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Best Grout Sealer and Stone Enhancer

Four years ago we installed a stone shower floor in our shower.

And it looked amazing for years.

But slowly over time the stones looked like they were fading.

So here’s the question:

What can be done to make them look like new?

And will that product also serve as the grout sealer?


What’s the Best Grout Sealer and Stone Enhancer?

Before we discuss the grout sealer and stone enhancer, it’s best to clean the tile thoroughly.

Otherwise, dirt and grime on the tiles will be sealed…and that’s not good.

There are a variety of different methods for cleaning tile and grout. I tested a few and like using OxiClean with a drill brush.

Bren over on also did a thorough test of grout cleaners and I highly recommend reading her tips.

Clean tile and grout, then let it dry.

One of the best grout sealers that can also seal stone is Stone Enhancer by Aqua Mix.

Aqua Mix Stone Enhancer

It’s not cheap but will make stone tiles look new. Plus, it effectively seals the grout.

How to Apply Stone Enhancer and Grout Sealer

Application of Stone Enhancer is super easy.

That said, test it on a small area.

For example, I applied it to one stone tile and watched the results for a few days.

Stone Enhancer Test

The treated stone is darker than the others.

Stone Enhancer will darken stones and grout.

Keep that in mind.

Apply the sealer to to a microfiber cloth and start in the corner.

Work Out of Shower

I added about a quarter size amount of Stone Enhancer to the cloth.

And used circular motions to apply it.

There’s a huge difference between the treated tiles and untreated ones.

Our short video shows how quickly this project can be done and the massive results

What’s Next

Stone Enhancer can be found online or at local Home Depots.

Using grouts like Spectralock or Permacolor Select can eliminate the need for sealers, keep that in mind when doing a bathroom remodel.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.



Grout Sealer, Stone Enhancer

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