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Wet and Forget Indoor: Stop Mold & Mildew

I’ve got a secret, our garage has mildew.

And unfortunately, the solution will cost us thousands to fix.

For now, we have to deal with the moisture that seeps through the cinderblock.

Since my wife has bad asthma and allergies we can’t use bleach, the strong odor gives her asthma attacks.

A while back I wrote a post about using Wet and Forget Shower. I love the product because it works, is easy to use, and doesn’t have noxious chemicals to breathe. It’s made a huge difference with our tiled shower’s appearance.

So when I heard that Wet and Forget Indoor was available, I was super excited to try it.

Using Wet and Forget Indoor

In today’s video, I share why you’ll love the cleaning potential in Wet and Forget Indoor and show you just how powerful it is.

You can watch the video and see how my 3-week pumpkin experiment played out.

If you’ve ever carved pumpkins you know that they turn into a moldy mess after 7 days. I sprayed our pumpkins with Wet and Forget Indoor only three times – the night we set them outside, the next day, and two days later.

I honestly forgot to spray them after a week. Then I thought, hmmm, let’s see how they do with only a few treatments.

If Wet and Forget Indoor can perform this well on an organic surface I’m sure it will help you with your home cleaning.

What’s Next

All bathrooms, kitchens, and basements are moisture havens. And as you can see in the video I mention a few spots where you can try out Wet and Forget Indoor.

I’m all about trying new cleaning methods and figured you might be, too!

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel and need help, join one of our online courses – they’ll make your bathroom renovation much easier!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

Thanks as always for reading, watching, and being part of our awesome community.



Wet and Forget Indoor

  1. Christine Laffoon says:

    I would use the product on our bathroom ceiling. I’d like to give it a try since I’ve never actually tried anything else out on that spot, and I need to!

    1. Hi Christine, that sounds like a great place. Our bathroom gets super steamy this time of year even with the bath fan!!

  2. Brenda Allison says:

    I would try it on Wall beside basement steps. I have tried bleach and smell was to strong. Also mildew away and it smelled strong and just didn’t work.

    1. That’s so frustrating when you try strong cleaning solutions and they don’t work. What the heehaw, right? I’ve had a similar issue as you Brenda with basement walls. They are challenging to say the least.

  3. pam says:

    We don’t have a bathroom fan and now that winter is here, I see a little mold on our shower ceiling. I would try it there.

    1. Better to treat it early rather than later. Good idea Pam

  4. Cara says:

    Is the product safe to use on travertine?

    1. Yes, I confirmed with Wet and Forget that you can use it on travertine Cara. Do you have tile in your bathroom?

  5. Josie Ramos says:

    Confession time. I have beautiful hardwood floors in a small, old historic home. I also have four children. After each child was born and my energy tank was empty, I made it a point to spray my floor with cleaner and “mop” with a towel on my feet, or use fluffy socks. I have gone through many a fluffy sock this way. It got the job done, but it sure was lazy. But floors were, and are, my cleaning woe.

    1. Josie Ramos says:

      But that was just a woe. Wet n Forget indoors would work best on our continually moldy shower walls. I use the bleach sprays, which work wonders, but again — those 4 kiddos — not good to have bleach fumes with them around. It all boils down to my kids. Did I mention there are four of them?

      1. LOL, with 4 kids your shower gets a workout every day. I agree that W & F Indoor would be a better option than bleach. You could also give W & F Shower a try. I’ve been using it for months now and it works great.

        Good luck with the kids this holiday shopping season πŸ™‚

  6. Patty says:

    Florida = Humidity year round.

    I need a CASE of this stuff!

    1. LOL, yes you do. I can’t believe how crazy humid it gets down your way. But it’s beautiful πŸ™‚

  7. Mary Schafer says:

    I would use this on our wood window frames. We have hot water heat with old windows and we tend to get mildew on the frames.

    1. Wood and water don’t mix, I’ll attest to that Mary. This would be a great option to stop mold in its tracks.

  8. Patty says:

    Jeff – is there a difference between W&F Shower and W&F Indoor?

    1. From what I read Patty the formulations are different. W & F Shower is meant for just showers and baths. It is made of surfactants and prevents films from developing on surfaces.

      Wet and Forget Indoor isn’t a surfactant yet contains compounds that inhibit mold and mildew growth. They’re similar in that you can use W & F Indoor in the bathroom but I wouldn’t use W & F Shower around the house since the surfactant could make surfaces slippery. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  9. Julie Gibson says:

    Our vacation home is in an area that received 42 days of rain during July & August this summer. The structure was originally a barn and is not very well sealed to outside elements (yet) so there was plenty of humidity in the house during this time. When we arrived in mid-September, there was mold & mildew everywhere – literally. It was on the wood walls, ceilings, ceiling beams, & floors, on the furniture (cloth & wood), appliances, pictures, even on my dishes inside closed cabinets. I have cleaned (and cleaned and cleaned) but having something that would not only kill it, but remove the stains AND help prevent future growth would be WONDERFUL! Being able to spray instead of carrying around a bucket & sponge would be an added bonus. I would definitely like to try this product!

    1. The spray is certainly handy. Sorry to hear about your home Julie. What a mess to clean up. It probably took several days or weeks.

  10. Alice M Lawson says:

    I’m betting this would work on my bedroom carpet. The tube to my ice maker leaked and soaked into the bedroom carpet. This had happened several days before I discovered it. Now the bedroom smells so mildewey and I can’t find anything to make the smell go away.

    1. That stinks Alice. Sounds like you found the leak and fixed it. So that’s one positive thing. I’m thinking W & F Indoor could take on this challenge πŸ™‚

  11. Holly Dutton says:

    Moisture collects around base of windows, especially as weather changes & gets colder. Condensation of water makes keeping mold away a challenge. Same with bathroom shower doors. Preventing the mold would be fabulous. Would love to try this product.

    1. I remember this happening to my Mom and Dad’s windows Holly. They were not insulated very well and the heat from the furnace caused a ton of condensation. This is particularly bad during winter months.

    2. It sounds like you’re not alone Holly. A lot of people have this same issue. Darn old windows!!! Using W & F Indoor in this area would be phenomenal. I didn’t even think of window casings.

  12. Susi Prola says:

    I’d love to try this out in my master bathroom shower. I have tried a zillion products (okay, maybe a dozen, but it seems like a zillion!)
    The shower has 4″ tiles with white grout. I get mildew in the grout lines and just can’t seem to keep it at bay. There and in the little track at the bottom of the door. So frustrating!
    We mostly use safe, non-toxic products in our home due to my health & allergy issues, but sometime you just need to use strong chemicals. I’m always safe, and still the last couple products almost knocked me out with the fumes!

    (Side note: my husband has been the hazmat guy for his company for many, many years. He has to get re-certified every year. He is shocked that most people do not realize how absolutely dangerous the cleaning products in their homes are. Have you ever read the full warning/use lables?)

    1. I believe you Susi, sometimes it feels like a zillion is reachable. I agree with your husband. Years ago it was my job to read and track all the MSDS (Material Safety and Data Sheets) sheets at a hospital. And I had to account for all the chemicals. That’s why I love reading about natural methods like using lemons, vinegar, etc.

      That said, I realize W & F also has chemicals. But I also keep in mind that mold and mildew are natural. Yet, they are harmful to my family. So using W & F is in mind a great option to combat this “natural enemy” while not triggering my wife’s asthma.

      So I hope it might do the same for you πŸ™‚

  13. Mark says:

    Some of the strong stuff we have to use in the house (CLR, etc) are hard on all of us, including our kiddo. Wet & Forget is easy, effective and works better than the harsh cleaners!

    1. I agree Mark, sometimes the harsh chemicals don’t even work all that great.

  14. L. Jones says:

    I have a spot in my basement where the powder room above had a leak. I treated it with bleach, but I’d love to have a product to spray the area from time to time to be sure the mold doesn’t come back. I’d also like to try it for cleaning the patio furniture in the spring.

  15. Deb says:

    Great tip for this asthmatic. Wet & Forget is on the top of my To-Be-Purchased list. Outdoors too. Maybe it’ll slow that green old on the north side of my house.

    Really enjoyed the outtakes.

    1. Deb says:

      That’s ‘mold’ not old. Tricky tongues and fickle fingers.

      1. LOL, don’t worry Deb. I suffer from the same ailment. Hence the outtakes!!!

  16. Elsabeth says:

    This product sounds amazing! I’d love to give it a try in our bathroom πŸ™‚ Thanks for the offer!

    1. You bet, the bathroom is a great place to try it!!

  17. Brenda Hatzman says:

    I have custody of my 3 grandkids, and in my grandsons bedroom we have a terrible problem with mold in the NE corner of his room, which is in the basement. I have scrubed the mold with strong bleach and a wire brush and thought I got it all. Once the wall was dry I painted it with Dry-Lock paint made for cinderblock walls. Well the mold came back, so I scrubed again, and repainted this time adding that stuff to the paint that is supposed to prevent mold, it didn’t work. Currently my grandson is sleeping in the family room because the mold is so bad in that same corner of his bedroom. Wet and Forget Indoor sounds like it might just be what we need, however I can’t find it here where I live.

    1. steve says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Have you tried using our store locator? Be sure to select the Indoor product before hitting search. You can also always head to your local Ace Hardware and though they may not have it on the shelf, they can always order the product for you out of their warehouse.

      Store Locator:

      Your last option would be to order our product from our online store here:

      If you’re still having trouble finding or purchasing the product let me know, my email address is [email protected]

      1. Brenda Hatzman says:

        Thanks for the info Steve.

        1. Thank you Steve, you rock.

    2. Brenda, one thing to check on is how your downspouts are draining. Make sure they are extended 3 to 4 feet away from your home and sloped down so that water will drain without going toward the basement. This will help out tremendously with your moisture issues.

      And since it’s the fall, even though I don’t know if you have a fall season, it helps to get the gutters & downspouts cleaned. Otherwise, winter rain and freeze/thaw cycles can create water dams that could lead to water backing up and going down interior walls (yep, had this happen and it’s no fun).

      Maybe these tips will help a bit, too.

      1. Brenda Hatzman says:

        Hi Jeff: I have my downspots empting into 55 gal rain barrels with over flow tubes/hoses that extend 5 feet from the barrels. My ground does slope away from the house, and I don’t get any water leaking into the house, at least not in that room, yet it’s the only area in the whole house that seams to retain moisture in that one particular section of the wall and grow mold. I’ve owned the house for 8 years now, and a few months ago, I met a family who used to live in this house 10 years before that, and they asked if I still had a mold problem in that one corner of the basement. So the mold issue has been going on for at least 18 years.

        1. Wow Brenda, you’re doing a great job at keeping the water at bay. That’s crazy the other family had the same issue.

  18. Jean Whitaker says:

    my garage walls seep and cause mildew—would love to try this on that problem–thanks—jean

    1. Yep, same here Jean. It’s such a bummer to see the side effects of this problem. I hate mildew and mold. Even in the garage it drives me nuts!!

  19. Barbara says:

    We put an addition to our home, the basement has no windows so no ventilation. We could really use this.

    1. I’m in the same boat Barbara. My office is in the basement and I look at 4 walls from 5am to 7am. Well, actually I just look at computer monitors and paper, but no windows. So you’re a perfect candidate for W & F!!

  20. Pat Christian says:

    Our home was built 30+ years ago and we don’t have fans in the bathrooms. I’m always scrubbing and bleaching to keep the mildew away. I’d love to try this product.

    1. I’m surprised you don’t have bath fans Pat. It wouldn’t be too hard to install them if you have access to the attic. I’d get a good electrician to give you an estimate on the main bathroom that is used and have them vent the fan through the roof or siding. That’s the key, the venting outside part.

      But Wet and Forget Indoor could certainly help in the interim.

  21. Linda Slattery says:

    I have noticed some mold growth on the interior wall of a sheetrocked, painted room in our basement. Could Wet and Forget Indoor be used in this situation? I’m hoping. Thanks for another useful video, Jeff.

    1. It depends on how bad the mold is Linda. I’m not a professional mold remediation specialist but have cleaned it with bleach in the past. In some cases, I took all the precautions and tore out the old drywall since it was too far gone (it’s only gypsum sandwiched between two pieces of paper).

      I’d say to find the source of the moisture and fix that issue. Basements get really damp here in the northeast. And one thing you can do is make sure the downspouts are extended at least 3-4 feet away from the foundation. And make sure the ground is sloped away from the home as well.

      You could also run a dehumidifier to eliminate a lot of the moisture.

      Sorry I couldn’t give you a Yes or No answer, it’s hard to say what to do without seeing the exact problem.

  22. KAREN says:

    this is EXACTLY what i have to get,we have mildew trouble in my husbands shower,we found the water problem and resolved that but, still he has moisture and soap scum that helps make mildew:( Would LOVE this product,obviously it helped the pumpkins! lol

    1. Whew, glad you found the water leak Karen. I’m sure that was a bummer to say the least. Do you have a bath fan? That with the W & F would be a great dynamic duo.

  23. JC Lopez says:

    I would love to try Wet and a Forget Indoor on my daughter’s bathroom shower stall. She has severe respiratory problems, needing a teach to breath and I am so limited on the cleaning products I can use on this tiny enclosed bathroom that tends to be so high in humidity, without triggering an asthma attack. Thank you.

    1. Tiny bathrooms seem like they’re easy to clean but man do they have challenges. Your daughter sounds like my wife. Any time we clean the bathroom, I turn on the fan and open the windows. Then I let it air out for several hours. That’s if I have to use a smelly cleaning solution. But recently the Wet and Forget Shower has really helped stop this routine dead in its tracks. You should look into Wet and Forget Shower, too JC. It’s got a very mild odor and really works well.

  24. Lisa Howell says:

    I’d love to try Wet & Forget in my recently remodeled master shower. The old shower had white salt & pepper tile from the 1970’s with grout that got mold easily. My new walk in shower has tiny diamond pattern tiles on the floor that so far look beautiful! However the large tiles on the walls get soap scum that is difficult to keep clean. I love my new shower & want to try a product that will keep it sparkly clean with ease. Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. I feel your pain Lisa, trying to keep mold and mildew from invading a shower is a tough endeavor. You new shower sounds beautiful. I definitely think Wet and Forget Shower could help you out as well. Take a look at it and see if it fits your needs. It’s helped us with our tiled shower by stopping soap scum and that red film that develops in grout lines.

  25. Sondra J Klinkovsky says:

    carpeting and kitchen and bathrooms also storm doors

    1. Sounds like you’ve got a plan Sondra πŸ™‚

  26. patsend says:

    I plan to build a playroom in the basement. I would use this to paint the cement walls before I start the project.

  27. What a great product this sounds like. I sure could have used it in my last house, especially. We had the bathroom gutted and remodeled, but less than five years later it turned out the shower had so much mold between the tiles that you could lean your hand against it and make the wall move. **shudder! We had to have it all ripped out and done again. Turns out the culprit was the wooden sill around the window on the wall of the bathtub/shower. When we had it re-re-done they put in some kind of a plastic sill on a slope so water would drain, but the first guys were not so smart. W&F sounds like it would have helped (though there’s no cure for terminal stupidity, lol…) Here in my new place, I would use this product around the baseboards in the bathroom, which have a tendency to get yucky pretty easily. Thanks for the contest!
    P.S. I hope the deer were okay! That would be further testimony to the products non-toxicity πŸ˜‰

    1. So far I haven’t seen the deer, they only pop up after midnight!! I’m in bed by then, lol.

      Sorry to hear about your bathroom problems. I wish you didn’t have to go through that. What frustration.

      It sounds like everything is okay now. Good to know there are great contractors who can fix things the right way.

  28. Linda S says:

    This sounds like exactly what I need in our bathroom showers. I’d like to give it a try.

    1. Showers can be so tough to keep clean. Great place for W & F Indoor!!

  29. Terri Hughes says:

    WOW…..what a great product. I would love to try it. I have trouble with mold and mildew in my bathroom. Sounds like this could take care of the problem. Thanks so much and thanks for all the great tips you have on solving problems around the house!

    1. Thanks Terri, I love DIY. It’s fun stuff.

      The bathroom is a perfect place for W & F Indoor. Especially during the winter months when humidity and condensation are best buds!!

  30. Jenn Nguyen says:

    Condensation on the windows is where I need it the most.

    Is it safe to use around food? I hate the mold around the crevices in the door seal of my stand up freezer. Maybe I just need a new seal?

    1. Jenn, I wouldn’t spray any product near my food. So hold off on the freezer. But the window seals are a good idea πŸ™‚

  31. simone says:

    I’ll use WET and FORGET indoor in the shower doors grooves

    1. That’s definitely a great place to use it Simone. Those grooves, they drive me crazy.

  32. Deb says:

    Just updating options.

  33. arlene says:

    This product sounds fantastic would love to try it especially if it makes life easier with RA – thanks Jeff for always giving such good tips.

    1. Hi Arlene, I think W & F would be a huge benefit for anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It would certainly cut down on the scrubbing and bending over. Thanks for brining up this great point.

  34. William adams says:

    I use w&f out side on walkway and deck it is the best cleaning product . Just found w&f for shower sprayed last night had wear sunglasses for morning shower it wa so bright love it

    1. Fantastic William, I love it as well. Makes cleaning the bathroom so much easier. The outdoor version has been a godsend for our patio and siding.

  35. Jeff –

    We really need to win. Our pumpkin rotting issue is out of control and we don’t have deer to take care of the clean up.

    Glad to see the bloopers are back my friend.

    – John

    1. Lol, you need to import some deer from Pittsburgh.

      I’ll make a concerted effort to continue the outtakes and keep you in your toes!

  36. PAM SLONE says:


    1. The vanilla scent is for Wet and Forget Shower Pam.

      Are you using it in the basement for a particular reason?

  37. Suzanne Sheaffer says:

    everyone in my family has allergies and we do what we can to keep it all under control. The biggest concern I have is the basement. This house is 200 plus years old, and this old foundation has a partial dirt floor. There really is no changing that due to the way all of the previous owners have cobbed that part of the basement. At any rate, I have a new baby coming to stay for a while, he is seven weeks premature, and I am afraid this basement mildew/mold could have a negative impact on his health. I would like to find a way to treat the area before he arrives and a way to continue treating it thereafter. Is this really the product I am looking for???

  38. jawed sidd says:

    Hi Jeff,thanks for all the informations.Please tell me which store have out door wet it Forget it bottle ? I went to lowes,was told that they discontinued it. Home depot does not have it either. a while back, I did bought one bottle from Lowes store out door wet it forget it. to use for green algea on my gutters and fence boards also on my brick wall. It worked so well, that Algea never came back. I did two treatments.But unfortunately, they do not sell it for out door use. ???

  39. Jean says:

    How does it work on cinder block walls. Have a bomb shelter and water comes in sump pump out but still mold.

  40. Joyce says:

    Hi Jeff, my bathroom is small. We don’t have a working fan. I’ve tried many cleaners that don’t do what they claim to do. I’m afraid to use products at times because my husband as well as my pets are very sensitive to the scents of cleaning products. This sounds like a miracle product. I really want to try it. I have another question; I have a painted window in the bathroom as well which has become moldy. Can Wet and Dry be used on wooden painted surfaces?

    1. Thanks Joyce for asking, I’m not sure it’s a miracle product but it works for me. It doesn’t immediately clean a surface but rather works over time. The surfactant in Wet and Forget then prevents mold and mildew from accumulating. I haven’t used it on a painted window though.

  41. Rebecca says:

    Can I use Wet & Foreget on unsealed travertine pool decking in southwest Florida ? The pool is salt water?

  42. Cathy says:


  43. Leslie Armitage says:

    I have a mold / mildew issue in my garage, as well as, green algae on fence boards / deck area. What would be best for these areas. What store carries this product in the Greenville / Simpsonville, SC area?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Leslie Armitage

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