2′ wheels have 4 hearts as spokes. this saw would help considerably. I appreciate what you do.
    Thanks, Ed

  36. Ashish K says:

    I am going to be installing the overhead exhaust fan over the cooking range.

  37. Sunil says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I don’t want to say “another awesome tutorial’ and make it more habitual. I wish I had seen this before my last summer project where I replaced my carpet for laminate flooring.

    I am now wondering how different is this jigsaw from a circular saw as I had used a circular saw for laying the laminate floor.

    I have a project this summer to replace carpet with laminate on the stairway. With all the angle cuts involved, will a Jigsaw be a better choice?


    1. You could try the jigsaw with a laminate blade Sunil and it could be a great option. If it doesn’t work out you could always exchange the jigsaw for a miter saw or circular saw. I’d love to see you project. Sounds really cool 😀

  38. Marianne says:

    This would be an awesome addition for my work area, (about 1/3 of a small 2 car garage), with my disability I enjoy making small projects that I share with friends and others with disabilities. Small projects such as lap tables, bed height tables that slide under the bed , TV type tables that will slide under chairs. Each of these projects take me a very long time to do, I had a B&D jigsaw but it bit the dust due to old age!
    I enjoy all of your videos and your blog posts, have found many helpful ideas on around the house repairs. I’m sure my landlord appreciates them also, LOL.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Awe, thanks Marianne. You are quite the woodworker. I love how you build items for those with disabilities. This is perhaps an underserved population when it comes to specialized furniture.

  39. Brandi says:

    Removing a wall section for a kegerator.

  40. Myrna Ball says:

    Thank you for your work. It makes me more confident when I work on my projects. I could really use this jig saw. Would make my life easier.

  41. Jeff says:

    Wow, Black & Decker really has done their homework on this one. I’m planning on building a tiki hut and also a large flower garden outlined in 4′ x 8’s which will be tiered in three levels, coated with Bear weatherproof stain, and anchored with sections of rebar. This Black & Decker jig saw with it’s four speed adjustable curved control dial and adjustable shoe would really give me the accurate & smooth cuts needed for the table and stools of the tiki hut. Also, the quick blade change feature would make changing the blades safer, quicker, and easier. I also like the exhaust port feature, as that not only makes cleanup a breeze, but also makes using the saw safer in that the wood dust goes into the vacuum bag, and not into one’s eyes.

    1. Whew, you have one heck of a project Jeff. Good for you buddy.

      Lots of great features on this jigsaw, especially for someone doing a project like your’s.

  42. David Johnson says:

    with this saw, I will end world hunger, bring peace to all, and make all bow down before me … after I replace the nasty lenolium in my kitchen with laminate.

    1. LOL, glad to see you have your priorities in order David 😉

  43. Nicole McLin says:

    Great tutorial! I am planning on building several raised beds to grow fruits and vegetables. Would love a saw like this to help with my project. Thanks for all you DIY tips and tricks!

    1. Thanks Nicole, what kind of fruit will you plant?

  44. coreenv says:

    I have wanted to make puzzle toys for my granddaughter as well as my neighbor’s 2 children, for a long time. My husband said he’d buy me a jigsaw for my birthday—3 years ago, but so far, no jigsaw!! So winning this would be fantastic—for my granddaughter as well as my neighbors!!! Plus any baby showers I’ll be invited to for many years to come!!!

  45. Susan Cralle says:

    I want to add crown molding in the guest bedroom and the angle cuts would be much easier to cut with the B&D jigsaw!

  46. Paula VanEeckhoute says:

    I just stumbled across your site. I love it. My husband and I just bought a home and have a lot of projects we need to do. Fence, flooring, plywood for the attic floor, shed for the back yard and trim for the flower beds. I feel that we can give this tool a good work out and would love the chance to use it. Also looking forward to your help in making our house a home with your assistance.

    1. Awesome Paula, congrats on your home purchase. Nothing like making your home your own and DIYing it 😀

  47. jahree says:

    My husband is the ultimate DIY’er. Has projects going all the time!! Hopefully his next one will be to finish my kitchen…counter top and new laminate floors. If he had this jigsaw, I’m sure that would be and incentive!!!! Thanks for the chance to get my kitchen done sooner!!!!

  48. darleme says:

    I need to add shoe molding to the room I just installed laminate flooring. This would be great. I love all your tips. Keep up the good work.

  49. Scott says:

    I have a family of 6 and we live with one 5×8 bathroom. Imagine how that is with 3 women. I’m going to be adding another full bath downstairs and a jigsaw would be nice to make cuts for plumbing and drywall. I also have a freshman taking a woodshop class and It would be a neat tool for him to make projects in the garage.

    1. Whew, now that’s cramped. While growing up I had to share a similar size bathroom with my 2 siblings and parents. It was tight!!

      Can’t wait to hear about your downstairs bathroom Scott. Are you doing the whole thing yourself?

  50. JerryM says:

    I plan to do a laminate floor. This would be great for cutting difficult angles.

  51. Irene Turner says:

    Love the features on this saw. I am planning in finishing out my garage. It’s an old house which means I have exposed studs. I have remove all the junk that was collected over the years. This week I will select the wall coverings. With a little help from my grandsons to help me with the lifting and difficult placement of the wall coverings , we could use this dandy tool to saw our wall covering.

  52. Patti says:

    I’m going to be moving soon so will be doing everything from furniture updating and repair to closet shelving installation, to craft projects. Can’t wait to get started.

  53. Nick Conrad says:

    Hey Jeff. It is hot down in Destin, Florida so it is time to repair a 30 year old porch & deck. We used pressure treated southern yellow pine the first time and plan to use: 1) what we can of the old timbers; 2) new pressure treated yellow pine of varying sizes; 3) new composite non-organic decking. This process will allow us to recycle the best of the old & marry it with new. I am both the ” design guy ” & ” straw boss “. With the B&D Jigsaw I can let rookies do some cutting & collect the nasty dust from the treated & composite materials. No need for a table saw, skill saw or cut-off saw. All the fasteners will be stainless steel & set in pre-drilled holes where appropriate. Treated wood will be ordered & delivered about a month before we start to allow it to air dry. This drying will help reduce shrinkage that plagues us with decks that are exposed to the weather elements of Florida outdoors.
    Pressure Treated Kiln Dried would work the best, but not readily available & expensive. For areas that will be buried I plan on using ” marine grade ” pressure treated & composite.
    Some of the old timbers will be lightly sanded to eliminate splinters. Working ” up wind ” with mask & vacuums we will limit exposure. I have a Craftsman of 1971 vintage and it would like to work along a new B&D. Best….Nick

    1. Destin is so beautiful Nick. We had relatives who lived about 10 minutes away but moved a few years back. Otherwise I’d totally give you a call next time we visited. You have one heck of a plan my friend. I can’t wait to see your progress. You gotta post this in the HRT Private Facebook group and inspire people!!!

  54. Ruth says:

    I am trying to do many repairs on a 1926 year old parsonage my husband and I live in.

  55. pasquale says:

    love working with a jigsaw. the last time i used on was when i helped my dad install my aunts bathroom countertop and we used it to trim the curved corners.

  56. Adam Conti says:

    Building my daughter a playhouse and would this would help out huge for the cutout windows. Thanks for the great vid!

  57. Anne says:

    Looks like this BD jigsaw is EXACTLY what I need for installing my laminate floor. I’ve watched several video’s and I have confidence I can it myself with the right tool. I’m not that person that can fix things on my own but with the video’s and stuff you post, I can! Thank you!

  58. christinahatt says:

    I’d love this jig saw to build a bigger worm bin!! I’m in plastic bins now and would love to build a portable worm bin with wood.

  59. Dan Hobbs says:

    I help do many projects for our church building background sets and stage props for the children’s programs and for the free Christmas and Easter productions we provide for our community. A jig saw is critical for these projects and I could really use one that I could dedicate for this purpose!

  60. Tara King Meashaw says:

    Wow, pretty awesome! I’d like to make some cut-out’s for our daughters 7th birthday coming up!!

  61. Alison says:

    We’re in the planning stages of replacing the flooring downstairs (currently a mix of parquet and old carpet) with either laminate or hardwood (still deciding between the two, but leaning more toward laminate). This would be a great tool to have to cut down the planks/boards, and the exhaust attachment makes it even more appealing!

  62. Erik Pye says:

    So many projects on my 100+ yr old home, I could really put some miles on this tool.

    Lets start with the bathroom remodel, I will need it to cut for the custom cupboards and possibly to remove portions of the floor/wall.
    Next is the trimming slats for the 8 ft fence around the yard.
    Then removing carpet in 4 rooms and putting in laminate.
    That doesn’t even touch the new shed, chicken coop, rabbit hutch, porch fixes, etc.

    I think that is enough, I am getting overwhelmed 🙂

    1. Don’t get too overwhelmed Erik, I know you can handle all the projects!!

  63. Adam Verheyen says:

    My wife and I plan on building some really nice planters and/or some garden boxes for the yard and this toll would be an extremely useful tool to help with that.

    Keep up the great work Jeff!

    1. Thanks Adam, I’d love to see your planters. That’s a project I’ve been thinking about myself!!!

  64. Margie S. says:

    I’m converting a shed into “my space” for hanging out, potting plants and storing some of my hand garden tools …but mostly it’ll be a place for me to relax and enjoy my backyard area. I want to put a front porch on it with a pergola overhead & I’d like to build a daybed (for when I get tired from the gardening work). That jig saw would really come in handy.

  65. Duy says:

    I have so many little projects to do around the house. Jigsaw could come in handy 🙂

  66. Cindy LeJeune says:

    Awesome tool, I want one.

  67. sarah noell says:

    I am new to the DIY world since I have been renting for many years. I have a ton of old wood fence boards in my back yard that have been waiting for the right kind of saw. We are building a home right now and plan to build a deck. This seems like the perfect saw for not only a beginner like me, but also for my experienced husband.

  68. Ann Freeman says:

    Would love it for the umpteen projects we are doing on our turn of the century home!

  69. Steve says:

    My dad recently passed away and my mom would like to place his ashes in a clearing of a wooded area on their land. This property was a dream come true for them. I’d like to make a nice wooden marker for the location and this jigsaw would make the perfect curved cuts for the marker I’m considering.

  70. Liliana Wells says:

    This would be the perfect tool to get my husband motivated to redo the kitchen and living room floors (open plan).

  71. anna says:

    I need to replace my ceiling tiles

  72. Patrick OConnell says:

    I am going to be replacing the carpet in our foyer with laminate and this saw would be a great tool to use!

  73. Walter Dinham says:

    I am going to be putting down hardwood in the bedrooms and this saw will look like it will help there. I especially like the trick of holding a square next to the saw to get a straight cut…
    Great Stuff

  74. Suzette says:

    I’m a DIYer and could always use this incredible tool. Our next projects are a small one for inside, covering a chair and a little larger one raised garden boxes.

  75. linda says:

    I need to cut some board to length for a project to make outdoor plant stands. This would be perfect

  76. Karrie says:

    I’ll be replacing all of my rotten door frames this summer and this would make it sooo much easier.

  77. Phyllis Sparks says:

    Wow! One on these jigsaws would definitely be handy around here! I am going to rebuild the back stairs on our deck and there Is a railing on our outside wheelchair ramp that needs to be replaced.

  78. Ashley says:

    I am currently reno’ing my bedroom closet in a 1970’s home…unplanned problems with EVERY step I make!! I’m finally down to DIY’ing shelving and a custom pants hanger and shoe drawers, so this jigsaw would be soooo easy to bring in the closet with me for those unexpected cuts, due to uneven walls! Thanks and love ur site! If I could do this for a living, I’d quit my day job!

  79. Donna R says:

    I am going to be making 2 benches out of an old bunk bed set. I definitely could use one of these Handy Dandy B&D Jigsaws to help as it is an old heavy solid wood bunk bed. This way I can do a “jig” while working! 🙂

  80. Ann says:

    Finally an empty nest ! I will be turning a small bedroom into an office, taking out carpet and installing laminate floor. The right tool sure could help.

  81. Yvonne says:

    I am single so i have to make all home repairs myself. This looks like something i could handle to help with those repairs.

  82. J L says:

    This tool looks to do the job of installing the laminate flooring in my foyer and great room.

  83. DAWN RENEE' says:

    It’s spring, that means time to build those raised garden beds and redo the back deck. This would be awesome for this!! Plus I have a whole pinterest list of plans I want to tackle that involve pallets.

  84. Carol Best says:

    Would love it….need it for general repairs…would be so handy…more than likely light…and very versatile….

  85. Laurie Stammet says:

    I am going to help my friend install new flooring in her home which is LONG over due! Would love to use a new Black and Decker Jig Saw for this project.

  86. Jim B says:

    I have some small wood craft projects to do and it would be wonderful!
    Jim B

  87. Mrs. Beth says:

    After 35 years of marriage, 3 children, 5 grandchildren and too many to count celebrations – my husband died of cancer last winter without being able to fix the hole in the floor in the big bathroom that took our children and grandchildren 25 years to make.
    We have his circular saw and his sawzall (spelling?). The sawzall makes me nervous – what if I cut something I shouldn’t? After watching countless videos on how to repair the floor – I think we need a jig saw…
    More questions – can I use a sawzall to make the opening for a medicine chest larger? what about those bookshelves you cut into the wall?

    Mrs. Beth

    1. Terribly sorry to hear about your husband Beth. You might want to post some of your pictures of the project in our Private Facebook Group

      That way we can all help you figure out the best solution 😀

  88. Jan says:

    I’m wanting to make decorative window boxes. This tool will be perfect!!!

  89. Rebecca Davis says:

    Going to try to help my daughter lay new wood flooring in her kitchen/dining room. She has become a real “Tim the Tool Man” for the last couple years as her husband won’t take on do-it-yourself projects. She’s too funny because she’ll try just about anything! The saw looks like it would really help her get the job done. I’d love to surprise her with it! Love your site!

  90. Randy says:

    I’ll be building bird houses and bird feeders with my four beautiful little granddaughters and I know this will help Papa impress my girls:)

  91. Dan Evans says:

    I’d love to get one of these saws! My 10+ year old one is on its last leg and I will be making a couple porch swings before a family visit at the end of June. This saw would be perfect for the project!

  92. Linda B says:

    My husband is not very handy around our newly purchased house. I’ve been watching your videos and completing repairs on my own. I’m deathly afraid of the circular saw and think this would be the perfect tool to use instead for repairing and replacing molding and trim around windows and doors.

  93. Jo Stone says:

    The more birdhouses that I buy, the more birds that keep moving in. It is about time that I start making some instead of keep buying them. This saw would definitely help.

  94. Dan OBrien says:

    Putting together a bookcase for my Grandson, the BD will come in very handy!

  95. Mary says:

    Ah, just the thing to encourage my son-in-law to complete the upgrade of my bathroom!

  96. Troy G says:

    Got some wood trim to…trim! And maybe finish my 5 year over due project? Cutting contoured “shelves” for wine bottles to fit snugly in a wine barrel. Jigsaw in need for that.

  97. Ralph says:

    I plan to do a laminate floor,it would be great for cutting difficult angles.

  98. Richard L says:

    I would like to put crown molding in my living and dining room and think this would be great.

  99. Mary Taylor says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Great tutorial! I could use a new one. I always learn other things too when I watch you cut things or make stuff in your videos. Who knew I could use a straight edge with a jig saw! lol…


  100. Holly says:

    Thank you so much for helping me realize I can do things on my own! I recently used your screen tutorial to create 6 brand new screens for the front porch of my rental, which had none. My first DIY power tool purchase was a sander. I’m ready for what comes next! I think a jigsaw would be perfect.

  101. Debbie Futrell says:

    I am renovating an old phono cabinet into a kitchen island with shelf. This tool would be a great asset in accomplishing this project.

  102. simplydab says:

    We’ve been remodeling our home little by little – hardwood floors, new stair treads, tile flooring in the entry and now we’re doing the baseboards/molding before moving onto the kitchen. This jigsaw would definitely come in handy for those projects – heck if I win one, maybe I can convince my boyfriend that we can tackle crown molding too!! 🙂

  103. Lillace Christianson says:

    Hi, Jeff! This saw looks easy to use, even for me. My daughter has serious allergies and I would love to replace the carpet in her room with laminate. The room is slightly un-level, so there’s no telling what sort of fitting would have to be done.

    1. My wife has major allergies too Lillace. I’ve been putting off installing hardwood, plus it’s a bit pricey. But overall both hardwood and laminate are great choices over carpet.

  104. Robert L. says:

    Need a new jigsaw so I can send my other to the home….

  105. Mike Campbell says:

    I’m replacing the inside door trim and adding onto my patio deck. Jigsaws always come in handy for those projects.

  106. Steve Burnett says:

    I am putting plastic tiles in my garage soon. This jigsaw will work great. Thanks Jeff.

  107. Renee Pedersen says:

    I would LOVE this! I keep running across the street to get my dad’s for all my Pinterest projects and I would love to have my own. Come to think about it, I think my dad would appreciate it if I had my own also!!!!

    1. You’re too funny Renee, maybe I need to send it to your Dad?

  108. Brenda says:

    I am in the process of setting up a new area on my property for a couple of small dwarf nigerian goats. I need to build a small shed type structure for them and plan on using wood pallets for the project. This saw would work wonderful for what I need to accomplish. After that project on to a chicken coop using pallets also.

  109. Mary C says:

    wow, this would have been nice when I was doing my master bathroom. Now we are in the front bathroom and this would be great to have for the baseboards and the framing for the doors.

  110. Gena Crow says:

    I am a beginner at spoon carving and use a hatchet to remove excess wood. I’m not a good aim so the wood usually looks like a rabid beaver has been at it. If I had a good saw to remove the excess, it probably wouldn’t take me two weeks to carve one piece. Thanks! 🙂

  111. Daniel says:

    I have been needing, and wanting, to build some furniture for my wife and for my son’s room. It’s cheaper for us to build than buy, but I only have a circular saw, so I am very limited to what I can do.

  112. Joni says:

    I need to make a cool wall piece with some thick fresh-cut cedar, and cut a design out of the middle. The angled boot on this tool would give me awesome flexibility in the angle of the cut. My jig-saw is a hand-me-down from my dad, and is probably 50 years old!! Thanks for all you do,

  113. Laura Z. says:

    A pipe burst a few months ago and flooded the house. Yow! Had to tear out carpet and padding in living room and two bedrooms. Now that spring is here, I will be putting down wood laminate in all three rooms and hall. The plumber who repaired the pipe also suggested that I cut a hole in the small wooden door (access panel) to where the pipes are, then inset a vent or louvred wood, to allow warm air to enter from the utility room. Two smaller projects: building a bat house (a bat eats 1,000 Mosquitos a day!), and I saw a guy on YouTube make a yard tool hanger from a 2×4 using a jig saw. My small 5 1/4 inch circular saw gets me through most projects, but the B&D jigsaw looks awesome! Thanks Jeff, for your vids & podcasts & inspiration!

    1. Thanks Laura. You’re an inspiration too. Keep up the great work!

  114. MaggieD says:

    I have all the laminate ready to go for installing in my hallway, all I need is THIS Black and Decker Jigsaw to complete the project.

  115. Marlene says:

    I think this is something I could use without asking the husband. I saw shadow boxes with a picture frame tacked to the box, on Pintrest, it looked really interesting and something I feel I can do for starters, there are other projects, 2nd choice, flower boxes for front porch. I am 60, this would be something I could do by myself, YES!!!!!!!!!

  116. Shelley Davis says:

    I currently have a Black and Decker that is 35 years old. My husband gave it to me. Believe me it is a tool that gets a lot of use. I would use it cutting out craft stuff to paint. I want to do some wooden birdhouses for the back yard fence. I would use it for cutting Wainscotting for my bathroom, shelves in the spare room. I have a whole list I am working through. Thanks Jeff for the chance to win.

  117. Murielle says:

    Hi I’m a sixty-two years old woman who loves to do do-it-yourself projects and i use a hand saw because i can’t afford a jigsaw right now but it would make my life a whole easier in my renovations of my sewing room. I love the tips that you give on this site thank you

  118. Lindsey says:

    I could definitely use this jigsaw for all my wood projects this summer. It’s getting old using the hand saw and while my arm gets stronger it also gets tired fast! A jigsaw would totally speed the project up and give me more time with the kids! Or move to the next project haha

  119. cindy says:

    I have lots of uses for this…. where to begin?

  120. Susan B. says:

    I am teaching my 15 year old son to do simple home repairs and building projects. We are currently working on a small deck; next up re-doing the bathroom, a wooden gate for the fence, and most exciting, renovating the old tree-house into a cool (and safe) teen hangout. I am trying to outfit him with his own tools as we go, at least when I find quality items at prices we can afford. It would be awesome to present him with a brand new jig-saw!

  121. Mike says:

    I just had back surgery 4 weeks ago and I have so many projects. A jigsaw is one tool I don’t own. Currently, I have a problem. My sink’s wastewater plumbing had leaked for quite a while (because builder grade quality and craftsmanship is a joke) and the cheap particle board under the sink got soaked and has that awful mildew smell. I need a jigsaw to cut the board out and replace it with something water resistant or just something decent. I need to be able to cut the board out as close to the inner walls of the cabinet as possible. A jigsaw on a slight angle like this one adjusts to would be amazing. The timing would be incredible too. I haven’t worked in 7.5 months due to my back injury so money is tight. I have actually started selling my collectible 1970’s Lionel trains and 1970’s vintage pong consoles. But in addition to all that, I need to replace a lot of oak trim & oak windowsills (because people leave windows open and then it rains when the meteorologist doesn’t even forecast it) all throughout my home. I am also needing to do the final touches on the bathroom I remodeled including raising the sink to a level closer to my 6’8″ height. That tool would be quite incredible.



  122. Kevin says:

    Where to begin? Bathroom remodeling is in progress, lots more projects waiting, and a teenage son who would like to learn woodworking and be able to do some projects on his own! This would be a great assett!

  123. Darren says:

    This would be a helpful tool for the many projects that I have. Thank you for all of your great tips and advice!

  124. Kathy DeWispelare says:

    I am going to be replacing some boards on a porch swing and will need to cut several boards to size to do that. I had planned to use a hand saw and a miter box–but the jigsaw would do it all and would be so much more convenient and precise.

  125. Pat says:

    Just saw this for the first time-hope I am not too late. What an amazing tool to own. I have several projects but the major one is to replace flooring with laminate. The previous owners installed peel and stick linoleum tiles throughout my entire small 2 bedroom house much of which is poorly laid and/or peeling up. I need to replace it with laminate throughout all 850 sq ft. When I moved to California from Kansas I sold (almost gave away) 95% of my tools which included my jigsaw, compound miter saw, table saw, etc. I kept very little as the truck I rented could not hold everything and adding tools to a yard sale brings more customers. I am a 67 year young grandmother who can still dyi which is good because with a limited income it is necessary. I will keep my fingers crossed that I am not too late and have a chance to win this amazing new tool. Thanks Jeff for making it possible.

  126. Lloyd says:

    We have 3 projects lined up.

    First is a laminate floor about 600 sq ft. It has a number of unique angles and junctions requiring precise cuts. The second, I am making several trellises for our garden and front porch. They are Asian designs requiring me to cut curves and creating circles. Third is a small Parabola to connect with our back porch. It is also Asian design and requires cutting curves.
    At this point I’m equipped with a hand saw, Stanley plastic miter box, and hand coping saw. 🙁
    Thank you

  127. cathy vice says:

    My husband is close to retirement and wants to start making bird houses. This would be a great project we could do together. The saw would really help out.

  128. james taylor says:

    This saw looks very cool. I like the fact that it has the different setting depending on what your cutting. I think this would make a addition to my workbench

  129. Sharon Rooney says:

    Just yesterday my 23 year old son came over to give me his Mothers Day present….a full day of working on the yard!! While cutting old grape vines from the grape arbour he noticed that the whole thing is unstable and needs to be replaced. He told me if I get the tools he and his friend will rebuild it for me. I NEED this Black and Decker jig saw! This saw would also allow me to put in the laminate flooring in the kitchen to replace the stick on tiles I did 15 years ago and not hire someone to do it. I will keep my fingers crossed that I win this! 🙂

  130. Dan Boyle says:

    I’m making whimsical and artistic directional arrow yard signs with a palm tree top for personalized gifts to give friends. The signs and tree top require curved, angled and straight cuts and this tool would be ideal for that purpose.

  131. Teresa says:

    Would love to have this jigsaw as my old B&D is about 18yrs old! I put it through the wringer working on pallets projects. This would be fantastic for all my woodworking projects! Thanks for the video! 😉

  132. Nick Parimucha says:

    I am going to replace the base boards and moldings in our living room and hallway and think the jig saw would be very useful.

  133. Adrianne Hurtig says:

    I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to win this one! Of course I try to win all of your offers, but this particular saw, I am drooling over! I’ve come up with the perfect Father’s Day project to make for my son-in-law and two sons…I’m making a wooden fish, and painting “Gone Fishing” on it! That’s just what I’m currently thinking up! If I had this saw, I would be a creative force to be reckoned with! Please choose me!!! 🙂

  134. dennis allen says:

    hi jeff, i actually pulled out all my carpet and put in a laminate floor in my townhome. i have a rough edge surround around the fireplace and this saw would really help redoing that area for a more finished loook.

  135. earl says:

    Putting down some bamboo flooring and I know that this will definitely come in handy

  136. Charles Goodwin says:

    This summer I’m going to replace some fence boards. This tool is just what I need to cut the replacement boards to length and make the matching bevel cut on the top! My fence and I hope we are one of the lucky two!

  137. Luis T. says:

    This jigsaw would be perfect to assist in the 2200 sq ft bamboo flooring installation project I will be helping my brother do in his new home. I have an old and rusty 8+ yrs old jigsaw that seen better days and practically useless now. This would be great! I hope I win!

  138. Linda Ware says:

    I’m 65 and would like to build a pallet fence, to help improve my yard. this would be so light and comfortable to use and achieve this.TY.

  139. darrin says:

    going up to wv in a few weeks to repair mobile homes for the summer. and will be cutting loads of luon.
    great podcast – also go steelers!

    1. Thanks Darrin, you have one busy summer ahead.

      And yah, GO STEELERS!!

  140. Lilly Zampacorta says:

    I would like to replace my kitchen floor with wood. I would totally like to have this.

  141. Ben Stewart says:

    I recently bought as home that had been vacant for several years and needed total renovation. Thankfully the major work is finally finished. Now I face hundreds of hours doing trim. Door casings, windows, baseboards, cabinets and more. As you well know this kind of rebuild is costly and now I am low on funds. A tool like this could make the remaining work so much easier and faster.

  142. paul says:

    this is the kind of tool l need l have to build a picket on the sides of my spa so my two dog stop going back there to do there business.

  143. geneva ratliff says:

    for crafting projects.

  144. Gordon says:

    Actually, my wife is really getting into a bunch of DIY projects and I would give it to her. She was helping my daughter install laminate flooring and I just thought the B&d jigsaw would be pretty fun for her.

  145. Mary O. says:

    What a nice giveaway. My son has started woodworking and a jigsaw would be a great tool for him.

  146. Dana says:

    I’m buying a house soon. A fixer upper! I’d use a jigsaw on flooring and anything else the house may require. I’m also going to be building furniture. I’ve never done it before but I figure if I can follow a recipe I can surely follow directions on how to build bookcases, bed, tables and cabinets.

  147. Terrie says:

    Hello Jeff !!!! I just love your page & tutorials. Thank you for all you do !!!! I’m planning on repurposing old furniture & making them new again !!!!

  148. Michelle McCracken says:

    Hi. I love your site! It has come up for a few of my DIY home project searches now. This time it came up when I did a search regarding Black and Decker Jigsaw and the question of its ability to vacuum wood dust. I saw a note that says it can be attached to a vacuum or shop vac with the correct adapter. Is that right? Can you direct me to where I can figure out any products/attachments I need to be able to vacuum the dust up from this thing? Thank you!!

  149. Janelle B says:

    We are going to use the jigsaw to build a train track to put on the wall it would be nice to get a free one. Please let us know if we win thanks.

  150. Chris says:

    I’m currently trying to make my home to a smart home. So this tool will come in handy to add specific modules throughout the house. Also I’m trying to create a secret door that leads into a hidden room

  151. Dan Burfield says:

    I am an upcycle artist salvaging pinball and arcade cabinets into tables and wall art. Some of the stencils are 50 x 20 and often full of lots of curved cuts. My 1997 jigsaw makes straight cuts well but that’s the limit. I had been looking at a scroll saw but the surface area exceeds that tool’s capability.

    In addition, I have a Pittsburgh rental property I am in the process of completely overhauling. I found your videos from searching for better lasting tips on ceiling drywall and a lot of other things. 2 years ago before the last tenants arrived there was little help for the jobs I needed to learn about. I used your ceiling tips to replacing drying and patching with mesh and it looks good as new. I also applied the method to a 30 x 5 chunk of wall that had been pulled out from a child climbing a closet shelf. Child was not hurt; wall was definitely hurt.

    1. Thanks Dan for being a fan, really appreciate your comment 🙂

      And I LOVE pinball, so will definitely check out your art!!

      Sounds like you need a good jigsaw that can scroll and do all sorts of complex cuts. I’d recommend you check out this one and DeWALT’s, great tools.

  152. Claire says:

    I want a jigsaw and make small tables and chairs for my fairies 🙂

  153. Kathy Hastings says:

    I just bought a used daybed with all solid wood panels (3 sides); thought I would cut a design in the panels, to provide for air circulation and make it unique. Thinking this may be the perfect tool for the job! I have never used a jigsaw before, but have always wanted one for my projects.

  154. Ray says:

    Going to be building some birdhouses. This would be the perfect tool.

  155. Ray says:

    Building birdhouses. This would be the perfect tool.

  156. Travis G Lewis says:

    Hi Jeff Patterson
    I have been working as a woodworker for 3 years. I also like to use Jigsaw products for cutting tree. You shared your experience with us and your content is very effective for beginners.
    Thank You

  157. Phil cass says:

    Lever for angle control stuck

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